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US Air Force Blocks Internet Access To New York Times, Guardian And 23 Other Website Posting WikiLeaks Documents

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Score one more for freedom of speech (and leaking of documents so secret only 3 million people have access to them). We are trying to discover just why the Air Force has resorted to this drastic move (and having hosted a few WikiLeaks docs ourselves, curious to see if we fall in this latest black list).

From Reuters:

The U.S. Air
Force has blocked access for computers on its network to The New York
Times, the Guardian, and at least 23 other websites carrying WikiLeaks
documents, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Major Toni Tones, a
spokesperson at Air Force Space Command in Colorado, said the command
blocked at least 25 websites that have posted WikiLeaks documents.

Air Force "routinely blocks Air Force network access to websites
hosting inappropriate materials or malware (malicious software) and this
includes any website that hosts classified materials and those that are
released by WikiLeaks," she said.


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Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:28 | 806232 Flore
Flore's picture

USA .. land of the free...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:31 | 806244 doomandbloom
doomandbloom's picture

....and they blame China for censoring the internet...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:11 | 806379 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Like I'll read the newspapers to know the news :)


10 minutes of surfing and you already know tomorrows headlines and next week headlines.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:20 | 806399 More Critical T...
More Critical Thinking Wanted's picture


[...] leaking of documents so secret only 3 million people have access to them [...]

Btw., that's a myth (or rather, subtle misdirection from the US government) and ZH fell for it lock, stock and barrel.

The truth is that while 3 million people had some access to the cables, much fewer had full access to all of them - in particular the 'SECRET/NONFORN' ones - which contain the most controversial bits. Also, few people had access to every embassy's every cable - few people were able to see the 'full picture'.

There's many levels of access to classified materials, and the whistleblower gave wikileaks the full database so citizens can now see and research all cables that were stored in this system, with the classification level of Donald Rumsfeld and Hillary Clinton.

Something to remember when you hear the '3 million people had access to the system' argument again.


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:50 | 806479 King_of_simpletons
King_of_simpletons's picture

That is called compartmentalization.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:49 | 806486 In Fed We Trust
In Fed We Trust's picture

Im not sure they should be blocking the Air Force computers. Didn't the Air Force miss the 911 onslaught?  No better give the Air Force all the info they need. Might help them locate Bin Laden? Bin Laden found in Iran? Now there is a wild card/ world war starting idea. Wheather he is or isn't, it's what ever the TV tells you. Now go back to your TV.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:36 | 806762 Iam_Silverman
Iam_Silverman's picture



sn't that "NOFORN"? - for No Foreign nationals )no release to Foreign Nationals)?

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 11:07 | 807889 Sausagemaker
Sausagemaker's picture

Oh, I read that as "SECRET/NONPORN". I must have been thinking about the SEC.


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:05 | 806962 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

A quick visit to a file-sharing site will reveal that the docs are available to anyone with a computer and bittorent software...


Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:07 | 807184 revenue_anticip...
revenue_anticipation_believer's picture


However, HOW THE HELL DID 'EYES ONLY' AT THE LEVEL OF RUMSFELD AND CLINTON GET INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN of the ENTIRE WORLD....even the Pentagon Papers was circumscribed by LIMITATIONS of access (deep throat, remember)

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:13 | 806709 molecool
molecool's picture

I went to South Korea a few weeks ago - visited the DMZ. There was a poster on a billboard - the message was 'Freedom is not free'.

Look guys - we keep letting things like that happen. And the more we condone infringement on our civic rights the more we embolden the entities responsible. You can bitch and you can moan - but in the end it'll only get worse until we show them our line in the sand. So far I see nothing but compliance, weakness, and cowardice.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 05:49 | 807405 goldfish1
goldfish1's picture

What's the plan?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:35 | 806760 IQ 145
IQ 145's picture

 It's absolutely hilarious; military intelligence in action.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:29 | 807230 Squid-puppets a...
Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

tru dat.

the funniest 'argument' they put out is that wikileaks 'puts lives in danger' - so what, they're witholding the leaked information from military personnel ? how are they supposed to prepare for any attacks inspired by the leaks if they are the only people on the planet not privvy to the leaks


propaganda has never been so self defeating as with the current US regime.


never mind the argument about the amount of lives LOST (not just put in danger) from the mendacious malarky thats been exposed by the leaks

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:20 | 806980 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Actually no surprise here. The armed forces live in a tight cocoon. Their entire programmed construct is based on limited and dis-torted information to the troops.

In fact, the fact that they can facebook and orkut and whatever is a surprise in itself.

It probably has led to the dis-tangling of the fabric of the armed forces.


Speaking from experience.


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:08 | 806366 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture




Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:30 | 806240 Cleanclog
Cleanclog's picture

"In a society where truth becomes treason, we're in big trouble" - Ron Paul

And we're in trouble.  Military declares war on information.  What next?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:10 | 806370 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

What's next?


Sorry, that's on a need to know basis.

And you don't need to know.


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:18 | 806394 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

That got an actual LOL from me.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:58 | 807048 Andrew G
Andrew G's picture

Actually he didn't need to know that he didn't know. Now he knows too much.

