TrimTabs Reports Percentage Of Hedge Funds Expecting To Raise Leverage In September Surges

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So what does all this mean? Absolutely nothing...

despite the increasing alleged equity bearishness, there was no corresponding increase in NYSE short bets, and in fact, July saw a decline

=Look out below?...

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It means nothing. Bernanke and his band of merry men will be there to save the market. You don't need an analyst or chart to know that the fed will do everything in it's power to keep the bull run going.

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Key word is "leverage". The 08 unwind was leverage related. VXX is pricing total apathy...

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Hell ya means somepin - these fukkers will buy this thing up to year highs to make bogey ifn they all get together for an "info" dinner.  The know shorting is hard way to make it because the Open Markets desk has a bid at 10000 for all you gots - BUY EM!

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Rather than going against the grain, I think I'll buy grain.

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Leverage on what side?  For stock borrows or to pump longs?


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Looks like both. The bias is the wild card..

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I thought Goldman recommended selling VIX calls for September?

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Better yet...maybe Hedge Funds ARE the new retail investor...

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Going the way of the retail investor/mutual fund. It's down to levered beta, better guess right...

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Looks like an HFT Feeding Frenzi.  New Money how can we eat it until it is no more.

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I'm no quant guy, but as alpha, beta and the rest of the Greeks die off, doesn't this game of musical chairs dictate an ever rising amount of leverage in order to profit? At least until a fund's seat is taken and they blow up, that is?

I would assume this will be the only exit for the "last fund standing."

Besides, with the free-money game of front-running Fed's treasury purchases, won't it take an insane amount of leverage to get ahead as more and more try their luck?

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Stocks are so crazily undervalued relative to bonds, its insane for the funds not to lever up and try to capture as much value as they can.

Once again, the retail sheep will get destroyed.  Once again, people will wake up and ask themselves WTF were they thinking, selling their equities for 2% US treasuries.

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You think this is bad, wait until Q4. Nothing says go for broke like riding ito bonus season behind the curve.



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Apparently the banks are still lending to some groups...risk on!

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