Today's Economic Data Docket - Retail Sales, Bond Auction/Monetization, JOLTS, Beige Book, And Obama's Deficit Statement

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Futures are up, and the bots don't care about no funnymentals

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Yup.  Gap the futures above the highs of yesterday.  Problem solved.  Rally time.

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MBA applications were way down yet again.  QE3 not for you nor me!

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Obama for entitlement reduction is like a crack addict for less drugs on the street.

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The biggest spender in the history of the universe is going to present his deficit reduction plan.............Right!

Any bridges for sale??  This is what happens when only half of the US pays taxes....the middleclass gets it up the ass.......w/o Lubrizol!


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How many times will he say "they need to" as in Congress....rather than "I will".....meaning he is taking the ball and running with it....he will give advice...or I mean teleprompters... from the sidelines...he might get hurt if he takes the ball...its easier to play Monday morning quarterback ...I heard loopholes again for big savings.....sorry...its cut... cut... cut.... eliminate... and cut some more...that is the ONLY way to save this country...they fought for a month over Planned goes to zero...along with 10,000 other programs....sorry...that is the hard truth

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Let's see if fascist NerObama does the banksters bidding (the ONLY reason) to cut social security or medicare/medicaid.  Everything else is a fraudulent debt smokescreen the idiots have been propogandized about 'balanced budgets = everything' sophistry.

Nope, they're not cutting because of some fake 'balanced budget' debate, that's for the idiots, they're doing it because they want to steal more, and if given the chance, they will.

Glass-Steagall (not fascist unamerican cuts to needed services)...sorry if you've been propagandized.  [and that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to decrease healthcare costs....hill/burton standard, as well as voiding all healthcare CMBS MERS loans, as starters]

Everyone cheering for medicare/medicaid cuts are fucktards who do the banksters bidding. FACT.