Today's Chinese Fraud Du Jour: Sino Clean Energy (SCEI): "Complete Hoax" Per Alfred Little

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If there is a day that passes without another Chinese fraud bottling up the Nasdaq's trading halt page, we feel a vague sense of abandonment. Luckily: not today. Alfred Little has just released his latest report on what appears to be the most recent Chinese fraud: Sino Clean Energy (Nasdaq: SCEI). This one apprears to be a total donut: "Sino Clean Energy (NASDAQ: SCEI) is the most outrageous Chinese fraud to date committed against U.S. investors. SCEI management pre?announced its first quarter 2011 results Tuesday in a press release (here) stating that revenues were $33.7 million. In its 2010 10?K (here) SCEI reported 2010 full year revenues of $106.2 million and adjusted net income of $27.9 million. However, four months of surveillance of SCEI’s three coal water slurry fuel (“CWSF”) factories clearly show nothing more than backyard?sized money losing operations. Incredibly, in December, SCEI’s fee?hungry investment bankers, Rodman & Renshaw and Axiom Capital Management, raised this scam company $33 million ($29.6 million net proceeds after deducting $3.4 million of investment banking, legal, due diligence and other fees). Did the banksters do any due diligence at all? Simply observing these idle operations proves SCEI is a total fraud, a fact urther confirmed by official tax records. Investors will never recover any money from SCEI and ts shares are worthless." As always remember: careful with buying options on a stock that may never reopen post the halt...

Full report:


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Global Cooling=scam

Global Warming=scam

Global Climate Change=scam

Al Gore=scam

Clean Energy=scam

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Looks like the Chinese government has greenlighted all these financial frauds -- guess they feel it is just leveling the playing field what with dollars being created out of thin air and circulating the world over buying up stuff!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

When ChinaWTF goes public, I am thinking that anyone with WTF in their name is a dead give away for being a scam.  </humor>

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Global Warming is not a scam, and if you believe we don't belch out ungodly amounts of dangerous emissions go ahead and sit in you car in your closed garage with the engine running. We can't even burn the cleanest fuel available, natural gas, without making sure it's exhausted to the atmosphere.

You just can't release all of the carbon stored over billions of years into the atmoshere over the course of a few hundred years and expect nothing will happen.

Global warming is not a scam. The way the government and corporate leaders want to deal with it is the scam.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Global warming is absolutely a scam.  A few years ago there were comparative images of the earth and mars, both showing receding polar caps.  The cause?  Apparently the sun has hot and hotter cycles, similar to sun spot activity that also goes in cycles.  The polar caps melted because the sun was hotter, not because of air pollution. 

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When is little Al going to write a short piece on BIDU?  C'mon, enough of the small caps.  Go for the big fry!

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Wow another Chinese RTO is a scam - what a shocker

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The Chinese simply recognize the casino for what it is.  So they came in knowing full well they would be counting cards.  They know that there is no punishment and accountability.  Shocker.

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At least by Chinese law the executives of these companies are simply just killed.  Get caught fucking with the Chinese economy in China and bilking people equals a death sentence.

If you run, they just kill your kids and the rest of your family.  Make sure it's nice and public.

trav7777's picture

bullshit...the entire economy there is a fraud now.

Fraud is encouraged, along with IP theft and embezzlement.

But...but...they are playing CHESS while we play checkers, right?  They're the future.

China is fraud, Inc.

UninterestedObserver's picture

True - that is why they sell stock of scam companies to stupid American sheeple. They make millions the SEC can't touvh them and as long as they pay any Chinese taxes owed and spend the money in China it is all good

Forgiven's picture

Is Sulphco a chinese company?  //sarcasm//


It seems like the same game, but homebrewed.

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A piece of advice to Alfred Little - if you keep doing this stuff better watch your back.

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funny fraud of the day.

WBIR Weather reported a tornado in the area and a picture of the storm was posted on their Facebook page.

I don't know if the picture was from the news station or someone else posting it as a comment on their page. But whoever posted the pic is selling it as a picture of the storm that just past through the area. All the comments are very funny and believe it was their storm.

