Updated: High-End Wall Street Prostitution Ring Busted

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Another day, another high end Wall Street prostitution ring busted. Reuters reports that seventeen people were indicted on Wednesday on charges of running a high-end prostitution ring that catered to Wall Street clients who often spent more than $10,000 in a night, authorities said. The ring pulled in more than $7 million over three years, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said at a news conference. The prostitution service, named High Class NY, was run 24 hours a day out of an office in Brooklyn and charged from $400 to $3,600 an hour for its services, according to the 144-count indictment. It also provided customers with cocaine and other narcotics, the indictment said. Hynes said clients often spent in excess of $10,000 in a single night. Oh we just can't wait for the discovery on the client log on that one. And with the IRS about to get involved you bet there will be some high profile fallouts.

Police said the business was extremely sophisticated, running several escort websites and using dummy corporations with misleading names and codes during business-related phone calls.

High Class NY even had a law firm draw up employment contracts for its prostitutes, who described themselves as models and fraudulently agreed to refrain from sexual contact with clients, police said.

"They were on the high-end of sophistication," said Vice Detective Joe Panico.

Among those indicted were High Class NY owner Mikhail Yampolsky and his wife Bronislava, who allegedly used the proceeds from their business to finance expensive trips to Atlantic City and luxury car purchases, Hynes said.

Also indicted were Yampolsky's son Alexander, step-son Jonathan, 11 managers and supervisors and two investors, Efim Gorelik and Yakov Maystrovich, he said.

Each of the investors had put $700,000 into High Class NY and were being paid back with interest, he said.

Sorry: no client names yet. We give the NYPost and other self-respecting tabloids exactly 30 minutes before this status quo is changed.

Sadly for the economy this means that the money multiplier has just declined by at least one quarter turn.

Update: as expected, here is the NY Post:

One client of the Sheepshead Bay-based escort service, High Class NY, dropped a stunning $170,000 for its steamy services over just a year, revealed Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

No john was being charged at this time, although Hynes ominously said, "We're considering that."

"I've been informed that customers are all high-end customers, coming from the financial markets many of them, hedge fund people, people with nothing but money, willing to pay these enormous amounts of money for God knows what," Hynes said.

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Damn dudes...craigslist and get one of the chicks advertising for a sugar daddy. get laid, it's cheap and it's legal.

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This story will go away in 3...2...1...

- Chumblez.

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oh man, Atlantic City casinos just cant catch a break !

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$10,000 a night? Wow, that's some serious whoring

Franken_Stein's picture


The question is what can you get for $10000 that you couldn't get for $200 already ?

What's so different ?


Franken_Stein's picture


Pardon ?

Please explain, I'm a bit inexperienced with regard to this inner-circle lingo.



percolator's picture

Thanks for the link and the laughs. Never understood that in Duece Biglow, but now I got some great material.

Mr Kurtz's picture

I just knew that TARP money was being put to good use.

f16hoser's picture

Now is when we need Murdoch NOTW phone hacking. Get the list ASAP! Should be great reading! Yes, I don't have a life.

CPL's picture



My project!  And yes the names...all of them are going to be leaked in an hour.

CPL's picture


My Project at work and completed.  The NOTW is another project.  278 projects left to go until July 31st.


As mentioned, we move the table an inch, misplace a phone...little things while unseen.  The web site nonsense is just a decoy to make sure the ants are marching the right direction.


And yes all names are getting released.  ALL OF THE CORPORATE NAMES.  All of them...but I suspect I'll be lost in the coming noise on the weekend when the big piece is released involving the poisoning.  Every mum in the western world will kill any man walking on the hill...which hill?


All of them.  Big Bertha has a block buster and clear the road because the truck is coming through.  Wall street investing in hookers is old and easy.  Media lying and cheating a story is also old.


The slow poisoning of humanity...that's going to be the cream of the cake.

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btw if anyone wants Google plus accounts send it over.  I'm promise to keep you out of the 4chan circle/anon...unless you desire to see what cannot be unseen.

CPL's picture

What the powers that aren't included will understand by the end of this month, none of them were included in the shit sandwich being served and it took an assload of civilians to dig it up. 


If anyone on the government side is reading, anyone under the EXCOM level is not being included in the escape plan after the long weekend in September.  So...pick up your boots, you have work to do corrupt or not, you all have the game plan as it is being send until the end of the month.


Be merciless.  You weren't going to be treated any differently.

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Chad if you are junking me.  you were informed of your dismissal....ass

42 is the answer's picture

Any of this related to the FBI raid and arrest of 14 anon members yesterday?

Also, any date for the release of more info? Personally I want the info now.

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what do you get for 400  ?



TomJoad's picture

Wall Street Prostitution ring. But I repeat myself.




Jump! You Fuckers!

CPL's picture

Icing on the cake.  Just wait, July is going to be FULL of ringers.

dropdeadfed's picture

Hahahaah, we need to raise the debt ceiling because we blew our wad on coke and whores?  Pun intended.  Can I please have my contributions back to spend them how I see fit (on my own whores and coke) ?  I've paid quite a bit in you know, this could be a lot of fun...

e_goldstein's picture

They should expand the investigation to DC. I bet they'll find a lot more of the banksters' whores working there.

jack stephan's picture

Were you expecting something else?

