UMichigan Consumer Confidence Prints At 71.5, Misses Expectations Of A Rebound from 71.8 To 72.0

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In true bizarro fashion, the latest catalyst for the stock jump is the latest miss in UMichigan consumer confidence, which missed expectations of a rebound from May's 71.8 to 72.0, instead printing at 71.5, dashing our hopes that there would be more BS-base baffling. In doing so, UMich has confirmed the Conference Board's indication that consumers are now less confident, despite a substantial drop in gas prices in the last month (a decline which has now been largely reversed). More importantly, 5 year inflation expectations continue to be firmly lodged in and came unchanged from last month at 3.0%. 1 year inflation expectations however did drop from 4.0% to 3.8%, a number which will likely reverse if gas prices continue trending straight up. And now, all eyes on the ISM.