Today's Economic Highlights

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Sourced: using Goldman data..._) jaja.Funny


Today sell off prelude¡


Deflation all over Europe ---excessive leverage specially in Real Estate.

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My daily highlights:

07:24: Shit 5lbs of dung and clogged toilet today.

07:26: Consumed massive amounts of Metamucel with fiber equivalent to that contained in my rattan wicker patio furniture. 

07:31: Unclogged toilet with bare hands.

07:34: Wrote all about it on ZH.

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There hasn't been a decent dip since August. There was almost a dip in November but 4-5% hardly counts.

I have a feeling there is going to be plenty of fucking dip to buy in January.

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1.228 is my intermediate target for next bearish wave.

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As the expected liquidity at 11am isn't there the typical sell volume increase is met with no Fed buyer thus, something happens?

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No POMO............NO MOMO