Treasury Closed Thursday With $34.9 Billion In Cash, Friday Likely $12 Billion Lower

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And since Friday is always a heavy refund issuance day, it is probably safe to say that Treasury cash is now down in the lower $20 billion. Although we probably won't know: if the FMS is shutdown on Monday there will be no DTS debt report. Why is this important? Because in 8 hours this may be the snapshot cash for the US Treasury for a long time, or as long as it takes for the two parties to find a resolution over the glaring hole that is 0.001% of the budget deficit. Luckily, auctions will continue... For so long as the formal debt ceiling is finally breached, in a few weeks. Good luck with that negotiation.

And in non soap opera news, the total treasury buffers as of yesterday was $82 billion. Next week there is $66 billion in new debt issued and $19.2 billion in debt maturing, with $46.8 billion in net capacity taken out from the buffer, meaning after next week the Treasury will have $35 billion in total capacity left under the subject debt (even as the total debt is well over the actual ceiling), or just one 5 Year auction.

And the thing is that the total debt never passed the ceiling before. Obviously, the debt subject to limit has never crosse the line - that would be a US bankruptcy.

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Wait a second--who reports on the debt subject to the limit with the government shut down?

Could they run up beyond the debt ceiling this way?

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Moodies? ...







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USD down .92% today. F*** the bernake, F*** the FED, save america hang a banker

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Thank GOD the Fed isn't a government agency and can continue to destroy the world even as the US Gvt takes a break.

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We've already done the AMEN thing, right?

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Dear Sir,

According to our information, your credit line shows a negative saldo for quite some time now.



Yours Truly,


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Banking holidays will be blamed on government shutdown as 30% dollar devaluation across the board staggers AmeriCON'd.  Hearing the USD forex site down 1st time ever?  Anyone confirm this or the dollar still gets us a charmin butt wipe coupon Monday?

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Tyler mate, you're a great bloke, sorry a bunch of people running a website, but mate you know as well as i do that this whole government shutdown is all a big fucking drama, a. because there is no government, the government is a bunch of zionist pigs dictating what goes on, because no one in Amerika has watched the wizard of Oz, if they had they would know that they could seaze power yesterday, how fucked is that, yes you are in control of your own destiny, but are you willing to stop taking orders from certain zionist entities, well are you? The libyans, Palestinians, Greeks, Egyptians, Icelandic, Tunisians are not, America wake up please, for your own sakes, yes I'm drunk but you know it makes sense, and Obama if you're reading this, FUCK YOU, you teleprompter reading Kenyan dissenter cunt.

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Did you write this because the goat won't let you take off it's halter?

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Try Bloody Mary, it's good the day after

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Green Shoots?

I'm junking myself first.

Is this why we have wars going on all over the world? Fighting aged males overseas...

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Is cheating wrong? I'm going through the fuss of getting a YouTube account just to click "Like". lol

how the tea party should go

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It's begining to slip quickly now.

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changing 1000$ into euro's in your trading account makes you 10$ a day.

It's a nice investment untill it doesn't.


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The dollar is all but dead...or will the new deal suddenly bring it back?  IMO as long as these same idiots are in power nothing will change.

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I'm getting shutdown alert e-mails from NOAA advising procedures for a "lapse in federal appropriations" ...

Crack open the bubbly tonight? I'll be curious to see how much our government can spend while not operating - I hope for their sake it's [less/more]?

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Nononono...Don't pop it just yet...the debt target is not reached

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Canuckelhead I wrote this, because I can feel freedom in the air, freedom from Goldman Sachs, JPmorgan, can you feel it? Stop taking the piss.

Canucklehead's picture

... I'm seeing a scene from "Titanic".  Who's that with you?  That makeup is "bbbaaaaddd"...

Did you also star as Howard Hughes? Now those were some conspiracies...

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Zero Debt's picture

It is the staircase of Mr Obama's career

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Ben has gotta be twitching right about now

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Why don't we get our money from the TBTF institutions? Since they run our country indirectly, they can also pay for the government's expenses-- they already pay the dirty moronic fucks that inhabit the halls of congress and the white house.  It's why I hope we end and break this bullshit system, call their bluff.  It's not like it could get any worse for the peasants in this country right?  Oh, wait maybe take away their facebook and American Idol...

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Well....clearly, a person can see how bullish this is.  I mean the economic light of the world one auction from bankruptcy....sheesh...back up the truck on Netflix.  

We have crossed a cosmic line here, and tumbled down a cosmic bunny hole at the very same freakin' moment in time...which is bullish x2.  The New American Marxist/Banker party has brought us here, one step shy of the IMF telling us what to do next.  Obviously, the Iphone 5, if or when it is ever released in a nonradioactive model, is a much more pressing issue.

I hear folk is hoarding UnicornDew...having caught wind that JP Morgue is moving to corner the market.  Unfortunately, I cannot get a UnicornDew bid just now, Friday, as the United States government prepares to close because it cannot cut a fraction of a percent from a multi trillion dolllar budget.  Go figure.

But fear not, my brothers.  Between the crony capitalist corporations feasting at Joe Taxpayer's trough, and the bankers with Marxist tendencies and their multi million dollar bonuses...I'm sure it will work out.

[/sarc off....FUCK ME!..../sarc on]

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They should shut down military spending also.  Mr. Nobel Peace Price might then encounter some difficulty in bopping about the globe bowing things and people up.


Although I do understand his enthusiasm, emboldened as he is by the stunning military successes in Nowhereistan and elsewhere.

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I do agree with the last sentence that the drunken rambling Englishman "EZJJet PILOT" wrote!

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Let's see here, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and David Rockefeller are all in India right now, preaching about the virtues of philanthropy, trying to convince the uber-wealthy in the world to give away half or more of their fortunes.

Incidentally, the Indian government began construction of hardened (subterainian?) nuclear bomb shelters in 2003. These shelters are likely completed by now.

And now we have an imminent government shutdown looming. This might be the perfect opportunity for all of the rats (elites) to leave the sinking ship and head deep underground to ride out the celestial event that is about to transpire.

This guy might be on to something. This video is about an hour and 15 minutes long, but worth a look if anyone's interested.

"Comet" Elenin should become visible soon. Look to the Western night skies.

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How close do you guys think we really are to nationwide bankruptcy?  We really should cut military spending, it's astronomical at this point.

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Tea Party Republicans agree with a budget more than 1 trillion higher than that of fiscal year 2007, and will probably vote to raise the debt ceiling above 100% of the GDP!!

All that bullshit was only rhetoric!

Now, just shut up and vote for Obama 2012! There's nothing more to do!

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What a clever way to default on your debts?  Pretend there is no agreement and that they cannot reach one in congress. Wait for the debt ceiling to be breached and watch the whole debt bomb go to hell. Then, when the world thinks they are totally screwed, say ok, we are going to renegotiate and give each of yo 33% of the value or nothing!!