University Of Calgary Professor And Senior Advisor To Canadian PM Calls For Julian Assange Assassination On National TV

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It is not a good week for Wikileaks. Following yesterday's Interpol arrest warrant, also yesterday, Tom Flanagan, a senior advisor and strategist to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange. On CBS News. On Live TV. As the video notes, "it is believed to be the first ever televised "fatwa" since the edict by the Iranian leadership of the late Ayatollah Khomeini against British writer Salman Rushdie in February 1989." It's a good thing western society, where due process used to mean something, is so much more evolved than that of Iran. Additionally, although news anchor Solomon afforded Flanagan the
opportunity to retract his statement, Flanagan balked at doing so and
instead reiterated that U.S. President should put out a "contract" on
Assange or use "a drone" and that he would not be unhappy if Assange
." Flanagan who is a trusted member of PM Harper's inner
circle of Tory strategists joins Sarah Palin in calling for the death of
the Wikileaks director as retribution for the website's release of
confidential diplomatic and intelligence "chatter" this week. How long before any senior political advisor has the freedom to issue fatwas on national TV on anyone who dares to utter or publish something that they consider offensive? 

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She deserves your vote.

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And he deserves what he will get thereafter.

Of course, we won't, but I guess that is beside the point.  Damn the consequences, we've got to kill anyone that embarrasses "us".

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Give the busy guy a break.  He's wading thru thousands and thousands of secret messages, while travelling from hotel to hotel in country after country trying to evade the police and intel organs while deciding what missives to release.  He's the one armed paperhanger. 

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Lets put the "rape" accusations into perspective.

The allegations are that he had consentual sex, but that she changed her mind during the act - which 'change of mind' he allegedly ignored. This apparently can be "rape" in Sweden (it is not rape in most other jurisdictions - such as Australia where Assange is from) - and while it can result in a conviction it carries no prison sentence in Sweden either and is very rarely prosecuted (let alone prosecuted successfully).

These allegations were made shortly after the two women found out about each other. (The two women did not know about each other - both thought to be the sole sexual partner of Assenge.)

One of the women making the allegations is a self-confessed "eye for eye" proponent of women issuing revenge via legal means. She wrote a blog post about it, the English translation of "seven step model for legal revenge" of can be found here:

(After the initial accusations she removed this posting for a couple of days - then restored it after it got copied into Google cache, etc.)

After the initial allegations were made Assange remained in Sweden for an extended period of time, during which time he through his counsel offered to the swedish prosecutor his unconditioal cooperation - but she was not interested.

Shortly after he left Sweden for the UK and shortly after the release of the biggest leak of intelligence in history she issued an arrest warrant - limiting Assange's movements all around the globe. (Strangely, the Interpol almost never acts in sex cases, especially when the number of alleged victims is low.)

So while it appears clear that Assenge has a pretty colorful private life, this case looks suspect from many angles, at minimum. It certainly does not weigh up to the public interest in the cases that Wikileaks publishes:

  • the previously undocumented death of tens of thousands of people in Iraq (in addition to the documented ones)
  • the ease how US helicopter crews kill civilians, kids included and then joke about it before and after they killed/injured the people and kids. The same helicopter crew is also documented to have killed combatants who threw away their weapons, raised their hands and tried to surrender to them - after consulting an army lawyer over radio.
  • politicians betraying their countries by leaking sensitive information to US diplomats - often with the purpose to cause domestic trouble to rival politicians.
  • banks looting billions
  • etc.
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Gov. Palin did NOT call for anyone's death, folks.

What a gullible bunch you are.

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True.  Show me the clip if she did.

The desire of so many to believe that tidbit of misinformation is part of this country's problem.

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My post does not refer to former half-term Governor Sarah "quit, baby, quit!" Palin.

The request was made by the canadian Prime Minister.

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Palin continued: “His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?"

and what happens to AQ and Taliban Leaders? BTW she's not a governor, she quit. Back atcha kenny.

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Good points.  I have mixed feelings about the guy.  He obviously has his favorites and has an agenda.  I still think that the things he revealed are common knowledge to anyone it would seriously effect. The war crimes, the diplomatic turmoil, unethical banking practices...  This is all common knowledge except for those who didn't care to know in the first place.  

In a way it's good coming from a military perspective.  The reports we put out are often criticized for overstating the threat from Al-Qaeda and other groups.  Dig deep into the computers and you'll find out we weren't bullsh*tting and that the intel gathered did not come from 'secret squirrels' but instead by simple observations gathered by scout and sniper units.  The reports will also help people appreciate how complicated the situation is in Afghanistan.  If anything, this might provide some more intelligent thought on the matter.  I'm sick of hearing bumper stickers mentality shouting back and forth.  

