Tokyo Exodus Beginning?

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If the following letter posted by the BBC Blog is indicative of prevailing popular mood in the Japanese capital now that the government has lost credibility (as Zero Hedge predicted on Saturday), Tokyo may soon be a ghost town.

Mikan in Tokyo writes: "There is a growing sense that the Japanese
government is not telling us the true story. On one end, there is the
Japanese media that plays down the nuclear drama and focuses on human
drama, and at the other, the foreign media is up-playing the nuclear
disaster. In my company I heard at least half the essential staff is
being sent to Hong Kong, Singapore or even Sydney. I am preparing to
leave Tokyo and/or Japan. So are many of my friends. There is a sense of
deserting Tokyo as soon as possible."

h/t It's a Bargin my Friend

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Fish Gone Bad's picture

The Japanese can fly to Hawaii and do not even need a Visa.  Look for Hawaii's economy to improve.

Pez's picture

3 nukes in meltdown mode? You mean Black Godzilla event!

MachoMan's picture

About six months ago when I was there I wasn't the only one helping their economy, but I can't fathom how those real estate prices can be propped up too much longer.

Sudden Debt's picture

I've heard most of them are going to pearl harbor.

Seriously, i would have been long gone by now. I'd chip in my vacation time, get the kids from school and GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

hedgeless_horseman's picture

If the core melts and the pressure vessel bursts (and eventually melts), it will catch the molten fuel and everything else. It is built in such a way that the nuclear fuel will be spread out, so it can cool down.

Read more: So, in theory, pressure vessels are to reactors as blow out preventers (BOPs) are to undersea oil wells?


Testicular Cancer's picture

Had not thought of that. Good point.

Alert's picture

If we have a nuclear meltdown, all the radioactive particles will be in the atmosphere.  These will fly to Hawaii in 6 to 10 days!  I don't think Hawaii is a safe place to be.  

Id fight Gandhi's picture

World fails apart and fed money still plows into momo stocks. CMG apple baby!

ShitNBC cheerleading a market comeback right now. Better than fucking expected.

Sudden Debt's picture

Same thing, get the fuck out while there is still time. I even sold my silver call warants today. Most of my assets can be put in my car, i even took 5 year visa's for the family just in case the eu get hammered. Even a 5% chance is big enough for me.
If somthing where to go wrong i'd go to argentinia which has a big agreculture base.

Reptil's picture

And Monstanto. Which is one of the next black swans to make their appearance. :-S

John Law Lives's picture

What country do you live in right now?  I presume you are not American.

farragut's picture

Sudden Debt is from the land of fine chocolates and even finer Trappist ales....

Unlawful Justice's picture

California here we come.

Ray1968's picture

Bring us your businesses, factories, and huddled Yen.

MarketTruth's picture

California is so anti-business and has such high taxation only a fool would move their company there (unless absolutely necessary). Bug out to Nevada, they welcome businesses of all types and office space is going cheap. AZ is another option.

Ahmeexnal's picture

You forget to mention AZ is a racist state.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

They just don't like people abusing the system that do not pay into it .... Hospitals ect ....

jmc8888's picture

Actually far less than most of america. (it's just been propagandized well that we are)

Southern fools and national republican/tea party people do not make up the spirit of the population of Arizona.  When I hear a racist word, it's ALWAYS somebody from OUT OF TOWN or from a religious cult.  Guess from where? Example, Atlanta.

People don't realize that of the MLK decision, that we were the ONLY state to have the PEOPLE pass it.  (probably a republican national thing as well)

We put it to the people, and 50 percent voted it down.  1-3 years later, we passed it.  None of the other states can say that.  Otherwise, do you really think that ~1989 that ANY of the southern states would have passed it?

We also have a major cult with a huge population base, that is the predominant racists that are born here.  But that cult is in every state, just more so here than most.

Take those aspects away, and Arizona is one of the most friendliest states around.  All one needs to do is ask an African American from the south, who might reside in Arizona now to tell you the difference.

It's really just idiots, thinking like idiots, being controlled from outside.  Once the banksters go down, that link will be severed, for the most part (since they are one and the same or at least compadres with like goals).


