UBS' Andy Lees Presents The Bullish Case For Crude

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Just keep sinking the rigs and printing money. That's bullish.

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Ben can't print oil. CIA seems to think it can (i.e. Libya).

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KSA was burning 1mbpd last year at this time just to keep the population at bay (cooled off).  YoY, their direct consumption of this stuff is up 25%.  Export Land Model, bitchez

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A mere hair's bredth difference between supply and demand

causes oil prices to move, relentlessly.


Yes, production supplies continue to drop

as the mathematics of Hubbert's predictions take their inevitable toll.


Meanwhile, the "recovery" engineered by the central banks keeps on destroying jobs, incomes, manufacturing, transportation, and demand.


its a close race .... made more complicated because every single participant lies about his real numbers ....


(Andy's always been one of the better callers, however ....)

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record oil demand during a depression.  love the (non) correlation.


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according to this site, china is a bubble waiting to pop. i will admit, it probably does take a lot of oil to build vacant cities.  so, as long as china gives out bad loans to build more vacant cities, oil demand will just go higher.  if they stop building vacant cities.....???

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That's exactly what everyone is waiting for.

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Bullish for tankers. Must get one.

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 Higher oil prices will certainly put added pressure on an already weak economy. Obama better

 hope he gets the 2.4 trillion dollar raise on the debt ceiling soon. With the economy tanking, he's

 going to need it to buy votes through money give-aways disguised as economic stimuli for the

 struggling poor and middle classes. And I'll wager the lion's share will be spent in 'swing states'

 with both strong republican and strong democrat states getting short changed.

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Laz poos 2500 on CNBS live!!!

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I've been telling everyone I know that we'll hit $5 by Christmas.

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WOW! $5 crude ... what a bargain ... what a short! Oh, wait, $5 gasoline. Oh sure.

Hard to believe crude ever sold for under $10/bbl. Wacky old world.

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The price was over 4  for a couple months verse 2008 when the price pump was 4 also, but crude hitting 147 a bucky barrel. Shit the oil cartel of criminals can have 5 bucky gas and 50 buck oil, at the same time and the sheeple will think long and hard, and then say "HUH?".

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This may be of interest to Tyler and ZH readers for further due diligence/analysis/comment:

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A more likely view is that oil will start whipsawing up and down in price over the next couple of decades.

A couple of things contribute to this. As cheap, high energy return oil becomes more scarce, it suddenly dawns on the militaries of the world that they'd better hoard as much as they can. Once that starts, and oil producing countries figure out that they'd better save any available oil that's left for their domestic  consumption, oil will suddenly and dramatically vanish in country sized chunks from the world market.

But people still have to eat, and get to work, so there's still a lot of demand. Prices go up. The price becomes inelastic and here's where the fun begins. High oil prices eventually work their way down the value chain, making all oil-dependent products more expensive, including the prices of locating, extracting, refining and delivering oil. Oil price feedback sets in. Oil prices spike wildly, until the economy falls over. Oil prices go down a little, but not to previous levels. Because demand is inelastic, prices go back up soon, an then it happens again. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Not too long after that, we're done with oil a major part of the energy picture although the "long tail" of oil may hover around 5% for centuries.


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I agree with you, but I'm not sure about your last comment. 

Not too long after that, we're done with oil a major part of the energy picture although the "long tail" of oil may hover around 5% for centuries.

I believe we'll all eat each other (war) before moving on to alternative energy. Besides, what's a viable alternative to oil?

As far as "for centuries", I'd argue that you're not paying attention. At the rate we're polluting the earth, we won't last another hundred years. Just look at how thoroughly we've fucked this place up in the last hundred years.

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"...At the rate we're polluting the earth, we won't last another hundred years. Just look at how thoroughly we've fucked this place up in the last hundred years."

Pay me no mind. It's just my ebulliant optimism talking :)

Humans are pretty resourceful. I'm convince a breeding population will survive. Humans as a species have been through population bottlenecks before. It may come down to a few thousand people living in Antarctica sweating through the tropical heat, but they'll make it.

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And hey, to the person who flagged my post as junk, feel free to come up with credible numbers to refute. I would love to be wrong about this. Really.

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OT - What a lying bunch of shits at Goldman as we now learn that they borrowed the very most, $15 Billion, when the Fed opened it's emergency program as the Bear Bailout got underway, followed by Lehman, RBS and UBS with $10B each.

