Today's Economic Data Highlights - Claims, More Fed, But No POMO

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9:35: CNBC drags out some bozo to suggest an imminent $20 Trillion QE2

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EUR/USD finally hit 1.40 this morning. Now the dash on to the 1.53 finish line!

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Yawn! Wake me after the recovery thingy.....

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American manufacturing goods like donuts, cookies and zip lock bags will be a steal to Europeans now.

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Fisher is gonna squash the idea of more monetary easing, I'll bet. He's the only sane one of the bunch.

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Since we all know that they want DOW 11k (Terranova had the fucking nerve to just blatanly say that they think that level will get mom & pop investors back in the game to el-erian this morning), is it safe to assume that todays jobless claims (manipulated) number will be better than expected.

After all, the futures are essentially flat.

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And there it is, down 11k from another UPWARDLY revised prior number.  Fascinatingly simple.

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At least no CLAIMED POMO.  Who says there isn't a dozen back office POMO's all day long?

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Those would just be OMOs...unless they're M (manual, MOMOs) or H (hidden, HOMOs).