Today's Economic Docket: Dallas Fed And New Home Sales Should Confirm Contractionary Relapse

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margin call bitchez

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I want a Dow -4oo points day¡:)

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The dow moves inverse to PM margin!

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Paging Mr. Margin, paging Mr. Margin...

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I live in a Podunk town in CO. The mall parking lots were packed over the weekend like it was Black Friday, and the road traffic was unusually heavy. Consumerism is alive and well, even with gas at $3.80.

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The parking lot at Burlington Mall 10 mi NW of Boston was always packed and overflowing throughout the 'recession.'  Now in 2011, there is gridlock even on the approaching highways.  Housing is astronomical, too.  People gripe about gas about like they gripe about the weather, no impact because prices in this region are already massively inflated.  It costs more to remodel a kitchen here than it costs to build a house in many areas of the country.  Never was a recession in New England that I can tell. 

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Kind of, but at the same time not really.  people are out in the streets, but that doesn't mean they're spending a lot of money.

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Staying in a mall necessarly doesnt mean you are consuming....just people is bored of wasting time in their homes:)

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Nothing to do at home, cable turned off, hey lets go to the mall and hang out.

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home prices are actually going to rise, and people are going to buy over the summer.  look for a small recovery this year, and for green innovation to bring more recovery growth to the market in the next couple years.

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...could just be the blow off top of consuming...max everything out before the bankruptcy

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Likely higher, but level still low. 642-524 test New home sales fell by 17% to an all-time low in February. While activity in the new home market looks poor in general, a few special factors may have depressed sales volumes during that month. Specifically, weak sales JK0-016 test in the Northeast and Midwest may have resulted from inclement winter weather, and the drop in the West could have been payback for an earlier tax 650-568 test credit-induced jump (in California). We therefore expect that sales partially recovered in March.

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