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Tokyo Runs Out Of Bottled Water

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While the broader population continues to read stories of a stoic Tokyo population, casually taking each day of deteriorating news from Fukushima in stride, the reality is far from what is being represented. The latest escalation: Tokyo is running out of bottle water, now that the government disclosed (with a two week delay), that drinking water is irradiated. From Reuters: "Many shops in Japan's capital ran out of bottled water on Thursday after a warning of radiation danger for babies from a damaged nuclear plant where engineers are battling the world's worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl." And if the government appears to be on the verge of losing control (and no city of 13 million can operate without water, no matter how bullish Douche Bank's chief strategist sounds on CNBC) after disclosing this one factoid, what happens when the true extent of the secondary effects from Fukushima are made public: "The government urged residents not to panic and hoard bottled water -- but many shops quickly sold out."If this is long term, I think we have a lot to worry about," said Riku Kato, father of a one-year-old baby." Perhaps it is time for Malcolm Gladwell to do a tipping point analysis of herding mentality, vis-a-vis a decision to participate in a mass urban exodus. Which brings up tonight's $64k question: is Snake Plissken too old for the "Escape from Tokyo" sequel.

From Reuters:

Nearly two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami that battered the Fukushima complex and devastated northeast Japan, Tokyo's 13 million people were told not to give infants tap water where contamination twice the safety level was detected.

Radiation levels above safety norms have also been found in milk and vegetables from the area around Fukushima, 250 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo.

The United States, Hong Kong and Australia have restricted food and milk imports from the zone, while Canada became the latest among numerous nations to tighten screening.

Radiation particles have been found as far away as Iceland, though Japan insists levels are still not dangerous to adults.

Jim Smith, of Britain's University of Portsmouth, said the finding of 210 becquerels of radioactive iodine -- more than twice the recommended limit -- at a Tokyo water purifier should not be cause for panic.

"The recommendation that infants are not given tap water is a sensible precaution. But it should be emphasized that the limit is set at a low level to ensure that consumption at that level is safe over a fairly long period of time," he said.

"This means that consumption of small amounts of tap water - a few liters, say - at twice the recommended limit would not present a significant health risk."

Yet some lobby groups are disputing this, suggesting that risks are being under-played.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, a U.S. anti-nuclear group, called for a stricter ban on sales of exposed food.

"There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period," said physician Jeff Patterson, a former president of the group.

Luckily, Tokyo is not a ghost city. Yet

Some locals and members of Tokyo's large expatriate population left the city right after the earthquake and tsunami.

The capital's streets remain unusually quiet and edgy.

"It's not just the radiation in water. I'm worried about aftershocks and it's possible that things could go bad at the nuclear plant," an office worker who only identified himself by his last name Yamaguchi said outside one shop that had run out of water bottles.

How long the tenuous status quo persists depends entirely on just how long the Japanese government belileves that a 10K Nikkei is more important than possible long-term (and lethal) radiation related aftereffects affecting its citizens.


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Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:48 | 1096801 Cheyenne
Cheyenne's picture

"is Snake Plissken too old for the "Escape from Tokyo" sequel?"

Fucking classic.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:50 | 1096811 WineSorbet
WineSorbet's picture

A Snake Plissken reference is what makes ZH so f-ckin great!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:51 | 1096836 SilverBaron
SilverBaron's picture

I heard Snake was dead.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:42 | 1097054 asdasmos
asdasmos's picture

NEWS ADVISORY: Radiation 10,000 times normal level in water where nuke plant workers irradiated

-Kyodo News

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:15 | 1097135 Thorlyx
Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:01 | 1097552 rockraider3
rockraider3's picture

It's okay.  Just don't hoard the bottled water. 

