Tokyo Runs Out Of Bottled Water

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While the broader population continues to read stories of a stoic Tokyo population, casually taking each day of deteriorating news from Fukushima in stride, the reality is far from what is being represented. The latest escalation: Tokyo is running out of bottle water, now that the government disclosed (with a two week delay), that drinking water is irradiated. From Reuters: "Many shops in Japan's capital ran out of bottled water on Thursday after a warning of radiation danger for babies from a damaged nuclear plant where engineers are battling the world's worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl." And if the government appears to be on the verge of losing control (and no city of 13 million can operate without water, no matter how bullish Douche Bank's chief strategist sounds on CNBC) after disclosing this one factoid, what happens when the true extent of the secondary effects from Fukushima are made public: "The government urged residents not to panic and hoard bottled water -- but many shops quickly sold out."If this is long term, I think we have a lot to worry about," said Riku Kato, father of a one-year-old baby." Perhaps it is time for Malcolm Gladwell to do a tipping point analysis of herding mentality, vis-a-vis a decision to participate in a mass urban exodus. Which brings up tonight's $64k question: is Snake Plissken too old for the "Escape from Tokyo" sequel.

From Reuters:

Nearly two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami that battered the Fukushima complex and devastated northeast Japan, Tokyo's 13 million people were told not to give infants tap water where contamination twice the safety level was detected.

Radiation levels above safety norms have also been found in milk and vegetables from the area around Fukushima, 250 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo.

The United States, Hong Kong and Australia have restricted food and milk imports from the zone, while Canada became the latest among numerous nations to tighten screening.

Radiation particles have been found as far away as Iceland, though Japan insists levels are still not dangerous to adults.

Jim Smith, of Britain's University of Portsmouth, said the finding of 210 becquerels of radioactive iodine -- more than twice the recommended limit -- at a Tokyo water purifier should not be cause for panic.

"The recommendation that infants are not given tap water is a sensible precaution. But it should be emphasized that the limit is set at a low level to ensure that consumption at that level is safe over a fairly long period of time," he said.

"This means that consumption of small amounts of tap water - a few liters, say - at twice the recommended limit would not present a significant health risk."

Yet some lobby groups are disputing this, suggesting that risks are being under-played.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, a U.S. anti-nuclear group, called for a stricter ban on sales of exposed food.

"There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period," said physician Jeff Patterson, a former president of the group.

Luckily, Tokyo is not a ghost city. Yet

Some locals and members of Tokyo's large expatriate population left the city right after the earthquake and tsunami.

The capital's streets remain unusually quiet and edgy.

"It's not just the radiation in water. I'm worried about aftershocks and it's possible that things could go bad at the nuclear plant," an office worker who only identified himself by his last name Yamaguchi said outside one shop that had run out of water bottles.

How long the tenuous status quo persists depends entirely on just how long the Japanese government belileves that a 10K Nikkei is more important than possible long-term (and lethal) radiation related aftereffects affecting its citizens.

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"is Snake Plissken too old for the "Escape from Tokyo" sequel?"

Fucking classic.

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A Snake Plissken reference is what makes ZH so f-ckin great!

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NEWS ADVISORY: Radiation 10,000 times normal level in water where nuke plant workers irradiated

-Kyodo News

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It's okay.  Just don't hoard the bottled water. 

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I'll sell you a 1 liter bottle of Vittel for 50 oz of SILVER! ;)


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In EFNY Snake takes in an Ingram M10 with sound suppressor, a bad ass weapon, reliable and deadly. Better known as the MAC-10. Good choice Snake.

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Mac-10 is a 9mm isn't it?

Seen the new smith and wesson 9mm machine pistol/gun?

Hedgetard55's picture

The MAC-10 was made in 2 versions, 45ACP and 9mm.


All you need to know here:

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My brother owns one in .45 ACP, with original suppressor rebuilt to remove the wipes.  These things don't just look cool; they're extremely controllable given the cyclic rate, with virtually no muzzle rise compared to an unsuppressed M10, M11, or Mini-UZI.  The only drawback is that the 30-round magazines are empty in no time-- a speed loader tool is essential.

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MAC-10 POS, get a real gun MP-5

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Snake Plissken: I don't give a f$ck about your war... or your president. ...

