Today's Economic Data Docket - More, More Fed Speeches, Non Manufacturing ISM, And FOMC Minutes

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Tue, 04/05/2011 - 08:20 | 1136100 Buyemall
Buyemall's picture

Is there any chance that ecb will not raise rates by Thursday?

Is it resonable to trade on this idea

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 08:31 | 1136147 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

Geithner to Senate=Liars sharing fish stories

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 08:40 | 1136175 Cdad
Cdad's picture


More, More Fed Speeches

What a great and pertinent headline.  My bearish mindset flutters, and a strange sense of confidence stirs, the rumble of the nascent bull deep down.  There is some part of my subconscious that keeps causing me to cue up shares of Apple.  

No matter what we might believe individually, surely we could all agree that the nation needs more and greater influence coming from the financial services industry at this critical juncture in history.  Surely, more products, double inverse leveraged, would really point the way to economic salvation.  The Federal Reserve Bank has brought us this far, and I'm sure they can bring us across the line and back across the fold.  

This financial crisis is not about joblessness caused by malinvestment in residential real estate causing a massive sector dislocation ending in a massive pile of "toxic waste."  This financial crisis is not about massive loads of debt at the Federal level. It's not about computer generated and frontrun bubbles, unstable markets, and a loss of faith in the wake.  Clearly, we have arrived in this morass, this malaise, because of a lack of financial instrumentation.

So let the Federal Banks speak!  


Tue, 04/05/2011 - 10:10 | 1136563 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Have a look at the gold chart for today .... What the fuck happened at around 9:00 am...

Fuck off Timmy Giethner and your Exchange Stabilization Fund......

That has to answer to no one....

Sat, 04/09/2011 - 21:44 | 1154206 thames222
thames222's picture

The Fed, oh how I would have rejoiced last night if they announced the shutdown was actually happening.  At least they finally came to some sort of agreement.

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