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:14 | 1097600 george
george's picture

and just don't try to go to turks.bastards

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 03:54 | 1098651 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

I'll sell you a 1 liter bottle of Vittel for 50 oz of SILVER! ;)


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:47 | 1097066 Hedgetard55
Hedgetard55's picture

In EFNY Snake takes in an Ingram M10 with sound suppressor, a bad ass weapon, reliable and deadly. Better known as the MAC-10. Good choice Snake.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:27 | 1097182 chump666
chump666's picture

Mac-10 is a 9mm isn't it?

Seen the new smith and wesson 9mm machine pistol/gun?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:40 | 1097220 Hedgetard55
Hedgetard55's picture

The MAC-10 was made in 2 versions, 45ACP and 9mm.


All you need to know here:

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 22:26 | 1097979 Cthonic
Cthonic's picture

My brother owns one in .45 ACP, with original suppressor rebuilt to remove the wipes.  These things don't just look cool; they're extremely controllable given the cyclic rate, with virtually no muzzle rise compared to an unsuppressed M10, M11, or Mini-UZI.  The only drawback is that the 30-round magazines are empty in no time-- a speed loader tool is essential.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:14 | 1097382 Calmyourself
Calmyourself's picture

MAC-10 POS, get a real gun MP-5

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:26 | 1097172 chump666
chump666's picture

Snake Plissken: I don't give a f$ck about your war... or your president. ...

I love that movie, perfect anti-hero

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:49 | 1097073 Snake
Snake's picture

no, I'm not dead!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:17 | 1097608 10kby2k
10kby2k's picture

nope....he's hiding with tupac

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:54 | 1096846 camaro68ss
camaro68ss's picture

this news should bring the DOW up some, no?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:30 | 1097173 PY-129-20
PY-129-20's picture

Still, the first place for most contaminated area in the Western Hemisphere goes to the United States of America:,1518,752944,00.html

America was proud of Hanford. As a way of thanking them for their daily sacrifice, the employees and contractors at Hanford got little lapel pins in the shape of a mushroom cloud. D'Antonia recounts how the mushroom cloud was also the mascot of Richland's high school football team, the Bombers, and how there were local businesses called Atomic Bowling, Atomic Foods and Atomic Lawn Care.

But, today, that pride has turned into horror. The farmers in the area and people in Richland and the two neighboring towns, Pasco and Kennewick -- known collectively as the Tri-Cities -- are among the most highly radiated humans on earth.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:07 | 1097345 RichardP
RichardP's picture

My uncle lived in Pasco in the 1960's.  Died from cancer in the mid 1980's.  Wife and kids don't seem to be affected tho.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:23 | 1097623 Ident 7777 economy
Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:48 | 1096802 Shylockracy
Shylockracy's picture

Access to Zerohedge is now being blocked from Germany. You can only access it via a Proxy.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:50 | 1096816 redpill
redpill's picture

Merkel is Blythe's godmother

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:50 | 1096821 bingaling
bingaling's picture

Are you being sarcastic?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:54 | 1096839 A Man without Q...
A Man without Qualities's picture

You're talking nonsense man...

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:20 | 1096952 PY-129-20
PY-129-20's picture

Access to Zerohedge is NOT being blocked from Germany.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:42 | 1097047 Jan Modaal
Jan Modaal's picture

same problem in Holland. Got a message that the site is unavailable due to tchnical issues.

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 04:15 | 1098661 Shylockracy
Shylockracy's picture

Must have been a technical glitch in Telekom's routers, or Schäuble installing another Bundestrojaner.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:47 | 1096804 malikai
malikai's picture

There's only one way to solve this: Increase the legal limit of radioiodine for infants.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:51 | 1096830 redpill
redpill's picture

Retroactively as well in case some already drank some.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:47 | 1096805 max2205
max2205's picture

The USA can now be the largest exporter of drinkable water. Oh wait it all polluted. At least it doesn't glow.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:04 | 1096895 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Yet another reason to bomb Libya. They've got an aquifer to die for.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:44 | 1097025 avonaltendorf
avonaltendorf's picture

