UAE And Qatar Pledge Aircraft In Libya Conflict, As Iran Calls On Saudi, UAE To Leave Bahrain Immediately

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According to the BBC, the Gulf Cooperation Council has just gotten involved with the UAE pledging 24 aircraft and Qatar - 4 to 6. It is still unclear if Saudi Arabia will now lead a two front war following its invasion of Bahrain last week. Additionally, Al Jazeera reports that the Libyan authorities had detained one of its reporting teams several days ago when working in west Libya. The channel said, in a report on its website, that the team included two correspondents, one Tunisian and another Mauritanian, and two cameramen, one Norwegian and one British. But most troubling is that per Gaddafi's earlier address to the people he would start arming the civilian population to defend Libya. From Reuters: "Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Saturday he will arm civilians to defend Libya from what he called "colonial, crusader" aggression by Western forces that have launched air strikes against him. "It is now necessary to open the stores and arm all the masses with all types of weapons to defend the independence, unity and honour of Libya," Gaddafi said in a speech broadcast on state television hours after the strikes began. "We call on the peoples and citizens of the Arab and Islamic nations, Latin America, Asia and Africa to stand by the heroic Libyan people to confront this aggression, which will only increase the Libyan people's strength, firmness and unity," he said." Whether that means that UN forces will treat every civilian as a possible enemy combatants will be seen upon the land incursion which should commence within a few days. Unclear if Xe will be involved this time.

And just to show that leading a war on two fronts may not be the best option even for those countries which continue to believe they can endlessly buy the love of their citizens, here is Iran warning Saudi Arabia and the UAE to leave Bahrain immediately. From Xinhua:

The National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament (Majlis) issued a statement in support of the Bahraini people and called on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to leave Bahrain's soil immediately, the Satellite Press TV reported on Saturday.

"The oppressed people of Bahrain are a part of the Islamic world and the Islamic Republic of Iran feels obligated to support them," the statement was cited as saying on Saturday.

The United States is definitely responsible for the murder of Bahrainis by ordering its "regional mercenaries" to invade the country and repress peaceful protesters, the statement added.

The statement also called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to take serious actions on regional developments.

Bahrain has slammed Iran's "interference" in its internal affairs after the latter communicated with international organizations expressing concern about the situation in the Kingdom.

The BBC has been providing some of the best coverage of the conflict so far. It can be accessed after the jump

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big one draws near, prepare

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Yes, the big one draws near. Time to find the toilet!

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You can't swing a cat without hitting a damn black swan anymore!

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You should copyright that now.

If you don't someone else will.


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Black Swans are the new White..


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Gold, Bitches!


edit: Damn you, Creed!

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You forgot to follow that up with "BLOOD SUCKER!!"

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You forgot to mention the deeply discounted Mediterranean cruises available on Priceline Billy Boy. 

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ROLMAO.!I'm sure Mr. Kentucky is just fine.

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she's gunna blow...she's gunna blow

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"The BBC has been providing some of the best coverage of the conflict so far" - Well, of course, they've had weeks/months to prepare, since they were first told by the powers that be that this preplanned event was going to happen to forward the larger new world order agenda. 

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Those Saudi F-14's would be sweet! The U.S. should have never retired them. Those D-TomCats are Bad ASS.

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Bad ass, but too expensive to maintain.

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We decide which dictators to prop up and which ones to take down based on how nice they are to us, not on how nice they are to their own people. So as soon as we get done taking down Gaddafi, the new Libyan dictator we decide to prop up will be nice to us, but will be mean as hell to his people.

And notice that we're stepping in to help the rebels in Libya that actually have weapons, but we aren't willing to step in to help the peaceful protesters in Bahrain who are, for all practical purposes, weaponless. I suppose that if the protesters find some way to arm themselves, we'll help take their dictator down like we are doing for the rebels in Libya. But as long as the Bahrainis remain oil-less and as long as their dictator remains nice to us, and especially to the Israelis, despite him being mean a hell to his people, we'll continue to prop him up so that he is free to slaughter his people into submissive.

If it's true that you eventually become what you create, America will soon become a dictatorial state no different from the ones in the Middle East.


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Do you have speech Freedom?or you need register with what you suppose to say on pre-registred day?looks like your words little bite are in the process already and world more and more dislike dictator ship once USSR prerogative

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This is a once-in-a-depression event. Live it up!

