Total Bond Market Chaos!

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If someone is hell bent on breaking the bond market, they are doing a bang up job.

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I suppose this is why they are called bonds. Because they are meant to be broken.

It's proving to be every bit the week I had expected.

Bang bang!

Just looked deeper, that is a Holy Tish chart.

holy tish!


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How is that penis pump working out for you?


Glad to hear it.

Anway, so long.

And God bless all you Marxist cocksuckers.

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Brother, I don't give Obama that much credit.

He's just a fucking waiter doing what he's told.

America doesn't exist.  It is now the United States of Goldman Sachs.

And our president is just steppin' and fetchin' for the powers that be.

But what the fuck do I know.

Anyway, so long.

And God bless all you Marxist cocksuckers.

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Support is being tested for PMs.  SIlver at $39, gold at $1585, just like I have said...

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yup and now no one owns gold and silver anymore and bonds are giving a huge signal to exit all the dollars you could but seems that no one care it.


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Rates can not and will not rise, or else Obama/Boener will have to not only cut entitlements and slash deductions, but raise taxes, and raise taxes huge.  How they will secure revenue in a depression I do not think they can comprehend, but they might be having fun running the fiat ponzi into the ground.

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It's okay.

ObamaCare will save us.

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They have plenty of ink, and will print until they run out.

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I like the way you think . . . US of GS. So true . . .

Remember: brass and lead are precious metals, too. Get some!

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I thought you were leaving.

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Did somebody upset you?

Take a chill pill.


Or at least get a sense of humour.

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pills inefective.... needs brain transplant (waiting list too long, though)

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Lots of donors available, but the Brainz Quality is in the noise floor!

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That looks healthy.

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Is there a credibility index? lol

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It's looking like the budget deal is getting sicker and sicker.

But ya it definitely needs a credibility index. LOL

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Just saw on FOX that Standard and Poor's will make an announcement at 3 o'clock.

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Anyone still in US T-bonds deserves to be banged up!

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Sold ALL my 5 year T-notes on Monday.

But, as mentioned here yesterday, I'll wait for a big one-two week pullback in prices (ala late June), and then go long again---with the fundamental reasoning being that NOTHING has really been the US or Euroland.

I'd like to see 1.7% - 1.8% on the 5 year to enter again.

Bottom line--this is a huge opportunity in the making.

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What is the best way to invest in T-bills with a small portfolio?  Is there an ETF with little slippage?  What is the futures designation?

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Zero commissions, and very tight bid/ask spreads.  Use limit orders.


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Do you have a symbol?  That's what I was looking for . . . . Thanks, Boston.

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Go to Fixed Income => search inventory => US Treasury.

You can choose whatever Bill/Note/Bond you like.

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...where do bad folks go when they die...they dont go to heaven where the angels fly...

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they go to a lake of fire and fry....


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don't see em again til the _________________ [insert nonsequitor that rhymes].

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Is this bullish or bearish joking aside?

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What instrument? 

Which millisecond? 

Pre or post rumor?

Which rumor?

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Yeah, obviously everything is.  Until it's not.

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Well, if you listen to the BlowHorn [CNBC] on a regular basis, it is uber bullish for stocks because it indicates fund flows out of fixed income and into "stawks."  However, as fixed income guys know, that is true only for the time it takes to arbitrage the shit out of the last and dumbest algo in the room...which I think is down to about 100th of a second.

Capital context has been tracking credit deterioration for weeks now [not sure why they stopped posting to their site just when I was getting the swing of their strategy].

And as the market just proved to you, equity prices are very transitory, pricing in "Greece is fixed" multiple times followed by equity sell orders hitting a collapsing bid until some stub quote at 3 cents hits.

This isn't a market.  It is a Ponzi scheme for the algorithmically no rational thought about it is fruitful.


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Brother Cdad,

You should start calling it CornHole. More accurate.


Brother CD

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"This afternoon, CornHole reported that a deal had been struck between the R's and the President, causing "investors" to lock arms in bullish bliss...until 3 minutes later, when the CornHole retracted the story, revealing to arms locked bulls that they were, in fact, in the embarrassing position of being in a circle jerk."

Hmmmm?  Not sure it quite has that sweet ring to it...but I'll consider it, brother Cog.

Yours most sincerely,

Cdad...a bond vigilante


**The 30 year for the last few days has been doing what we call in my neck of the woods "the crappie flop."  Per years of my experience, the next step is....death.**

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I hereby salute you for the funniest thing I have read today!

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Abby Joseph Cohen and Laszlo Birinyi were just on, and they said that only 3% of the dry powder they spoke of 3 months ago has been put into the markets, so they concluded that the markets could rise whatever the tally of 97% (dry powder left) x margin allowed.

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Abby Joseph Cohen? The Queen of Pump? That's a very bad sign and the mark of sheer desperation. Look out below.

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meanwhile gold and silver plunging, dollar whip sawing and the /ES steady as a rock.

what the fuck????????

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A debt deal here in the US would cause a gold sell off. The PM's are being sold in anticpation of this. They may be a bit too optimistic.

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Any pullback in Gold and Silver is just another chance to buy again.  No matter what these globalists say or do concerning debt restructuring here in the U.S. or in Europe we will be back year after year listening to the same emergency bailout scenario of another country to flop.  Its all just kicking the can down the road.  There is not enough money on this planet to make the U.S. or Europe solvent.  Pretty soon we'll be raising the debt ceiling not every six months, but every six weeks and then every six days.

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Yes, just waiting for another big dip in Au...

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The market can't decide if the physical market dictates the real supply, or if the paper market does.

All I can say is get physical while they are still in the dark.