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"I still think that the things he revealed are common knowledge to anyone it would seriously effect."


No they werent. For example, there was a comment by argie politician "Massa" against his boss, Néstor Kirchner, where he tagged him as a loonie and a crazy. That guy's ass is now on fire. Same as Anibal Fernández, another Kirchner insider whose comments came up to light with the leaks. And as these revelations, there are 1000's, for example in the case of the Spaniard cameraman killed by a US shelling of the Palestine Hotel in Iraq, now there's ample evidence that the Spanish judiciary took "orders" from US diplomats to archive the suit. Same thing with what happened to Judge Garzón; taken off his post for his investigations on Franco, but in fact he was taken off because his investigation on Guantánamo...

There are a lot of "new things" from everywhere around the world in this leak. And at least for me, this shit is fucking awesome.

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The war crimes, the diplomatic turmoil, unethical banking practices...  This is all common knowledge except for those who didn't care to know in the first place. [...]

From what I've seen it's a raw treasure trove - with plenty of benign and common knowledge info included as well. 250,000+ previously secret messages need to be investigated ...

This is relentless investigative journalism at its finest - not the loyalist "I scratch your back if you scratch mine" approach to politicians that Fox News, CNN and co is practicing. If newspapers were doing more of this then the newspaper business would not be a dying marketplace. It's ironic that it takes unpaid volunteers to put the last 20-30 years of investigative journalism into shade ...

And note that even if some piece of information is "common sense" and "obvious" to you and me, it's quite a bit different if it comes in writing from a highly ranked diplomat of the United States. It cannot be denied anymore with a wink. Victims cannot be kicked out of federal court with a flat denial or the invocation of the "State Secret" privilege anymore.

For example 'suspecting' that the UN leadership was spied on by diplomats is quite different from having written, contemporary documents that the US Secretary of State ordered the opportunistic collection of DNA samples, VPN and other encryption keys.

Or there were other instances where US diplomats secretly lobbied for the release of a (non US citizen) person indicted for corruption. Should not any such request have been made public, to make sure there's no conflict of interest between the diplomats and the (common criminal) person in question?

Also, this is the whole kit, and we got the current snapshot. When documents get classified and are archived for years without public access to them then it can be destroyed 'accidentally' like the CIA videotapes of water torture were destroyed, right? (Which intelligence officer in their right mind destroys videotapes of a terrorist interrogation?? It's as if a police officer destroyed tapes of a suspected murderer talking. How credible is the claim that those tapes were "not needed anymore"?)

The documents release so far show that classification is being abused widely, so public distrust and public oversight of this material is more than warranted.

This stuff is huge IMO - and we've only seen the first few hundred cables ...


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Imagine a US diplomat trying to do her job (diplomacy) and the person sitting across the table from her is wondering whether she isn't oportunistically eyeing the paper napkin they just blew their nose in.  What a farce you are Hillary.

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Welcome to the Soviet States of America Murder Inc. Stalin did it all the time.

It appears that our deliberately created & out of control paranoia is swiftly moving America to a fascist state.

No wonder that S. Pailin supports N. Korea. America became a land of incredibly stupid politicians.

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Vote in 2012? Someone's looking way way too far in the future. There's plenty of things that could happen in between, perhaps the voting will not quite be so meaningful in collapsed or dictatorial or XYZ America.

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Sarah's Assasination Squads will fix everything. And don't worry about voting. They'll fix that soon  

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good point. I was afraid to admit it in a public forum. Can't afford a contract on my life (kids in college) 

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Yet another confirmation that Palin is aligned with TPTB.

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She is being completely created by the corporate and media interests and has been a theater production for months now. Relentless talk about a run in 2012 on all media channels. Even MSNBC lords of the left are always making here the topics of their morning news shows and rarely have anything negative to say aside from.."Can she win?"

     How anyone can listen to this woman for more than 10 minutes and not come to the conclusion that she is the most recent puppet creation is mindblowing but that is what the deductive capabilities of this nation have been dumbed down to. So they brainwash the moms listening to the morning "news" with constant Palin references..Palin this..Palin occasional jab to have the mothers side with what they percieve as their counterpart.

  Ron Paul was not even mention in the 12 for 2012 in Fox News. If every American spent an actual hour listening to the words of any nominee an then Ron Paul I would be hard pressed to imagine them not voting for this man even with the Media's endless self-serving attacks on such an honorable man. Romney is the corporate and media Republican puppet of choice and Palin is controlled opposition.



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+ 2012


I was telling my family the same thing this TG.

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Yes, Palin appears to be the new media-created false people's conservative, to counter the media-created Obama false people's new democrat.

It's all a phony sideshow at this point.  Spread this information around so people will start waking up.