I love that movie, perfect anti-hero

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nope....he's hiding with tupac

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this news should bring the DOW up some, no?

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Still, the first place for most contaminated area in the Western Hemisphere goes to the United States of America:,1518,752944,00.html

America was proud of Hanford. As a way of thanking them for their daily sacrifice, the employees and contractors at Hanford got little lapel pins in the shape of a mushroom cloud. D'Antonia recounts how the mushroom cloud was also the mascot of Richland's high school football team, the Bombers, and how there were local businesses called Atomic Bowling, Atomic Foods and Atomic Lawn Care.

But, today, that pride has turned into horror. The farmers in the area and people in Richland and the two neighboring towns, Pasco and Kennewick -- known collectively as the Tri-Cities -- are among the most highly radiated humans on earth.

RichardP's picture

My uncle lived in Pasco in the 1960's.  Died from cancer in the mid 1980's.  Wife and kids don't seem to be affected tho.

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Access to Zerohedge is now being blocked from Germany. You can only access it via a Proxy.

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Merkel is Blythe's godmother

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Access to Zerohedge is NOT being blocked from Germany.

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same problem in Holland. Got a message that the site is unavailable due to tchnical issues.

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Must have been a technical glitch in Telekom's routers, or Schäuble installing another Bundestrojaner.

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There's only one way to solve this: Increase the legal limit of radioiodine for infants.

redpill's picture

Retroactively as well in case some already drank some.

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The USA can now be the largest exporter of drinkable water. Oh wait it all polluted. At least it doesn't glow.

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Yet another reason to bomb Libya. They've got an aquifer to die for.

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You haven't been there, don't know anything about water quality from Libyan desert aquifer, right?

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Bomb The F--king Desert!

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Brazil my friend, Brazil!  They have a sick amount of freshwater reserves.  China has already started the play to import some of the thirstier crops from them.  China is in all sorts of water problems.  Biggest problem I think they have.  US will have problems with the Midwest drying up.  Was a good run, should be refilled in million years or so, so bounce back faster then some Japanese real estate.

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That's why EVERYONE should have a 1-month supply of bottled water on hand. At 1 gallon per day per person, that's 120 gallons for a household of four.

That's 24 5-gallon carboys.

SilverBaron's picture

Just get a couple of 55 gallon drums. 

redpill's picture

You can't keep that sanitary for long enough.  I prefer boxes full of individual serving-sized sealed plastic water packets.  You have to exchange more FRNs for them, but I figure if I ever need them I won't give a shit about FRNs anymore.

umop episdn's picture

If you can keep the water in the dark in a non-reactive container, it will be fine.

If the Japanese gov't asked people to store the tap water for a month, the 'hot' iodine would decay to 1/16 of original levels.  Too bad they seem to have lost credibility with too many people.

malikai's picture

How is storing water for the decay period going to help them when they need to drink now? They'll be dead in a week if they don't have anything to drink now.

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Yeah try explaining to baby that it needs to wait a month for the nuclear iodine to decay to a safe level. lol

flattrader's picture

Store it in the dark.  Rotate it.  And for really big supplies, treat with plain household bleach.

Just google a few keywords.  Not so difficult to get a handle on.

redpill's picture

See but I'm a lazy prepper.  Therefore, packets.


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Yes, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) will kill any living organism given sufficient quantity. It won't help you with the radioisotope problem, though.

Just sayin'.

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I personally have two 55 gallon drums for water storage.  I use Purogene to keep the water safe for consumption for longer periods.  But yes, you have to rotate it out periodically.  However, you should do that with bottled water as well. 

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i would run out of water all the time. i would just fill up my two bath tubs with water, for days at a time. no shit it is a great storage for water.

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for anyone who didnt read the story out of japan....they were limiting bottled water to (3) 8 oz. bottles of water a day for registered infants under one year old as they only had 240k bottles a day at this size

government that the publicly available stuff is/was all sold out

the thing going unmentioned ,is that they need on the order of 100 million 12oz. bottles a day if they are going to have everyone drinking bottled water

in one month of tainted tap water you will have a toxic effect in an adult

thems the facts folks

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Water is for infant formula. First two years usually.

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Let them drink Perrier.