Guards, take him away...

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:25 | 807215 revenue_anticip...
revenue_anticipation_believer's picture

"What's next? Sorry, that's on a need to know basis. And you don't need to know."

AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM, the Hitlers 'leadership principle' taught in the Hitler schools, and NORMALIZED amongst the German citizens...actually a comforting situation, pure FAITH in the LEADER brings Peace/Calm/stability...until it does not..

the Authoritarian Personality, the ones who need assurance, a lack of ambiguity/perplexity, even toi the point of insisting...the Religions of the Book people, Islam, Evangilical Christianity, Lutheranism (faith comes first), and the German National Character, ever since Hegel provided just the formulation needed. the division of social labor/mind, the Great 
Spirit of Society = History, ever perfecting....and MARXIST+NAZI policy/justification that if HISTORY IS EVOLVING, lets push it ahead...with what is Historicall Inevitable...anyway...killing a few genetically misfits and fostering/engineeeing the NEW MAN,  and/or USSR engineering the NEW ECONOMIC MAN, organized into local "Soviets/union councils, say"

thats the 'leadership principle' TOP DOWN MANAGEMENT, 5 year plans, and perfectly justified exterminations, to help HISTORY MOVE FORWARD...

so, of course, YOU don't have a need to know unless you are part of the leadership, you need only OBEY cooperate, or die if needed by the party...and FYI this also applies to the corporate leadership...who are allowed to plan to CONSPIRE, legally...and EXPLOIT the mere prols...and NOT EVEN A PRETENCE OF PRETENCE of doing for the Greater good...

Noticing, that as usual the "cables" classified MOSTLY MASK PURE INCOMPETENCE, ARE INDEED AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE USA, and in front of the entire world...WE THOUGHT OUR LEADERS KNEW BETTER?  Classification, as a means to hide STUPIDITY, is bullshit...most classified documents, can be released within six months or less, AFTER THE tactical relevance is over....

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 08:03 | 807512 zhandax
zhandax's picture

Rules are a construct created for the comfort of those who require them to frame their existence.


(both the creators and followers of said rules)

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:30 | 806241 Duuude
Duuude's picture

Us all will soon be some list or another.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:54 | 806326 knukles
knukles's picture

Well, we're all on Santa's dontcha know?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:31 | 806247 buzzsaw99
buzzsaw99's picture

The air farce iz part of the mic.



Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:17 | 806390 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

It's the Chair Force.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:33 | 806253 Flore
Flore's picture

site ny times isn't blocked


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:34 | 806255 suteibu
suteibu's picture

Obviously it measns their network.  Still.....

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:44 | 806468 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

leave it up to a bunch of government employees to get things done :)

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:39 | 806273 Rainman
Rainman's picture

I assume TD refers to the site blocking on Air Force personnel terminals.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:56 | 806337 Ripped Chunk
Ripped Chunk's picture

Thank you, I was in tears there for a moment. Sheesh!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:40 | 806776 IQ 145
IQ 145's picture

 But, what about the tranny porn; ? they left that on didn't they ?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:39 | 806276 VegasBD
VegasBD's picture

Good thing they are out there protecting our freedoms.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:26 | 806412 Sabibaby
Sabibaby's picture

We're being liberated!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:43 | 806791 IQ 145
IQ 145's picture

 "The flying dildo brothers achieve new heights of absurdity"

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:41 | 806279 knukles
knukles's picture

Interesting approach.....

If it's ignored, it just goes away..... Yawn....

If I am told to eat the Brussels sprouts, human inclination is to not do so.
If I'm forbade the cookie, human nature is to want one and oft try very hard to get such.
Booze is not for kids... Snitch it when no-body's looking.
An education is good for you.... Cut classes.

Couldn't be making it more tempting to read all the stuff in detail. 
Interesting motives.... 

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:27 | 806736 Bob
Bob's picture

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to compel Uncle Sam “to disclose the legal standard it uses to place U.S. citizens on government kill lists.” The Obama administration has responded by invoking the doctrine of state secrets, effectively claiming that national security demands that these policies be kept hidden. By hiding behind state secrets, the feds don’t even have to explain why the law doesn’t apply to their actions.


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:49 | 806936 sushi
sushi's picture

When the state is attempting to kill you does that mess up your right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:52 | 806941 sushi
sushi's picture


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:42 | 806282 Flore
Flore's picture

I guess we should join the airforce and only read the pravda ?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:43 | 806283 Calculated_Risk
Calculated_Risk's picture

"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;"




Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:59 | 806674 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

You and traxis crack me up so much.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:43 | 806287 Harry Hotspur
Harry Hotspur's picture

I have no problem accessing The Guardian's website:

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:45 | 806300 knukles
knukles's picture

Not you....
They're referring to the Air Force blocking those sites on the Air Force's systems. 

