Today's Moment Of Lunatic Insight Comes From Bill Dudley: "Fed Not To Blame For Emerging Market Inflation"

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wow. we are sincerely, truly, and totally fucked.

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Clowns wear many faces. This morning we saw two. Dudley and Liesman. 

They believe inflation only occurs when wages go up. That's it. It is the only measurement of inflation to the elite. If they have to pay somebody more for their service, it is inflation.

Since the U.S. will never have full employment again at levels in the 90's, they believe we will never have inflation.

Buy more Gold and Silver on the Dips.  Just "Buy the Fukn Dip". 



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Don't forget about Ballard - how many banksters are they going to trot out to talk up the shitty economy today?

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and who is to blame for inflation in the USA, Europe & Japan ?

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Nah it is China's fault just ask Timmah

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This sounds very bullish for equities...

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Yes, Mr. Bullard was the other Mandarin (in the sense of Arch-Bureaucrat; not criticizing the PRC at the moment) who pronounced that higher oil prices would not heard the U.S. economy.  Up to which threshold, Mr. Bullard?  His comment helped send the futures up. 

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As crazy as all of these a**hats are, I don't blame them for saying they are not responsible for inflation in emerging economies.


These countries are free to not use the US dollar and decouple from the US. But instead they want all of the pros of the USD, but not of the cons created by the FED. Sorry can't have it both ways.


It is the governments of emerging economies who willingly CHOOSE to import inflation generated by the FED. So I agree with comments that the FED is not exporting inflation. As Nixon said, its our dollar and your problem.


Now for those of us stuck in the US, we need to find our own way to 'decouple' and dump the FED.

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Yeah they will just create their own reserve currency overnight - stupid much?

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These countries are free to not use the US dollar and decouple from the US.

If by country you mean people, in point of fact they are not.



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These countries are free to not use the US dollar and decouple from the US. But instead they want all of the pros of the USD, but not of the cons created by the FED. Sorry can't have it both ways.


Sure, sure. Dont forget the dictators in the mix. Those guys love power. They literrally kill for it. They are ready for anything just to stay in power.

But these guys hate so much on freedom they prefer to send shock troops in order to quell rebellious demonstrators, get flagged for it, flee their country in the middle of the night, get their assets frozen as a retaliation and suffer a heart attack as a result.

When it was so easy to unpeg from the USD, they could have stayed in power and enjoy their luxury life. That is what happens when you hate so much on freedom, even dictators forget their basics: doing anything possible to stay in power.

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Whether you live in the US or elsewhere, if you use green confetti as a store of wealth, then you get the outcome you deserve.


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Get ready for another "WE SAVED WORLD" headline!!!

And the "saving" continues! God bless the Fed, second coming of Jesus/Buddha/Muhammad et al.

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more like the third anti-christ predicted by Nostradamous

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more lunatic insight

what does Buffett buy?  his buddy Bill's company

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fucking liar.

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Honest to God mom, I didn't break the window. I wasn't even in the room when it happened. It must have been Johnny 5.

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Why worry? It creates a job for someone. In fact, you might be considered a public benefactor.

/I feel dirty writing that.

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That was the premise behind Gary Oldman's "Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg" character in "The Fifth Element".

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Where is the helper to pat you on the back when you choke?

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Another way to look at these guys are 'creative destructionists' a/k/a fascists. 

Overall I guess that 'well-anchored' position (article author states) holding inflation down is patting JP/Morgan on the back for the silver shorts (amongst others).

You see, we can print as much as possible because we can just increase our shorts on the other side.  It's all a vacuum tube playground where we control the laws of it as a universe.

If it doesn't work and everything is destroyed...there's jobs created in that.

It's amazing (not you CD) how stupid people are.  Give them a bogus explanation, and they'll believe it.  Show them the cherry on top of the piece of shit, and you got a delicacy.

Instead of printing for fraudulent debt, instead of austerity for fraudulent debt, we need Glass-Steagall to wipe out the fraudulent debt. 


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No explanation needed but go ahead anyway. I've a few hours to kill.

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Pure genius -- you are the Artist Laureate of ZH, William

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The Master's In Business Annhilation. Makes sense that they get to hear the same delusions they are taught in school everyday, ne?

I did. In the US. It was fun. I got a degree in Business Annhilation. Fuddley Duddleys came and spoke to us too. Spun us lies.

I wonder if anyone in that group is a ZHer, and if yes, was he asked any difficult questions?

Probably not. Because the other expanded form of said degreeis Masters in Brain Atrophy.


