Today's Economic Data Highlights - Debt Ceiling Breach

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Lots of data with Empire Index, Capital Flows and the Housing market index on deck, but the biggest news everyone will be waiting for is the predicted debt ceiling breach, which should be formalized at 4:00 pm today.

8:30: Empire Index (May): Slower growth? Several of the regional manufacturing surveys showed signs of slowing in April. Today’s Empire State report—the earliest reading on May activity—could help determine if growth in the sector stepped down again this month.
Median forecast (of 44): +19.7; last +21.7.  
9:00: TICS net inflows (March).

Median forecast (of 4): +$32.6bn; last +$26.9bn.
9:00: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
on “Innovation, Research, and Development: The Government’s Role”. No Q&A.
10:00: Housing Market Index (May): Likely still low.
This index remains in the mid teens, where it has been for most of the past three years. This month, most forecasters expect a one-point increase to 17 from 16 previously.
Median forecast (of 37): 17; last 16.

16:00: Daily Treasury Statement with Friday's complete bond settlement released. Total debt subject to the ceiling expect to breach the top either today, or due to delayed settlement tomorrow at the latest.

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homecinemax's picture

Lets look at the PM reaction when the annoucement is made.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

So today Benny speaks about the role of government for innovation...

How about getting government the fuck outta the way.

Will PM's levitate as he speaks? - Rhetorical question

jkruffin's picture

When the debt ceiling is breached today, the Congress had better be filing Treason charges against Benny and Timmy. If not, then ask for Congress' resignations in a public setting.

Benny and Timmy have been trampling on the Constitution for over 2 yrs now, and it is time they are put in their place. The ponzi must end!!!!!! Our laws must be upheld.

Franken_Stein's picture


As have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.


The Patriot Act is unconstitutional.

The abolition of Habeus Corpus is also unconstitutional.


Sean7k's picture

Now, that was funny. Laws upheld? The Constitution? That is the real barbarous relic. It is a banker's world- we're just living in it.

magpie's picture

You can't eat the Constitution, or for that matter the Bill of Rights.

Cursive's picture


Rest in peace, rule of law.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Forget PM reaction, watch the drop when they raise the ceiling by the end of the month or maybe week...

Somehow MOPE(management of perspective economics) will turn this bullish. Sweet IMF news will keep this on the DL


magpie's picture

Nah, just waiting for the E.O. from Obama and a perfect "Time to buy stocks" photo-op moment.

Sheikh Djibouti's picture

I'm sure the news that some-odd trillion more is going to be printed will send gold and silver in a sharp sell-off.

At this point I'm hoping they kill Bin Laden again so I can get more of a discount on some nice BU 90%.

WizDumb's picture

government will continue to spend....question is...what will the masses and r.o.w. say/do?

jkruffin's picture

Lowe's (LOW)  BIG FAT MISS!!!  blaming weather, yea right!

TooBearish's picture

For the constitutionalists out there - it has been consistently ignored and laws not challenged by the "3rd branch" judiciary for almost a century BECAUSE IT DON'T WORK FOR THE ELIETES IN CHARGE.  It is a populist manifesto to give you lemmings and sheeps some comfort that you might have some rights....who's winning?

shortus cynicus's picture

Evolution will choose the winner.

As until today, elites always deteriorated and dyed out providing much needed freedom to slaves. Then, new elite emerges and the pattern/wave start repeating again. Some main European waves were:

  1. Spartans against Helots.
  2. Romans against slaves and common roman people (food producers).
  3. Church and aristocracy against anyone else.
  4. Banker/industrial elite against anyone else.

Elite is obsessed with killing other people (eugenics) because they themselves are unable to survive.


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the debt ceiling is a balloon the larger it gets the higher it goes..the debt ceiling is in the same room as Al Gore's social security LOCK BOX.

entendance's picture

No more body scanners needed.
Great news from an American Company!