Today's Economic Data Highlights: Lots Of Central-Planner Talk

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WOW. What a concept, hopefully a precedent.  Would love to see your amerikan CONgress step down to help stramline goobermint.  Would even be better if the 97% corrupt swine step right into a perp suit of orange colors and be whisked away to Leavenworth.  Now that is change I CAN believe in.

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India DOWN AGAIN.....this is not a simple correctin....a massive downward IMPULSE wave is building up

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I agree, we are seeing other markets have bad days and/or weeks but not here in the US.  Have we seen a week where it was down 60 or 90 points everyday or went down 3 figures back to back days, we haven't.  Because our govt. has told and equiped our markets that there will be no bad days in the US market.  The reason why India is having trouble is one it's highly over valued and two, most of the country is poor.  When our inflation which is getting exported to other countries (which is coming back to us in spades) effect the costs of imported products and food staples, it effects that society.

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I would give a months pay (after taxes, $7.58) to watch Ron Paul beat the bearded bastard with an ink cartridge.  I would double down if Paul used a red ink cartridge.

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Must, drive, up, longterm, rates, must punish, savers, must, get, that, money, into, equities.....