You haven't been there, don't know anything about water quality from Libyan desert aquifer, right?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:30 | 1097186 Rahm
Rahm's picture

Bomb The F--king Desert!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:31 | 1097647 Shameful
Shameful's picture

Brazil my friend, Brazil!  They have a sick amount of freshwater reserves.  China has already started the play to import some of the thirstier crops from them.  China is in all sorts of water problems.  Biggest problem I think they have.  US will have problems with the Midwest drying up.  Was a good run, should be refilled in million years or so, so bounce back faster then some Japanese real estate.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:49 | 1096806 Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

That's why EVERYONE should have a 1-month supply of bottled water on hand. At 1 gallon per day per person, that's 120 gallons for a household of four.

That's 24 5-gallon carboys.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:55 | 1096850 SilverBaron
SilverBaron's picture

Just get a couple of 55 gallon drums. 

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:00 | 1096882 redpill
redpill's picture

You can't keep that sanitary for long enough.  I prefer boxes full of individual serving-sized sealed plastic water packets.  You have to exchange more FRNs for them, but I figure if I ever need them I won't give a shit about FRNs anymore.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:07 | 1096906 umop episdn
umop episdn's picture

If you can keep the water in the dark in a non-reactive container, it will be fine.

If the Japanese gov't asked people to store the tap water for a month, the 'hot' iodine would decay to 1/16 of original levels.  Too bad they seem to have lost credibility with too many people.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:12 | 1096926 malikai
malikai's picture

How is storing water for the decay period going to help them when they need to drink now? They'll be dead in a week if they don't have anything to drink now.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:44 | 1097060 Kiwi Pete
Kiwi Pete's picture

Yeah try explaining to baby that it needs to wait a month for the nuclear iodine to decay to a safe level. lol

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:16 | 1096949 flattrader
flattrader's picture

Store it in the dark.  Rotate it.  And for really big supplies, treat with plain household bleach.

Just google a few keywords.  Not so difficult to get a handle on.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:45 | 1097058 redpill
redpill's picture

See but I'm a lazy prepper.  Therefore, packets.


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:39 | 1097215 serotonindumptruck
serotonindumptruck's picture

Yes, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) will kill any living organism given sufficient quantity. It won't help you with the radioisotope problem, though.

Just sayin'.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:12 | 1097591 rockraider3
rockraider3's picture

I personally have two 55 gallon drums for water storage.  I use Purogene to keep the water safe for consumption for longer periods.  But yes, you have to rotate it out periodically.  However, you should do that with bottled water as well. 

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:33 | 1097195 velobabe
velobabe's picture

i would run out of water all the time. i would just fill up my two bath tubs with water, for days at a time. no shit it is a great storage for water.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:03 | 1096898 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

for anyone who didnt read the story out of japan....they were limiting bottled water to (3) 8 oz. bottles of water a day for registered infants under one year old as they only had 240k bottles a day at this size

government that the publicly available stuff is/was all sold out

the thing going unmentioned ,is that they need on the order of 100 million 12oz. bottles a day if they are going to have everyone drinking bottled water

in one month of tainted tap water you will have a toxic effect in an adult

thems the facts folks

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:39 | 1097036 avonaltendorf
avonaltendorf's picture

Water is for infant formula. First two years usually.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:49 | 1096807 Muir
Muir's picture

Let them drink Perrier.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:08 | 1096914 redpill
redpill's picture

Better yet, sake!!!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:57 | 1097302 Muir
Muir's picture

touche my friend, touche.

p.s. Ideally the people would water (sake) board the executives of the plant at their leisure for weeks on end.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:50 | 1096813 bingaling
bingaling's picture

If tokyo ends up a ghost town -  Yen will be worthless . Property inflation as japanese head to other areas where it is safe in the country will explode . This is going to get ugly

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:12 | 1096938 nasa
nasa's picture

Those unused cities in china are looking mighty inviting right about now.  The Trail of Tears 2.0 should be an interesting watch.  

