Today's Economic Data Highlights

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Good luck!

P.S. Tomorrow will be my last day.

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You can't see this, but I'm making the same face as your avatar and all I can say is "why, why, why?"

Thanks for all the great charts!

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Thanks for your support. By "last day" I meant before the holidays; I'll start a new thread come the New Year.

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Merry New Year!


99er +13months extention==> 155er

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Unfortunately, that's not what the extension was.  It only extends by 13 months the timeframe that you can qualify for 99 weeks. 

So, for another 13 months, people can qualify for 99 weeks -- but if you're rolling off the back end of 99, there is still nothing to help you.

Not saying I agree or disagree, but just wanted to clarify that there aren't any "155'ers."

Cheers (I guess).