In truth though the image is taken from National Geographic when they did a story on the volcano in Chile.


I was chatting with someone who was in the tornado and they sent me the pic. Since I have experience in photo editing I noticed right away the image was not from someone's phone. So I just searched Google for 'lightning', clicked on images and there was the pic. Geez, if your going to lie don't make it so easy to get caught dummy.


If your going to check against fraud, just think like a fraudster. What would you do to substantiate your fraud and go backwards from there. Maybe if Nasdaq put a little effort into researching claims before listing a stock this would not happen so much.

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Allright. Heading for my commode again. #glitterEgg

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Do these Chinese frauds total anywhere near that of the amount of US treasuries they own? Maybe they're just trying to get even.

Dejean Splicer's picture

Doesn't this remind you of the dot com bust?

Where in the world did these evil-doers learn such tricks?

When push comes to shove I hope they don't claim they learned it from The Gold Bugs!

Leraconteur's picture

If confronted the Chinese will simply state that:

1) You are lying

2) This is a campaign to discredit China

3) The CIA or US Gov't is behind these posts, Scribd's, Vimeo's and such

China views any business with The West, and in particular any one from any nation that was party to either the Boxer Rebellion, the 5 or 8 nation forces of 1900 or 1907, the Nationalists in 1933-1949, or any business dealing with the weakened Qing Dynasty from 1849 - 1949 to effectively be 'PayBack' for The Century of Shame.

They don't consider it immoral, unethical or illegal, and they will take everything from you if you let them.

The only winning move, is not to play.

trav7777's picture seems like the winning move is to shove the navy up their ass like all those successful wars we prosecuted against them for failing to buy anything from us

Hungry For Knowledge's picture

Did you see the angle on some of those pictures?  Looks like they were underneath rocks!  Looks like a lot of fun to track down these frauds.  Wonder how long before China cuts off "foreign investor" access to their country when these types of stories keep appearing....

vincentmulleman's picture

China is a questionmark on the issue of statistics. Briefly, they send into the world what they want the world to believe. 

Mercury's picture

Math fun!

Interesting, little known mathematical "law" for detecting (among other things) accounting fraud and large sets of fabricated numbers:'s_law

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Thanks! I've known sort of peripherally about this result for a while, but hadn't actually taken the time to read about it until just now.

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AIG jumps on the fraud bandwagon

American International Group Inc (AIG.N) sued two money management firms on Thursday in a fight to recoup billions of dollars the bailed-out insurer said it lost due to fraud.

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any chance that zerohedge can compile a list of the next likely chinese fraud debutantes? it's frustrating reading this drumbeat of articles about Chinese companies that have already seen the obligatory 25% 1-day drop when the analyst report is released. Would like to get ahead of the curve for once, willing to take a gander on an out of the money put for a couple likely targets.



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Keep in mind if you buy the put and trading is halted beyond expiration date that the option is WORTHLESS there is no way to sell it thus a total loss, it is NOT mandatory that the exchange re-open the option and if the stock does NOT reopen the option won't.  The best strategy for trading options on these IF YOU ARE CORRECT is to SELL calls (naked), that way you have the proceeds to keep and a position on your acct. that just sits with zero value

UninterestedObserver's picture

True - I had puts in CCME and sold them 2 days before the for a decent gain - they were the Aprils so if I would have held them they would have expired

tallen's picture

Not true. If you get in contact with your broker you can exercise your options

I held a bunch of PUDA puts, contacted broker on exp date and now I have a short position.

carbonmutant's picture

Interesting Stuff...

Shuanghui "black hole" misconduct cited, profit-driven farce, staged parties

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This short research is fascinating stuff.  I wonder if, since it appears that a key to finding these is the differences in the reporting to Chinese authorities (capital offense) and US authorities, these frauds and their enablers will just be kind of ignored by the markets and by Us authorities.  I haven't followed the stock price reaction for all of these stories but for the last couple, there was a big sell then stabilization or buying.  Could just be dead cat reactions but I also wonder if due to the difficulty in proving the fraud there is something more interesting at play?