Today's Economic Data Highlights

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Can the stock market stay at these levels even ONE day without POMO? I guess we'll find out today!!

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture's a Thursday, and that means an extra 25 Bn just laying around.

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Major black swan?:


Will Sack get away with his shenanigans in global markets?  Will American companies enjoy international accounting standards?

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A new POMO schedule exactly at the same time as the US budget balance for January ! That could not be because if the budget news is bad at least the PD will know when to rejoice over the next months ? Could it?

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Catch up on European Index news lads..

...FTSE down 0.83%, CAC down 0.78%, DAX down 0.42%, EuroStox50 down 0.96% and Spain down a whopping 1.96%

that's a bit of a downer, here's the bummer..

Gold down 0.54%, Silver down 1.35%, Palladium down 0.90% and EUR/USD Up 0.80% to $1.362

We're having a bit of a sell-off today, let's see how you across the pond deal with that lot of negativity.... over to you Uncle Sam 

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Zero Govt,

Our nation is just as fucked as yours.


Broke American Taxpayers

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it's hard when you're being fked to know by what degree but for the record, Americas larger paper-debt mountain means you'll be aching a bit more than Europeans!

The key though is when we all start 'Dancing like Egyptians' in the streets wether your taxpayers or ours dismantle the 'hook' known as State taxation (the right of the parasites to rob its citizens). I've a feelling you Yanks will be better at getting off the vast sums the politicians have billed to you and your children (and childrens children if these 100 Yr T's get off the ground!) 

It would be an awful waste of a Revolution if everything the politicians and bankers had pissed away was still hanging over citizens heads rather than sent to the perpetrators to settle 

So here's to the Revolution and the parasites paying their own fuking bills when the dust settles