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So your the other guy who's been reading Dr. Chipalone. Nice to finally meet you. :>)

I love his "Take it or Leave it" attitude. He's writing for his own reasons and doesn't need the affirmation of the herd to validate what he believes.

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Lost me at scientifically-induced MAD and alien abductions.  Apparently, Dr. Chipalone's assertions need no validation whatsoever.

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Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean there is nothing to be learned from the person. A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste. If all we accept is what we already believe we are lost as a thinking human being. And judging by the Ponzi economics the entire world is practicing, I would say we are all pretty much lost.

I always try to approach anything I disagree with by saying "what if...."

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This is not lunatic!

This is criminal!. However as somebody says "what goes around comes around".

I believe this people should see the mirror image on the other side of the world (Middle East) and start to pay little attention.


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What planet did this genius come here from?

As for "Current Fed policy is in the interest of the world's economy", Ben has said that he doesn't care about the other economies outside the US.

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The Chairsatan: Of course it's not the Fed's fault--if the starving bastards don't like it, they should get their own reserve currency.

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case the whole oligarchic fiatmoney-FED-thing collapses – not slowly, but abruptly. Just as a thought experiment. So there will be a ‘day after’. With the highest probability the same oligarch-assholes who run the world today, will run it afterwards, too – using the same nightmare of a monetary system, just named differently… e.g. the FED might be called 'Global Welfare Authority' or so. And the new fiat world currency might be called 'Value Asset Unit' or so…


With much lower probability a DIFFERENT monetary system will be installed, at least somewhere on the planet. I try to figure out what that could be. Until now I have learned about the following models/utopias/experiments:


-          Silvio Gesells free economy / demurrage-based-money

-          Proprietary monetary systems of command-economies

-          Economy with no money at all = what Zeitgeist/Venus Project pledges

-          Precious Metal / real asset based money

-          No money, just barter-economy


Are any more concepts out there? My question is NOT about how stupid or genius or realistic a concept is!! I am just trying to get a complete list. Thanks in advance for hints/links.

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Must have been smoking some good stuff when he wrote and gave that speech!

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This NYU alumni's response to above: Pure Insanity! And not just because Dudley is a liar but because the NYU student sheeple body will for the most part trust the mendacity he's feeding them. BTW how much did NYU pay him for his speaking services? 




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Yes, those other nations were dressed provocatively.  They knew what they were doing.  They wanted it.

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The reason the NYFed is saying the “Fed is not to blame for emerging market inflation” is because it’s being accused of it.

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Next up, Liesman discusses how eating too much doesn't make you fat

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You need to eat more and more, load up your fridge because if you get back to a realistic diet your body will hate you, shut down and go on strike!  It needs the food high at any cost.

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There are so many wrong and conflicting statements Dudley has made here that they should seriously consider removing him from his position at the NY Fed......he truly is incompetent.

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Golds starting to look a no brainer for 2k this year with dunces like this in positions of influence.   Unfortunately its also looking the inverse for the dollar.   DXY to 60 and oil to 200?  How you like the global economy with 6 dollar gasoline and a power vacuum in the MidEast Bill?

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BusinessInsider claims increasing oil prices are in fact deflationary.

The lies are being stepped up a notch.

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That sychophantic braindead Becky Quick pushed out a line earlier , paraphrasing : "how long before rising oil prices make QE3 necessary"



The spin is coming : "we must print money to help the people who cant make ends meet due to the rising energy and food inflation. Full on Bizarro world.  The helicopter rotars are spinning.

The official line is clear :  "our policies are not pushing up commodity prices. we will keep printing because of the output gap"


Weimer Rep and Zimbabwe had chasmic output gaps too....

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Ah this reminds me - can anyone recommend good books on the Yugoslavian, Brazilian, Zimbabwean, Russian, and Argentinian hyperinflationary crises?

Weimar seems overrepresented in this scarcely documented area. "When Money Dies", and "Dying of Money" are recommendable.

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You're cute, so I won't be too difficult on you.

Zimbabwe, Weimar, Hitler, Mugabe, Satan or jews, gentiles, muzzies or your mother are not allowed to be said. Got it? good.

Too many a good people have had their neck streched or all together removed from their body for such talk.

America is still a free country, but anyday now that will change.

ever hear of Robert Chapman? Dude spied on the Russkies!

Almost think Putin is a bad dude...

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You haven't heard?  money is free you knucklehead!  Just a few keystrokes and bamm!


Money for nuthin and the cnbs chicks are free.

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In as much as they will kill off any (possible) recovery, they are.

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I've stopped banging my head at these comments...

Now, I just shake it...

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An improving trend....alert the MSM.