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:29 | 1096998 PY-129-20
PY-129-20's picture

Bringing Chinese and Japanese together - now that sounds like a plan...for destruction.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:41 | 1097044 flattrader
flattrader's picture

Yeah. It's gonna take another generation or two to get over that whole invasion, Unit 731, Rape of Nanking, etc...thing.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:32 | 1097007 Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler's picture

Not likely that the Chinese will open their unused cities to the Japanese.

Remember the "rape of Nanking"?   The Chinese still do !

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:47 | 1097065 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

Yep old Nan King lived over on Applewood, by the EZ Mart. She got raped real good, as I recall.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:52 | 1096819 max2205
max2205's picture

I refuse to leave my taped up house until they fix this!! Keep sending checks and slide em under the front door

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:51 | 1096835 Dr. Porkchop
Dr. Porkchop's picture

How do you cash the checks?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:09 | 1096917 LowProfile
LowProfile's picture

direct deposit


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:36 | 1097205 Rahm
Rahm's picture

Take a pic with iPhone/iPad using the JPMorgue app /barf

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:52 | 1096822 Alcoholic Nativ...
Alcoholic Native American's picture

Let them drink Ipads.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:50 | 1096827 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

Market got bored with all the bad news in Japan. Took to long to fix just ignore.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:51 | 1096828 JackES
JackES's picture

who cares.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:53 | 1096834 Cdad
Cdad's picture

Snake Plissken?  I thought he was dead?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:01 | 1097114 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Brain: Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead...
Snake Plissken: Yeah, you and everybody else!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:52 | 1096841 Loco Vida
Loco Vida's picture

Radiation and plumbing just dont more hunting glowing dolphins for Japan............although they will be easier to spot.............bwhahahhahhahhaha

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:54 | 1096842 alien-IQ
alien-IQ's picture

Yes, Snake Plissken is too old...His daughter, on the other hand, is just perfectly lovely.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:57 | 1096857 Shameful
Shameful's picture

Ugh, that is terrible. Call be crazy, but GTFO! If I'm in a place and the water is irradiated, I'm leaving. But I'm just one guy and not Japanese.

He who panics first, panics best.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:04 | 1096894 alien-IQ
alien-IQ's picture

the last train out of town is never filled with happy people.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:43 | 1097242 serotonindumptruck
serotonindumptruck's picture

No, because that train will be carrying the sick and dying.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 16:58 | 1096863 Caviar Emptor
Caviar Emptor's picture

I've actually worked with radioactive material. I can tell you it's Always very messy. Even under ideal, controlled conditions in a laboratory, and under paranoid multi-tiered levels of monitoring and testing for contamination there's always a problem that needs to be cleaned up. 

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:01 | 1096878 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Don't worry, Grandpa Warren will supply Japan with Coke-Cola. What flavor do you want?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:02 | 1096885 AC_Doctor
AC_Doctor's picture

Fucking Nippon is going to be  a complete no-go zone before

this clusterfuck is over...


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:02 | 1096893 docmac324
docmac324's picture

SAR 101

Weeks without food, days without water, minutes without air.  Times how many millions of people?  Whew baby.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:23 | 1097161 Kiwi Pete
Kiwi Pete's picture

I wonder how its working out for all those people in the 20km-30km zone that were advised not to evacuate but to stay indoors. Must be running low on supplies by now. Anyone with kids would have gone stir-crazy by now. Time for a visit to Grandma in Osaka.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:03 | 1096899 Ruffcut
Ruffcut's picture

!2 days and they have rad in water?

What if they never tested it before and say wow, this is shit?

Houston report rad in their water months ago. The story seems to have died, Written off as a nothing burger.

Go long cancer.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:05 | 1096904 ss123
ss123's picture

Bring back Snake

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:07 | 1096907 Alea Iacta Est
Alea Iacta Est's picture

21st Century Intelligence Test.

