Today's Economic Data Docket - Imp/Ex Prices And Wholesale Inventories, Ceiling Busting $32 Billion Auction

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I love these kind of articles.

"S&P went up 13.5% since QE2"
... well, yes, if you compensate it with DXY, it went ZERO.

My 2nd favorite is payroll. "Up 244k"
... well yes, but total employed actually down 190k.

spinning and headlines can maintain the "let's pretened economy"


... fow a while ...

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You missed NFIB Small Business Optimism.  Whatever that is.  But it disappointed and is now back below levels from October.  But birth/death reflected 175,000 jobs created by forming new business?

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We're back into "pump even in the face of contrary common sense" mode.

Their not about to stop this bullshit just yet.

CBMS just reported record high delinquencies.  Guess what's up huge in pre-market (again) and going to crack new 52 week highs.

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Ironic that there is still a huge pile of bennie bux. Fight over it boyz!

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There are only a couple moer sheets left on the roll and you guys are going to have to fight over them.

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Please exit the theatre in an orderly fashion.  Bill Gross' Total Toilet Paper fund will help you once you reach the lobby.

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What is Bernanke's QEII? Is he a shipbuilder?
Are we setting sail?


Also, enough of these negative math questions. They should ask how many oz. are in a $1000 Face Bag or how many times the CME raised silver margins.


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Badgets, we don’t need no stinkin badgets…