Today's Economic And Political Docket - FOMC Minutes, Toomey On The Debt Ceiling, Hearing On Securitization

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Protests against Spain's economic crisis took a new turn Wednesday as social media networks fueled calls for demonstrators to take to the streets before local elections a few days away.

Thousands returned late Tuesday to Madrid's central Puerta del Sol plaza -- where the main protests began Sunday.


Almost forgot, FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

"Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have more to worry about than a possible prison sentence.

The IMF chief's alleged sex-assault victim lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS"

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Now if only the same karma visit itself upon some within JPM and the CFTC.

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All news everywhere now is completely worthless and irrelevant except for ONE!

The truth will finally come crashing down in October of this year. There is no escape. It will be impossible to prop these markets through October, impossible.

Comet Elenin is going to be a real nasty little bitch.  The earth will pass through its comet tail in October.  The solar winds will be cut in half for days.  It’s impact will be ENORMOUS.  It will cause the earth’s mantle to vibrate, it will create unimaginable weather of wind and rain.  It will cause destruction beyond comprehension.  Dust particles from the tail will create enormous rainclouds on a global scale.  Sea levels everywhere will rise, a great deal higher than right now.

How many Fukushima type nuclear power plants are sitting in the US? All of them are designed to blow sky-high when they lose power.  Elenin is going to cause a worldwide blackout and hell will fall on the earth when power is lost everywhere.  How many Fukushima’s in the US are priced into this market right now?

SP666 is going to be taken out when Elenin passes, there is no doubt.

We are about to start the perilous journey down the other side of the human population growth impulse spike.  Literally billions of people are going to die when Elenin strikes, and world population will continue to tumble when all infrastructure is destroyed and food becomes as scarce as gold. 

Bankster criminal elite families have been planning for this event for millennium.  They’ve used their central banking thievery machines to steal the world’s gold, created paper mountains of bullshit, all for this event and its all about to go up in smoke, as planned.  This comet is old.  Only those “elect” few have known of its existence and timing.  The old books of Enoch for example, and the old stories of the great flood, the Epic of Gilgamesh, etc. Even some old jewish texts allude to this comet as being the coming “Messiah”. 

It is going to be downplayed by the lying ass media till it smashes everything. There is no stopping it. The destruction to come is not a joke. It will be very very real.

SP-666 is coming, and very soon.

Wake up world. Protect yourselves.

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Death.....will be a welcome reprieve

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SP, you give crackpots a bad name.

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can i get a side-order of rapture with that, since you're lacking the fries to complete a happy meal?  


closest approach is projected at 22mm miles ... this one is regarded as rather small.  if/when it develops a 'tail' we might enjoy a perseid-style meteor shower and thats only if we pass through it.  as to halving the solar wind ... that will be detrimental ... how exactly?  the earth's magnetic field dramatically reduces the influence of the solar wind at the surface; its not like increasing solar winds would be a 'good thing'.



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Rating Agencies....


Along with the accounting profession.....have been given a free ride away from the prison cells that THEY belong in.....


They ought to be given another name .....such as The Professional Liars of America.....


They are highly responsible for the current American economic calamity.....



The rating agencies and accounting firms should be replaced by a new internet based coding system......whereby the data would be made available in an unalterable fact based format....


Then let the chips fall where they may.....


The accountants and rating agencies used their previously earned good play a big one on the unsuspecting.....


Nothing more.....nothing less.....