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I smell a HUGE dollar rally coming very very soon, maybe even as early as later today. There's just something in the air.......and the fact that its the opposite trade of what Goldman is pushing...can't go wrong betting against Goldman these days.

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POMO today's Thursday.  I believe we have a $25B Treasury program unwind into the markets today yes?

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Collapsing labor force participation bitchezz

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I am puzzled about the uptrend ( yes , its light volumes) in DJIA in the light of all bad things and numbers ....

If there is more of this, i will lose all what i gained shorting earlier.. Not so simple.

Though I am sure stocks are going down from Feb 18th peak till end of May. And it looks they are nearing intermediate maximum today or tomorrow before crashing down below 11500 reached earlier.



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as usual at  end of quarter to hide the repo 105 actions of the big boys, good to be long stocks and bonds. wish the nyfed wasn't so transparent, but what I really wish is to end the fed and put the woprkers in jail where they belong.


I also wish ZH would do some analysis and tie the POMO amounts with significant dates on the calender. to shore up market at end of year profit takings, saw that), and the end quarter stuff is always big.

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If claims is higher, it must because

  • layoffs in JAPAN
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Facebook ignores wiretap laws. Needs to sell your conversations to make money.

"As it is, people wonder if Facebook is monitoring their conversations. This pretty much confirms that Facebook is."


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157 foreclosure bank lawyers under investigation by Florida Bar Assoc.

President of Bar Association blames the forgeries and other unlawful acts on "young lawyers".


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anyone have any insight into who covered or purchased around 15k /es

around 0545, and 8k at around 0800 this morning?

insert jpm joke here/

(serious question though)

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price chop of the day:

fitty cent cuts price of fitty thousand square foot mansion in half