This one fell into your hands, ZH.

Too easy

Kali's picture

  They prosecuted the wrong people, the johns shoulda been first.  Will these guys ever go to jail for anything?  (PS- I believe prostitution, if not forced, is a private contract and should be legal)

gwar5's picture

WWBDHD?  What Would Bang Dai Ho Do?

Bang Dai Ho:  "Me don't know, me no never see a Tenkai Ho before. Shoot truffles out pussy instead of ping pongs?"


slewie the pi-rat's picture

this is like "underground chinese banking" where the goobermint & china central bank banksters are concerned about the systemic risk from lending locally, and therefore seek to learn more b/c regulation would lessen the systemic risk.

now this seems like a lot of money, but does it even beat heidi fleiss? 

perhaps the goobermint will levy some taxes and fines, and a few good stiff ones, too, while working this out.  regulation comes to wall street.  but, could it be too little, too late?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

ok, mr peabody, here goes:  if these girls were doctors,  i bet they could do brain surgery with their pussies.

FlyPaper's picture

On the list: Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer and maybe Mr. Weiner? 


halvord's picture

The last big scandal nailed Spitzer, right after his WSJ editorial. Weiner got nicked when he was going after Supreme Court Justice and very very good financial manager Clarence Thomas.

Who is getting nicked this time, and what is he being punished for?

newstreet's picture

How long until the owners commit suicide?

Remember the D.C. Madam?

Miles Kendig's picture

Oh man, there goes trickle down, for the time being.  Now there will be an additional fee structure and swaps to hedge these risks now that the off S. Main sistas & brothas have learned the Down Town rackets

Look for the new resort communities in the Birch forests of northern Pennsylvania and western New York to handle the real business.  Move over laminate encrusted and crome plated Tryst aka Wynn resorts for the real professional, all inclusive product offerings

Buck Johnson's picture

This isn't too high end, 400 to 3,600 an hour or 10,000 a night isn't.  The really high end ones don't even associate themselves with providing drugs because that opens them up big time to being busted.  The real high end ones are low key and act as middle men or women to set the girls up with rich clients.  They tend to take 60%, and the reason for this is that they are being hooked up with rich clients and they know that either A, they got more money or gifts from the person or B, she may set up a seperate arrangement with him via her personal phone number. 

I've dealt with UTR (under the radar) escorts who are with high end escort services, and they most definitely don't do what these idiots did.  UTR girls are big name adult movie stars, b-list actresses (some A list too believe it or not, not all A list actresses are getting good money or 20 million dollars a movie contracts.  It's expensive in LA, and there is only so many trophy wives slots around.  So if you want to keep shopping on rodeo drive and keep your kid in private school, some A list escort to a very very select clientelle and under the radar.  It's called being house rich and cash poor), playmates, fitness models you see on television and on the web, models and such.  Some websites require a 2500 dollar sign-up fee for their special VIP club (this is the one that gives you access to UTR girls).  That 2500 is used to do a thorough background check, see who you are what you got financially etc. etc.

If you pass then you get access to SOME not all but SOME of the UTR girls.  This is done to see if they trust you and also know if you will be a customer, most of the time it's rare that a first time guy (super rich or not) will get the whole list.  Then once you start hobbying, they will give you or email you a few names that are available, and on it goes.  The cream of the crop are only gotten if you are a person who can afford it, most of the time said escort who is A-list celebrity or a PMOY may want to see you but on a weekend vacation somewhere outside the US where nobody knows them.

Just google UTR escorts and you will see much about it.

Miles Kendig's picture

In the end it's all streaming the flow.  Just a matter of what stream one chooses to swim and fish in.  And the local license / fee structure that goes with of course.  Be it AMEX black or a JPM EBT card it's all plastic funded WIC cheese.


Spartaguy's picture

Don't worry, Elliot Spitzer is being called in to investigate this..






57-71's picture

$7,000,000 over 3 years works out to be about $6500.00 per day.

Not a bad gig if you can get it.


zebra's picture

thank you. i thought we are bailing out American--nope.. New York hookers

headless blogger's picture

Well, it's just part of the gambling life. That is what these people do isn't it..Gamble for a

living? I can't see Wall street or investing as anything but gambling...with the

so-called "winners" being lauded by their peers as "successful".

Wall Steet was erected (no pun) to fulfill the dreams of a used-up,

burned-out lot of so-called "humans". They can't succeed in REAL LIFE,

so they concoct these imaginary worlds where people like hedge fund

managers can do absolutely NOTHING and make billions.

When I see a man up on a roof top in the summer...no shirt, sweating,

happy as a lark...doing what he loves...carpentry (as an example)...

Now that's a man! These Wall street idiots are pathetic and deprived

obviously as they have to pay for someone to screw them. What a sorry

lot. I pity them.

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

Capitalism is just so unfair. Those rich, fat-cat Wall Street bankers get $10,000/night Grade A Prime pussy while us regular working schmucks have to settle for $25 blowjobs from skanky ass crack hoes

Thinkor's picture

Why is it always a prostitution "ring"?  Aren't there any prostitution groups or fields out there?