Today's Economic Data Highlights

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With no data on the docket, the focus will be on the G20 meeting in Paris…There is of course a POMO today: $5-7 billion of 08/31/2013 – 02/15/2015 bonds.
8:00: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks on “Global Imbalances and Financial Stability
”…as part of a panel at the Banque de France.  If he follows his practice at similar events in the recent past, Mr. Bernanke will emphasize that the existence of such imbalances requires both coordination among policymakers and, at the same time, the pursuit of different policies in economies that are in different cyclical circumstances.

Using GS data

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I wonder when all other CB guys forget etiquette and start booing him? Financial stability BB version!

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Mmmmm. Guillotines.

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I hope he has some bullet points ready for how the global surge in food prices is due to global weather anomalies, because that's all I've friggen heard from the financial, national, and even local news over the past few days.  It's pretty clear that we're all supposed to understand that point.

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odds on G20 protests?


or did the police showing at pittsburg quell all of that protesting thing?

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apmex is paying over spot......just had to inform...uhhh, is that good