Goldman . . . always saying they didn't need help, were ahead of the curve, blah blah blah.

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Economics isn't that difficult. 

The oil price has been suppressed for decades for political purposes.  Price fixing leads to shortages.  When shortages come to a head, the price shoots up like a recoiled spring, leaving the victims without the appropriately adjusted capital infrastructure that could have been provided in the setting of free market gradual oil price increases over time.

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"Economics isn't that difficult. "

It is a theory and is not practiced. You should have figured that out a long time ago.

Criminal economics: "don't have any, gotta go get some".

Honest economics? On this planet? It will never happen.

Proof is in the dark brown pudding with a few corn kernels in it and it does not smell very good.

One law of economics is that if you take shit, you will receive it, constantly. I like mine with cool whip on it.

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Off topic but I've a question for the zerohedge community. I've just been banned from posting on the msn money "marketwatch" site for making "Unwanted" posts. In response to an article "Dow rallies as traders shrug off fears of yada yada yada" my post quoted the line and said that "You couldn't make this sh-t up! lmao". Last I looked it had 34 positive/3negative ratings. My question to the community....anyone else been banned from there?

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No, but I would offer that access to ZH has been censored by ICANN at certain computers that I used to log on from.  Don't know how or why, just that it is.

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Thx 4 taking time to respond mayhem. 

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Gringo. Not sure how long you have been here but it is very probable that you have upset those in the media that do not want to hear negative comments, no matter how truthful. So much is being hidden from the sheeples so they don't take action. Very few sites similar to this one that allow you to post whatever you want.

I mean, Tyler has not even banned Robot. lolol.

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Sent mail to them re: being banned stating "the truth needs no advocate while the lie needs a thousand champions." 

Thx 4 your time monopoly



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Yep dudes and dudettes, party like it is 1929.

Fuck all those who don't know what hits them. I am tired of talking to limited minded fucktards.

There are those who "get it" and the rest are tippy toeing thru the tulips.

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(1) Implied vol on very long-dated crude futures call options is incredibly reasonable. The things don't trade often, but if you put a bid out there at a bit of a premium to "settlement value" (whatever that means), then you'll likely soon have some nice options in your pocket. The only downside is you're going to have to take an immediate hit to your P&L to do the trade, because your position is going to immediately worth less than you paid for it, according to the very low "settlement values" based by the exchange on some ridiculously low implied vol.

(2) CVV, bitchez! [yes, that is completely irrelevant. but hey, I gave you the crude trade for free.] CVV is the most ignored great growth stock I've ever seen. Going higher. Our largest holding. Precious metals just sit there, but you can make LEDs out of graphene!



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Banned for being the turd in the punch bowl... don't want to ruin the party.

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This just in...Brian Sack and the Bernank spotted trying to get through life without a printer and a catcher's mitt...

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Tyler stop being a Douche, the article above this says be bearish on crude. We need the Zero Hedge source to be clear otherwise Im gonna stop wearing the tee shirt nukka 

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And so . . . watch Wall Street verbage here:

Reuters reports that lack of investment due to a heavy tax burden means Russian oil production will struggle to maintain present levels. A lack of new projects in the pipeline while existing fields mature will make maintaining production increasingly  difficult. “Certainly Russia’s production growth is not catching up with the world’s growing demand. Russia’s mature fields base is so large that it needs a lot of new projects just to offset that decline

Notice, people, the use of the word "Mature".  See how carefully that was chosen.  The correct phrasing would be "past Peak", or "dying", or "old".  But that can never be allowed into discourse.  So you have to train yourself to translate "mature" to mean what it means . . . oil production from that place is falling, and the decline rate is usually almost never quoted.  For Russia's west Siberia fields, it's 10%/yr, pre drilling and 5% post drilling (frantic drilling of additional wells in a field to try to offset the decline in output from dying **wells** of the field).  But that is geology in action, folks.  That is the decline rate and NOTHING can be done about it.

2) KSA will not get to 10 mbpd this month.  Period.  Full stop.

3) KSA's next production increase will come from the offshore Manifa ultra heavy oil field.  Think real careful about all of that phrasing.  KSA . . . is drilling offshore, and all they are going to bring up is heavy sour, with Vanadium laced in it.  

Sorry, folks.  I know people don't like to hear about this, but the end is coming, and it's not financial.  Finance has nothing to do with this.  Geology is going to kill a lot of people.