Today's Economic Data Highlights

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Europe is fixed, Brian adds $7-9 billion.

What could go wrong? 

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Yeah, I love this world.  Everything was fixed while I slept last night.  Did someone hit the Easy Button?

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It is truly unbelievable how naive people can be.  Honestly, I hear most of my co-wokers raving when the market 'rallies' or it levitates (like today) for no reason.  That always answers my ongoing and daily question of "why do they do this when it's so obviously fraudulent".

They don't care about the 10% that know.  They are spoon feeding bullshit to the 90% that don't know, don't have the mental capacity to understand, or don't want to know.  They are standing in line for their daily dose.

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Biggy Ben did 8:00 pm EST. SP futures up 14 boners now.

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Well, thats all fine and dandy, but, I notice you have TRUTH listed not at all. Normal day.

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I like how they throw in the important stuff with the pile and hope nobody notices.

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Trichet saved Europe with just a couple of comments.  Spain CDS is 70 bps tighter on the day.  Why bother at all with data or details.  Just tell everyone it will be better


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The ECB bought Irish government bonds today, according to three traders with knowledge of the transactions. The central bank also purchased Portuguese debt, said two people, who asked not to be identified because the deals are confidential. An ECB spokesman in Frankfurt declined to comment.

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So, it's all bullish for tungsten, right?!?

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I'm just happy for China since Japanese manufacturing is at a 19 month low.

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Yes, but what are the odds of it being down next month to 20 month lows??  This MUST be the bottom and therefore 'time to get in'.

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Janet Yellen is a bitch and QE addict.

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Private-sector employment rose 93,000 in November, the largest gain in three years.

Thank you QE.


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They have only just begun to beat the European pinata. China's will have to wait in line.