Your government has just announced that the tap water in your local municipality (of 36 million) has been poisoned due to a radiation leak at a nearby nuclear power plant.  This level is unsafe for infants, and possibly other living organisms which are made from infants.  You should:

a)  Go buy bottled water.

b)  Wait for the Ministry of Thermal Redaction to raise the safe limit to levels in excess of the current taint.





Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:11 | 1096927 Jim in MN
Jim in MN's picture

e)  Read Zero Hedge until your eyeballs bleed, then peek out the window to see if it's safe.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:12 | 1097377 Colonel Sun
Colonel Sun's picture

Best post of all time on ZH.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:20 | 1097396 Calmyourself
Calmyourself's picture

+250 Millisieverts

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:13 | 1096931 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

when are they gonna add a thumbs up button or something for posts like that?


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:45 | 1097059 WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

JQP, I agree. "+1" just doesn't communicate my approval as much as a thumbs up would.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:57 | 1097101 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

C and D, of course...  However the 600+ gallons of potable water we have stored on our premises would sure ease our minds and buy us some time.

Preparation now = Less stress later.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:02 | 1097325 TaxSlave
TaxSlave's picture

Bugging in rather than bugging out under conditions like this might be the Wrong Thing to do.


All it takes is a stiff wind and a late warning.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:09 | 1096916 plata pura
plata pura's picture

NASA has a water purification unit made from the precious that takes radiation from water. The preciouses utility be vast and has yet to come close to it's highest and best use.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:11 | 1097364 American Dreams
American Dreams's picture

The "precious" WTF is the precious!!!!!!!!!!!



Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:35 | 1097450 MSimon
MSimon's picture


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:10 | 1096922 redpill
redpill's picture

I wonder if a gift set of mildly radioactive sake from the Fukushima region packaged with serving vessels made of vaseline glass would command a premium on e-bay?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:12 | 1096937 JLee2027
JLee2027's picture

Snake Plissken , lol!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:15 | 1096947 John Law Lives
John Law Lives's picture

The estimated toll of dead or missing in Japan is ~27,000:

It is beyond f'ing morbid that Keynesian a-holes would try to put a positive spin economic on this unfolding disaster.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:20 | 1096950 Shameful
Shameful's picture

Wait till they spin the economic advantages of having a generation of young people being harmed by radiation.

Can already hear Kudlow. "All this childhood leukemia will create a huge demand for doctors!"

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:22 | 1096968 redpill
redpill's picture

What an opportunity.  You know we should really try to have these natural/nuclear disasters more often, the economy needs saving!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:31 | 1097011 ghostfaceinvestah
ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Yup, plus drug companies, hospice care companies, etc.

Pure broken-windows-theory-bullshit.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:41 | 1097027 John Law Lives
John Law Lives's picture

The groupthink that is going on re. Keynesian economics & Central Planning reminds me of the climate when G. W. Bush and the neo-cons were banging the drums for war in Iraq back in 2002.  The neo-cons were putting out every bit of spin they could to justify a war.  I remember that a-hole, Don Rumsfeld, squawking about how the the oil revenues in Iraq could largely cover the cost of the war, and that the number of US troops required on the ground in Iraq did not need to be nearly as many as were ultimately deployed.  Gee, how did that turn out?  I also remember that people who spoke out against the idea of war in Iraq back then were shouted down.

This Keynesian BS is going to end in disaster.  All the reasons for rioting in MENA (e.g. surging food prices and huge wealth inequality) still exist, and unlike Saudi Arabia with its billions of $$$ to give away in handouts, many of those nations are strapped.  Surging food and energy prices are hurting far more people than they are helping.  No way this ends well.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:23 | 1096965 whoopsing
whoopsing's picture

Anybody know if activated carbon filter's this crap?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:29 | 1097002 redpill
redpill's picture

No idea but Google says this:


James Currier, chief executive officer at Sionix Corp., talks about damage done by Japan's earthquake to the country's infrastructure and the company's water-treatment systems.  He says Sionix Water Systems Can Filter Radiation.




Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:11 | 1097374 TheMerryPrankster
TheMerryPrankster's picture

Time is the only effective filter for radioactive material. Lead will shield you, but lead aprons aren't much fun to wear, but over time they could reduce the obesity problems of 1st world nations.

Activated charcoal is great for removing organics and aromatic solvents, but distillation would have a better chance of removing radioactive iodine, since presumably the iodine would have a different boiling temp. Still that means either the iodine evaporates into the air or remains in the boiling kettle as sediment.


Humans are mostly water no matter how much we pretend to be unique, top of the food chain masters of the universe, we are water bags with legs. Since we are mostly water, it makes a great deal of sense to try to drink very clean water. You are what you drink even more than you are what you eat.


Purity of essence, Mandrake.



Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:30 | 1097428 RichardP
RichardP's picture

University research departments are using neutron beams to take "xrays" through lead - because neutrons penetrate lead.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:25 | 1096972 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture

New Desalination Process Developed Using Carbon Nanotubes

A faster, better and cheaper desalination process enhanced by carbon nanotubes has been developed by NJIT Professor Somenath Mitra. The process creates a unique new architecture for the membrane distillation process by immobilizing carbon nanotubes in the membrane pores


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:59 | 1097103 long-shorty
long-shorty's picture

CVV, bitchez! :-)


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:24 | 1096975 frippy
frippy's picture

This is disturbing on many levels. I don't care where you live, if you haven't prepped by now, you are a dumb ass.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:24 | 1096978 Rockfish
Rockfish's picture

Gods sake snake don't do it!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:27 | 1096980 No More Bubbles
No More Bubbles's picture

Stocks aren't powered by water, so who cares.....


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:30 | 1097009 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture

Water is the new oil...

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:33 | 1097013 redpill
redpill's picture

Pfft, well you can't eat water.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:39 | 1097039 Alea Iacta Est
Alea Iacta Est's picture

You could if water was made from ipads!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:28 | 1097427 Roger O. Thornhill
Roger O. Thornhill's picture

Therefore water is in a bubble.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:27 | 1096986 AC_Doctor
AC_Doctor's picture

I wonder if you can see radioactive piss at night?
Keeps the toilet rim and surrounding floor cleaner...

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:29 | 1096991 prophet
prophet's picture

Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:28 | 1096997 Franken_Stein
Franken_Stein's picture

I know only one dialogue from "Escape from New York":


A bum in rags in the enclosed prison camp in downtown N.Y.C. wearing the President's tracking device around his handwrist:


Snake: Are you the president ?

Bum, mumbling through his dirty beard:

When I put this thing on, I knew that I am the president !


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:31 | 1097004 spanish inquisition
spanish inquisition's picture

I guess the next bullish indicator will be when the piles of houses and cars from the tsunami get hit by lightning and start burning.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:31 | 1097005 SilverBaron
SilverBaron's picture

Would distilling the water help?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:36 | 1097019 redpill
redpill's picture

Probably depends on the size and properties of the specific particles contaminating it.  But I'm no chemist (I can mix a mean cocktail though).

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:38 | 1097031 SilverBaron
SilverBaron's picture

Straight Kentucky bourbon for me.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:42 | 1097050 redpill
redpill's picture

Knob Creek makes for a great Sazerac

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:40 | 1097467 MSimon
MSimon's picture


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:31 | 1097014 Caviar Emptor
Caviar Emptor's picture

History is not without irony: Japan's third nuclear contamination was self-induced. 

On the bright side, no need to worry about birth-control when you nads get rads

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:38 | 1097034 Shameful
Shameful's picture

Not really helping Japan. Think they got the low # of kids thing down pat.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:35 | 1097018 Rockfish
Rockfish's picture

Jim Smith, of Britain's University of Portsmouth, said the finding of 210 becquerels of radioactive iodine -- more than twice the recommended limit -- at a Tokyo water purifier should not be cause for panic.

