Today's Economic Docket: Personal Income, Chicago PMI And UMichigan Wall Street CEO Sentiment

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Does not the profits around look abnormally good? The global economy has not recovered so much as profits suggest, so its mostly liquidity pushed around ending into increased sales, but were these products really needed by economy in this stage? Its like building a global stock, similar to USA where inventory buildup for some reason accounted for huge part of the Q1 growth?

Producing to inventories does not seem like a good way to increase sales, as that is not real consumption, and soon may be overfilled. Partly explainable as people try to exchange devaluating money into real goods, but that is also not sustainable if these goods are not needed for some work required by economy

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See how nicely USA stimulating effects on DJIA pattern follows those of Greek government on Athens index in 2009. The USA seems to be very close to Greece in some financial behaviour aspects. Hence the future may also be the same:

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As usual the CONfidence number that the HFTs watch will be improved whilst the Bloomberg index reported yesterday they don't watch was worse

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None of this matters anymore.  Benron & Co. has perfected their confidence game.  The vast majority of market participants is "all in" with the Fed.  The hubris is currently unbearable, but the reckoning will be more so for those who have bought into this folly.  Unfortunately, as it involves our national currency, many innocent bystanders who have never bought or sold a stock certificate will be harmed.  On a positive note, the coming onslaght should turn the average citizen's thoughts away from "Dancing With the Stars" and more toward economic matters.

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I could have just said "BTFD," but that will end in tears as well.

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Keep in mind, during the blood letting, that Ag has antiseptic properties.

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If the dollar collapses, you'll probably need silver more for it's medicinal uses rather than as a medium of exchange. A dark future awaits us.

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Fed likely to print an additional $2.5 trillion. Read the reasons why.