Today's Economic Events

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Wow! Maybe a slow news day. We need a break!

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We may still have some breaking news. Like: The Bennank just gave birth to a baby in his office and the baby's father is Jamie Dimon.

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For how long will Ben Bernochio print more money?  Its like a game of Hot Potato.  Bernanke throws the debt out to the primary dealers and they quickly toss it back when they've determined noone wants to buy it.  A week later, same thing.  Pretty soon there will be 100% return back to the fed from the pd's instead of 50%.

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There may not be much in US figures today but the UK has had higher inflation figures yet again. Whilst many will not look beyond the headline CPI figure of 4.4% I notice that Notayesmanseconomics has and points this out.

If we for a moment look at our old inflation target of RPI-X we can see that it is indicating an even larger problem than that shown by the current measure. It was targetted to be 2.5% and today it is at 5.5% which is 3% over what was its target. I have long argued that it is a superior measure to Consumer Price Inflation and therefore it means that our inflation problem is worse than the already poor headline figure.


 His policy prescription could be applied to the US as well....

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news out of fla..18% of homes are vacant in those reits ben's got yur back.

this recession has been over how long??

oh I forgot the recession on wall st and major bank centers is over..the main st little people are no longer relevant and are to stay quite and not make waves as they are targets for elimination. food will become the next weapon for the oligargy  extinction plan.



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Austerity comes to Alaska!  Congratulations to everyone.  Enjoy the occupation of the legislature!  

(It could be a long sit-in. Remember to pack some seal meat)