Ok Jim boy lets see you give your kids some of that water or maybe Kudlow he probaly has some grand spawn. Its easy to say that waters ok when your kids are not drinking it.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:49 | 1097079 avonaltendorf
avonaltendorf's picture

Berkeley MIT Cambridge Harwell ... Portsmouth?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:54 | 1097090 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

So there is a recommended amount of radiation for your drinking water? Who knew?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:08 | 1097122 Threeggg
Threeggg's picture

Jim Smith, of Britain's University of Portsmouth, said the finding of 210 becquerels of radioactive iodine -- more than twice the recommended limit -- at a Tokyo water purifier should not be cause for panic.

as he takes a sip of Evian (live young) from a bottle............

Oh' the Irony !

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:35 | 1097023 WTFisThat
WTFisThat's picture

I'm so sorry for the Japanese people.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:42 | 1097053 SilverBaron
SilverBaron's picture

Hopefully someone is sending a big ship full of bottled water over there.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:01 | 1097112 Herman Strandsc...
Herman Strandschnecke's picture

Yes, one can't imagine, especially if one has children. It's bad enough when we have the odd power outage for half an hour, what with worrying about the cold and whether the local shops have the same outage. It is truly awful.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:44 | 1097055 Temujin
Temujin's picture

Maybe Kevin Costner can bring his machine and save the Japanese people.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:46 | 1097067 AC_Doctor
AC_Doctor's picture

Maybe the Japs can sell the "come watch our neutron beams"

similar to Alaska's northern lights ads for tourism...


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:51 | 1097085 buzzsaw99
buzzsaw99's picture

Fukushima fun park, radioactive water slide, heavy water hot tub, boronated mud bath. Complete tanning salon, skin tightening, rejuvenating vacation paradise and spa.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:12 | 1097132 Threeggg
Threeggg's picture


The "skin tightening" one got me !


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:57 | 1097304 serotonindumptruck
serotonindumptruck's picture

Sounds like a wonderful alternative to chemotherapy. An amusement park for terminal cancer patients.The marketing slogan could be something like:

"Come visit Fukushima Fun Park. If the cancer doesn't kill you, the radiation will."

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:43 | 1097231 velobabe
velobabe's picture

is that you, cheeky?

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:47 | 1097072 Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson's picture

As I stated a few days ago, when they govt. in Japan can't lie anymore and when they can't hide the damage and radiation anymore, their will be a massive exodus out of Tokyo if not western Japan.  The Japanese biosphere is getting contaminated every hour and it's increasing exponentially.  The soil, the plants crops and animals, the milk and the water (water from the tap in Tokyo is irradiated).  Whats not being said is this radiation WON'T LEAVE or dissipate from these places.  So for instance the water is irradiated in the pipes, that means the pipes are irradiated and also the aquafer or whatever water table they are getting the water is irradiated.  What happens when Plutonium or uranium or cesium gets into the systems (which I'm willing to bet has already happened), How do you replace thousands of miles of piping or replace the water in your environment or knowing that large chunks of farming land to the north is becoming unusable.


They are in a world of hurt, and they may be stoic now but eventually they will lose it.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:50 | 1097077 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Video: Already greater surface contamination at 40 kilometers from Fukushima than 'hot spots' at Chernobyl

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:54 | 1097094 AC_Doctor
AC_Doctor's picture

Fuckushima amusement park-that is hilarious.

No black or white smoke emitting from any of the fun towers today yet?


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:56 | 1097097 Lapri
Lapri's picture

If you're willing to pay about $2.60 for a 500 ml (16oz) bottle, Amazon Japan can still deliver it to people in Tokyo. It could, yesterday. I don't know today.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:02 | 1097111 Natasha
Natasha's picture

"The ‘‘yellow rain’’ seen Wednesday in the Kanto region surrounding Tokyo was caused by pollen, not radioactive materials as many residents had worried, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Thursday.

