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Noonan "resonates" with me.  Maybe we need to find a better way to put people in office.  Just off the top of my head: a one-month election cycle; a uniform publicly funded TV format that treats all candidates equally and prohibits any other form of advertising by the candidates or their parties other than web-based position white papers; and maybe institute a candidate draft system sort of like jury duty.  Whaddaya think?

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What Peggy misses is the fact that everyone in a position of power these days are the same people that marched through their campus 40 years ago shouting "bring it all down, baby"

And right now they are indeed bringing it all down, on purpose....

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Everything is just fine in Japan......

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Props to Peggy Noonan.

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Peggy is correct IMHO but I will add that sometimes there are just evil corrupt individuals in power.

Sure they have not experienced "tough times" but they also don't give a f*$# about anything or anyone as long as they have power and the obvious spoils from that power.

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We should ask ourselves why we keep re-electing these people.


Diagnostic criteria (DSM-IV-TR = 301.81)

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fourth edition, DSM IV-TR, a widely used manual for diagnosing mental disorders, defines narcissistic personality disorder (in Axis II Cluster B) as:[6]

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
  1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance
  2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love (megalomania)
  3. believes they are "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, people (or institutions) who are also "special" or of high status
  4. requires excessive admiration
  5. has a sense of entitlement
  6. is interpersonally exploitative
  7. lacks empathy
  8. is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
  9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes
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Nice summary of the traits.

The process is so flawed and corrupt at pretty much all levels from municipal right on up to the highest state and federal levels. Most people with any talent and moral values are scared away from the process. And rightly so.

So we keep ending up with the same crap choices over and over and over. A case in point (but there are thousands) is the NJ gubenatorial "selection"  What a total abomination.

Don't even want to get started on our "two party" system which was perfectly defined recently by someone who compared it to WWF wrestling.

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Well done HC.



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Holy Shit ! This NPD rundown describes every adult resident of Orange County, California.

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I never knew my country and my ex-wife had so much in common


my country tis of thee

spends like my ex you see

of thee I sing

land where my savings died

land of the banker's pride

from every debtor's broken hide

let the last call bell ring

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This here post is some funny shi*! OUTFRIGGINSTANDING DaveyJones.



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Great piece inoculatedinvestor. 

Arrogance is not a good quality in a person or a nation. 

Let the "ass-beatings" begin. If I had the paddle, I'd start in DC  then Hollywood. Don't ask me why.... 



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This is way better than the crap Noonan usually writes. Maybe old rupert is cracking a whip around there.

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One thing I believe to be missing is the word "Trust". Everyone "trusts" the dollar is worth something, we "trust" that the sun will rise over the Wal-Mart's with asiles bulging with goods. We "trust" that the nearly 20% of disenfranchised American's will not wake up and see fit to take matters into their own hands. We "trust" that everything will be allright. Roosevelt was right, We have nothing to fear, but FEAR itself. Fear that our "trust" has been abused, trampled and usurped by those we placed our "trust" in. The New Abnormal is Fear, fear for where our next morsel of food is coming from, Fear in how we are going to obtain it and Fear that we might not see our next meal.

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Yes, we are certainly entering an age of fear. Remember that fear and hope are two sides of the same coin; they are both emotions of helplessness, and promote us to give ourselves over to whatever may come. Our trust in the government was dissolved under Bush; we elected Obama on a high of hope; and now we are facing the inevitable, fearful, reality of our situation.

"I fear nothing, I hope for nothing, I am free." Nikos Kazantzakis

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The AP clunker article shows what great minds can accomplish when they just want to get to the next election cycle. $15B for foreign autos or pickups with little improvement in mpg ...boy that felt good.

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And we destroyed serviceable vehicles, racked up more consumer and Govt Debt.  Lastly, the energy and resources needed to produce these vehicles far out weighs any gasoline savings!

Was it good for you too......

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...destroyed perfectly-functional cars that could have been donated to the poor, rewarded poor decision making (giving money to those who bought gas guzzlers, and not those who were prudent and bought fuel efficient cars), skewed production cycles by intervening in market demand... thanks government!

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Let me sum this up in one sentance: We have nothing to fear but fearlessness.

Our politicians are callous idiots who, like our 'To-Big-To-Fail' corporations, have not yet dealt with the consequences of their actions -- and neither has the nation as a whole since many still choose to wear the same veil of ignorance.

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Peggy Noonan asks why US politicians don't feel anxious about the bonehead fiscal policies they adopt.  I would add that they are narcissistic blowhards with the mentality of a three year old.  They believe they are the centre of the Universe and the world owes them the privilege of being the end consumer for all time.  The concept that they and their superior, arrogant nation will one day fall from grace because of their greed and self centredness doesn't even occur to them.

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Going way out on a limb...

This seemingly bizarre fiscal behavior would be consistent with all the 2012 predictions from various cultures.

It also explains the urgency and massive money spent building the giant underground seed vault in Norway, why Google is attempting to digtize all books and store the data in a shielded vault, why leaders have been buying high-altitude farmland (the Bush family bought hundreds of acres in Paraguay a few years back) and why governments are moving full steam ahead with unsustainable economic policies.

If they believe/know a catastrophy is coming in a few years, nothing else matters economically other than getting as much wealth into their hands as possible, in order to better prepare and survive in order to continue running things on the other side.

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 Scary thought.

First, I agree with all these replies. Celf centered ego manics are at the helm. They have absolutely zero idea what moral obligation is about.

But if these so called leaders do belive in this 2012 fable, what is their backup plan when it doesn't happen? Will that finally be the point where sanity returns? Or as a result of their current actions do we decend into economic and social chaos?

I'm worried and I don't live in or close to a major city.

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The last gasp of a spoiled corrupt, self-indulgent, me generation.  I want, what I want, and I want it now!!!!

SO what it it.....

Bankrupts the country & enslaves our children & grandchildren!

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Exactly. It's nothing but political expediency. Musical chairs. They just pray that when the music stops, either there's still a chair for them or they've lon-since retired and it'll be somebody else's problem.

And they're right. It'll be their children's and grandchildren's problem.

Selfish bastards all.