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I junked you. Legalized contract killing?

You are a fool to think it will simply end at this point.

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tmosley was being sarcastic.


tmosley's picture

He was replying to YHWH, who's comment was junked into deletion (first time I have seen that happen in a while).

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Happened very fast too! 

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What a nice Christian sentiment,. Or is your YHWH the Old Testament variety?


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Old Testament, yeah -- YHWH directed genocide so what's a measly assassination?

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Its nothin. Just like Obama and Hilary Clinton tell us with their partial-birth abortion. Nice bit of poco genocide. Its OK to kill our children, as long as its done humanely. Wait, its not that humane? Fuck it, rip 'em up anyway, I got a townhouse to pay for...

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I wouldn't shed a tear if you took a long walk off a short pier! Do us all a favor and invite the Professor and Palin to go with you.  At least then there would be three less free speech assassin aresholes for the rest of us to have to worry about.

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And look at the ffront page of the NY Times right now.....

They have a comments section......time to give them a little bit of what the Zero Hedge crowd thinks about such blatant propaganda.

assisination of julian...jesus...gimme a break...he's doing the peasantry of this country a favor -- maybe ben will be forced to turn off the money funnel to BAC.

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there were times in history where crisis pushed men forward ... then there are times like now ...

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These elitists, their foundations are shaking. They now understand that there is a medium out there called wikileaks that's dragging their assholes thro' mud, for years of collective corruption and deceit of the public in collusion with the different "state run media" branded only by different corporate names. If the "journalists" did their job, no one will need wikileaks. When did it become the standard to shoot the messenger ? Wikileaks did not release any damning information as such but the governments across the world are now scared that their collective hold on the public by way of political spin and propaganda, is in trouble.

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"You know...I wouldn't feel unhappy if Assange disappeared." 

It sounds to me like maybe Tom Flannigan used to advise the late Emilio Massera, too?

The meanings of others he altered for good. By 1978 the word capucha, “hood”, meant murky basements across the land in which ordinary Argentines were kept for years blindfolded, chained and shackled. A paquete was now a bound human being, delivered up to torture. A submarino was no longer just a submarine, or a children’s treat of chocolate squares melting in hot milk, but a way of holding a suspect’s head under water fouled with faeces and urine until they thought they were drowning. And desaparecer, to disappear, became a transitive verb, meaning to kidnap innocent citizens, drug them and load them on to military aircraft from which they would be tossed, living, into the sea. Perhaps 10,000 Argentines died this way in the seven years the junta was in power.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

corrupt governments and corporations need to be exposed for what they are, why the hell would anyone be against this

hedgeless_horseman's picture

A) Because they support the rule of law

B) Because they are looters that benefit tremendously from said corruption

C) Because whistle blowing is not fair

D) None of the above

cougar_w's picture


But I was really looking for "Because they can't wait for their shot at a Fourth Reich." I guess you gotta go with what's closest in these multi-guess things.

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So, will we be seeing jackboots and lederhosen on the Spring fashion runways?

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"How long before any senior political advisor has the freedom to issue fatwas on national TV on anyone who dares to utter or publish something that they consider offensive?"

That's the point. Every political criticism is now a security breach. Kind of ironic we used it for Iran



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Officials in the Obama administration have testified before Congress that they reserve the right to order the assassination of American citizens living in foreign countries, without any need for due process or judicial oversight. Apparently all of this is A-OK because the targets are "terrorists".

It won't be long before we see that label used within our borders to justify the same.

xenophobe51's picture

And the definition of "terrorist" gets a little looser with every passing dissident. Join a militia? Terrorist. Reveal government information? Terrorist. Become an Oathkeeper? Terrorist. Defy the TSA? Terrorist.

This slippery slope we live on is getting slippery.

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That day will come when Corporatism becomes the national religion.

Which was what ... sometime last year?

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The Twelve Stages of the Boss. Make sure you kneel.

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more government intervention, this time to spur hitman month-over-month growth

MsCreant's picture

Hope and change I can believe in. There are so many folks that need killing, the economic recovery is on it's way! Keep printing and killing and we will save the world!!

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

It is the normal progression of a typical civilization's economic base:

Agriculture -> Manufacturing -> Service -> Magic Beans -> Fraud -> Contract Killing


All great societies end up with a "Death Based" economy.


One of my favorite Onion headlines:


December 6, 1933

Stalin announces five-year 'Everybody Dies' plan
50 Million Russians to perish by 1939. Over two million new jobs to be created in grave-digging, body-dumping fields.


MsCreant's picture

On a long enough timeline all societies are "great," eh?


Lots of old skool folkz out today. Happy to see you. Saw DOD and Heph and GG around the place recently. Just need Chumba to show!