The agency received more than 200 inquiries Thursday morning about yellowish residue left on roofs and elsewhere by the rain, stirring concerns that radioactive substances had fallen after accidents caused by the March 11 quake and tsunami at a nuclear power plant around 220 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

According to the Environment Ministry, large amounts of air-borne pollen were seen in the Kanto region and they fell with the rain on Wednesday.

A health official at the Tokyo metropolitan government also said there is a possibility that the rain contained radioactivity but not at a level to have had adverse effects on people’s health."

Uh huh.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:04 | 1097119 Herman Strandsc...
Herman Strandschnecke's picture

Pollen? What in winter, when all the fields on the east coast are ruined too. Pollen by backside. It's probably sulpher or summit nasty.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:01 | 1097324 serotonindumptruck
serotonindumptruck's picture

Strontium can have a yellowish appearance.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:06 | 1097118 Conceptwizard
Conceptwizard's picture

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Makes 640 gallons of Stock Clorine


Note: Regular Bleach has only one year shelf life.


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Add 1 heaping teaspoon of Pool Shock to each 2 gallons of water, this will produce Bleach as you buy it from the store.




1 Part of this clorine solution to 100 parts of water to be treated. OR 1 pint of your stock clorine bleach to 12.5 gallons of water to be disinfected.




Let the Clorine sit in the mixture and let it stand exposed in the bucket for a few hours.


NOTE: this one package of Super Shock it will last a very long time.


Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:10 | 1097127 youngman
youngman's picture

Nothing on the news today about this....Japan is so yesterday....they were so happy that BB did well....met estimates...sales only fell 5% per goes up on this....only 380,000 new unemployed this week....several auto plants to shut down because of parts..irradiated parts now...from Japan....and gold and silver took a nose dive...LOL....I gotta drink..this is to unreal

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:18 | 1097146 whosetosay
whosetosay's picture

Seriously, what is wrong with you people? I honestly can't believe some of the comments I'm reading. These people are running out of water and you're making jokes. I love this site and follow it religioulsy, rarely comment but so appreciate the knowledge that I get from it. C'mon guys/gals, this is really not the time for jokes. This is sad beyond belief. I can't believe the comments I'm reading.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 18:49 | 1097260 onarga74
onarga74's picture

I know what you mean and I think it's a reflection of the wiser who have seen every scenario possible for an extended mating of the swans.  Yesterday, a "bubble headed bleach blonde" said that the Japanese govt. said all the readings were safe now."  No one followed up on the story of the aging scientist who admitted complicity and the govt gave him another couple of Seiko's and told him not to worry.  That amounted to a "Duke beats Joliet Junior College headline the first week of the season.  We should insist that every town in the country build a statue to Walter Cronkite. Now the closing line is "And that's the way we told you it was"

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:07 | 1097349 serotonindumptruck
serotonindumptruck's picture

It's known as "dark humor". It is a way for many humans to reconcile with extreme stress or emotionally upsetting information or activity.

I hope you never have to witness a group of emergency responders talking amongst themselves after a mass casualty incident. You would likely be very offended.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 21:28 | 1097813 whosetosay
whosetosay's picture

I work for a branch of the the division of emergency management. While I've not witnessed mas casualty (thank goodness), I have witnessed things that most folks would have nightmares about, myself included. I guess that's why it's even more upsetting to me that folks are laughing and making jokes about human beings having no water. I deal with emergency responders all day long in my line of work. I would reitterate, this is not the time for jokes. These people need water.

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 00:52 | 1098479 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Feel free to send them some!

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 19:50 | 1097502 Lapri
Lapri's picture

It's clearly a joke to many people. People like Karl Denninger's been poo-pooing the reports as scare-mongering, just when Japanese are slowly waking up to the fact that they've been lied to by the government.

I think I'll strike his site from my blog.

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:11 | 1097581 acrabbe
acrabbe's picture

You're just now realizing KD is a complete dickhead?

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