Unlawful Justice's picture

Arizona is the Sunshine state of Corruption.

hangemhigh's picture
TO: Unlawful Justice
on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 17:46

"Arizona is the Sunshine state of Corruption."

i lived in az for awhile and am here to tell you that you all sideways on this one, is just america writ can do anything you can get away with......and if god didn't want us to cheat he wouldn't have made it so easy.........

Blano's picture

Only if you're an illegal piece of shit that shouldn't be there to begin with.

Talleyrand's picture

How can a state be "racist"?  Granted, "racism" is often fostered by the State to enable and obscure its criminal criminal actions.  But, your statement is offensively stupid.

I suspect, Sir, that you are a collectivist - and not worth junking.

Pull head out.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

@ Ahmeexnal

I don't think Az's are racists, they hate everyone equally. What's wrong with that?

aurum's picture

we being the nuclear fall out.....

drink or die's picture

The true story won't come out until the damage is done (as usual), so leaving might be a good idea.


FreeMoney Bernie's picture

hedge funds are cornering the market on potassium iodide does that tell you anything

silvertrain's picture

 There will also be a huge amount of antibotics and other meds,{which I know zero about} that will be required of the Hospitals..

cossack55's picture

Bought some on Ebay Saturday.  Roughly 1800 units left to sell from this vendor. Checked last night and oops,,,Sold Out.  Big run on geiger counters now too.  Oh, and my local CVS has none and claims it is prescription only. Same with SSKI. WTF?

Misstrial's picture

Still avail on Be certain to check the price per bottle though.

One seller is asking $59.55 per bottle.

Here's one that I ordered this a.m.:


Sudden Debt's picture

Here in belgium they announced on the radio you can get a free package per person at the pharmacy. Why would they do that? It took 3 month for them to get organized with the big flu pandemic and now only 2 days!
I'm getting some tomorrow and i'll go to the doctor to hear if the kids can take them just in case.
After chernobyl, it came out that all our food was contaminated. They didn't warn the public because there was nothing they could do. Years after that, cancer rates spiked!

alien-IQ's picture

that pretty well summerises my feelings about America and the stock market as a whole (or should that be hole?).

Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

I'm not sure im understanding the concern. The exodus from Tokyo is for fear of...

Ying-Yang's picture

Heh... you don't get out much... huh?

Spalding_Smailes's picture

The Japanese nuclear engineer Masashi Goto said a few hours ago that the next 24 hours will be crucial if one manages to avoid a complete meltdown of this reactor. If that happens, along with a blast, plutonium can be spread over an area twice the size of a conventional nuclear explosion. This is because, according to Goto that these reactors using mixed oxide fuel.

The Japanese expert believes that an explosion at one of these plants will be worse for the population, than if the same happened in a facility that uses ordinary nuclear fuel. 

cdude's picture

If this thing goes "China Syndrome" it'll be the mother of all dirty bombs. MUCH worse than any "clean" A-bomb detonation! Hundreds of pounds of plutonium oxides would be released into the atmosphere. That shit causes cancer upon inhalation of a few micrograms. 


Spalding_Smailes's picture

Live geiger counter tokyo they are starting to climb fast.

Tokai over 1,000 ......

seek's picture

Awesome find! A bunch of stations are offline, but the highest reporting stations is 28X normal background.

Click on the cities and you get a nice graph of the past 24 hours, Isobe Hitatioota City is the highest at the moment, and the spike in the past couple hours is very evident:


ElvisDog's picture

Whoa, there, plutonium? I'm not a nuclear physicist but I thought nuclear fission was when uranium split into lighter elements. How would a uranium reactor produce plutonium???

New World Chaos's picture

Uranium-235 is the isotope that fissions.  Reactor-grade enriched uranium is still mostly uranium-238, which absorbs the reactor's neutrons instead of fissioning.  The resulting uranium-239 then decays into plutonium, so all nuclear reactors contain some plutonium.  However, I think this reactor is partially fueled with plutonium, because this way it can run on cheap unenriched uranium while simultaneously generating some of its own plutonium fuel.  Plutonium fallout is more dangerous than uranium fallout because uranium has a very long half life, so the extra plutonium in this reactor has people worried.