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I'm with ya.  We're gonna get super-mooned tonight and for sure something will break.  Too bad...they should have assassinated Qadafi a couple of weeks ago, slapped a cool pair of total eclipse shades and Bob Marley beanie on Charlie Sheen and give him a flock of camels, a blessing of unicorns, and he wouldn't miss a beat.  People say they've seen him speaking fluent something like arabic.

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Please tell us it's you?

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I disagree.

It is merely an entree.


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Wait for the real action to start in Kosovo.

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What if WWIII is not "Power Blocks" fighting each other.

But. Multiple civil and local wars conducted under the supervision of the UN?

I wonder.

But then I'm just an idiot.

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as long as the rebuilding comes with an ARM loan TPTB will approve

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My money's on the Serbs!

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THIS is not "the big one". I suspect most of you tykes do not remember a "big one". 

Spending a few weeks knocking over a dictator, even of it requires messy diplomacy before hand, is not a big one, any more than is a messy protracted occupation thereafter. 

The big one will, pretty much by definition, feature two fairly evenly matched superpowers, using every tool at their disposal to completely eliminate their opponent. Right now, I think that means China. And we are still some ways off. I'll go out on a limb and say 10 years. 

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The key issue between the US and China is how to "split" Venezuelan oil. I'll go out on a limb that this will be front page by mid-2012. It will depend on the true state of Saudi capacity.

To a lesser extent it will be over hegemony in Iran.

Follow the oil, it never lies.

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Venezuela = 3.0mbpd.

Iran = 4.0mbpd.

Although Venezuela sit on substantial tar sand deposits (Orinoco), the production of this won't scale at anywhere near the global conventional decline rate.

Furthermore, China do have $200bn invested in the Iranian oil sector, which complicates the American situation. But American forces essentially have Iran surrounded.

Flakmeister's picture

Yes...Iran is the classic mexican standoff for the reasons you raise. The US is in Afganistan to control any pipeline routes.

China has sovereign oil deals with Chavez. Venezuelan production is not thriving, soon China will be basically buying all Venezeualan exports.

The Orinoco will the world's last significant bit of goo to be exploited and the Monroe Doctrine applies. There will be a serious coup attempt or the like in Venezuela within 1.5 years... 

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Orinoco only produces synthetic oil so it is not that good for fuel .

prophet's picture

That deal was done on the Nixon trip.  Carter got "stuck" with the political bill but did preside over the Middle East doctrine that is still in place today, but the long term plan does not include any ME assets.

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That is not going to happen.

It's bad for business.

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Don't count on it. The Chinese are armed to the teeth. They've been manufacturing conventional and nonconventional weapons for decades. Nuclear weapons and biological weapons galore in assembly lines a la Ford Americana... and they don't give a hoot about pressing the red button. So don't count on 10 years. All hell might break loose by June 2011. Expect Russia and Iran to join the party.

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no, oh arrogant one, the BIG ONE means an interruption of oil supplies




"tykes"?  fuck you

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Al jazeera LINK?

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

want direct Al Jazeera propaganda in English? HERE YOU GO

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Thanks, I'm all ready hooked in. Appreciate your link.

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Hmm, not in total agreement with that article. They need control over that oil, or it will spike, causing severe recessions (at the very least). Yes, keeping the US Dollar as the backbone of oil trading will obviously be a requirement of installing a puppet regime in Libya, as well as keeping existing puppet governments in charge, but I seriously doubt it's the only reason.

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Light Sweet one ,Japan is the # 3 economy on planet Earth. Rest assured crude demand is tempered. Stay flat and trade metals. At least my checks on MoF and BoJ suggest a significant slow down. Let repatriation happen. The greedy Yakusa! (REAL MONEY). Regarding intervention. There is no way the EU will find concensus on a multilateral devaluation of YEN any time soon! The ECB and BIS are allready heavily hedged.

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you like the icing..  but the cake is built by oil dollars..  without that it all flatlines..  ask Saddam how those oil for euros went and why Bush delcared Mission Accomplished right after switching that back and putting dollars back into Iraq's reserve currency.  go look up the timeline on those events

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Dead man talking and Dinars aren't floated BITCH! Plus I can't get this beautiful blonde with a broken leg out of my mind.