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:52 | 806317 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:55 | 806330 Vagabond
Vagabond's picture

I'm surprised you're able to get on the Internet at all.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:43 | 806463 godzila
godzila's picture

Muss say the Guardian is doing a very nice job digging in those cables. Head and shoulders above anything done in the US.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:43 | 806290 g3h
g3h's picture

Sounds like China...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:44 | 806292 goober
goober's picture

Rest assured TPTB are busily doing whatever nefarious deeds behind the scenes to put Assange in check from releasing BAC data. Proof, the no rubber/broken rubber thing is laughable as a sex crime to any reasonable thinking person? Yet it is still released as valid claim by PRAVDA outlets but was also consensual ? WTF ?  They will manufacture some more "charges" and inflame more public angst ,erroneously, to protect BAC, or at least bury Assaange in legalese. IMO. So much for US freedom of speech and information dissemination. I do think he was a bit stupid and steeped over the top in some areas but RAPE ? Get real.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:08 | 806964 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

I predict the BOA dump will proceed as planned whether Assange is in jail/alive or not.  

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:44 | 806295 Star Warrior
Star Warrior's picture

Exactly why Wiki leaks was created......Action, Reaction, Solution, pure Hegelian Dialectic

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:55 | 806334 tamboo
tamboo's picture

shocking how many folks are buying this bullshit hook line and sinker.

still no wiki revelations concerning israel? how surprising...

"Wikileaks has the essential features of a process of "manufactured dissent". It seeks to expose government lies. It has released important information on US war crimes. But once the project becomes embedded in the mould of mainstream journalism, it is used as an instrument of media disinformation: 

"It is in the interest of the corporate elites to accept dissent and protest as a feature of the system inasmuch as they do not threaten the established social order. The purpose is not to repress dissent, but, on the contrary, to shape and mould the protest movement, to set the outer limits of dissent. To maintain their legitimacy, the economic elites favor limited and controlled forms of opposition...  To be effective, however, the process of "manufacturing dissent" must be carefully regulated and monitored by those who are the object of the protest movement " (See Michel Chossudovsky,  "Manufacturing Dissent": the Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites, September 2010)

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:18 | 806395's picture

still no wiki revelations concerning israel? how surprising...


Wrong again. Cables from Tel Aviv have been released.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:44 | 806472 Dumb Money
Dumb Money's picture

I bet they had nothing of substance...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:02 | 806519's picture

You bet? You mean you don't know? How nice to see an ignorant fellow admit that he doesn't know what he's talking about.


Wed, 12/15/2010 - 05:44 | 806740 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

Indeud CA.

" wiki revelations concerning israel?"

I'd wager even half-a-brain should know enough to add an all caps, italicized, emboldened "YET" to that question; you'd think, anyway.

It doesn't matter anymore anyhow, haven't you heard? Old news that. The new hottest, hippest info'mat comes to you smouldering off the internets! Yes, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the new improved and controlled dribbling of facts you are accustomed to anyway, complete without fear of having to discern any of the releases' verity on your own time! Massaged and tweaked by those who you should always always always trust to keep it all palatable during the dinner hour! No more surprise tragic images of violent childrens' deaths popping up in your loved one's vid player as the audio plays the sounds of soldiers repeating their daily 'callous rationalisation training' as they gun them down. Just another soon-to-be one of your favourite sources for goofy anecdotes highlighting the designers secretaries of states prefer during the appropriate holiday season; "Isn't Spain just so Au gauche?", said a spokesperson.  Presenting: your new found font of dis, mis and redis'd information....duped, coerced, subdued, and freshly dubbed...'Openleaks'! <fanfare>

Wikileaks about to undergo a 'regime' change? Can you say, "Hung out to dry"? Or "Who needs enemies with friends like these?" and all that cal.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:44 | 806298 sax
sax's picture

Where the list of blocked sites?

What about source for this information?  I am interested in this

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:48 | 806307 suteibu
suteibu's picture

(Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force has blocked access for computers on its network to The New York Times, the Guardian, and at least 23 other websites carrying WikiLeaks documents, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Major Toni Tones, a spokesperson at Air Force Space Command in Colorado, said the command blocked at least 25 websites that have posted WikiLeaks documents.

The Air Force "routinely blocks Air Force network access to websites hosting inappropriate materials or malware (malicious software) and this includes any website that hosts classified materials and those that are released by WikiLeaks," she said.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:55 | 806328 Rainman
Rainman's picture

There ya go, situation normal. Too bad.....inappropriate materials must include porn too.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:59 | 806343 Vagabond
Vagabond's picture

It's ironic that they are claiming the documents make our soldiers less safe.  The information is valuable to the people we're fighting so we'll make sure our soldiers can't read anything about it.  Good plan Team America.  Keep em ignorant!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:09 | 806368 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture

God forbid our own brave men and women should actually know what they are fighting and dying for.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:50 | 806822 IQ 145
IQ 145's picture

 Are you joking ? If they understood that, they'd quit.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:55 | 806502 In Fed We Trust
In Fed We Trust's picture

You keep hearing about the ever increasing suicide rates with soliders.  Maybe there is concern about some Air Force members turning Kamakazi style on the White House.  I remember a story about a fighter jet that was stolen by the pilot never to be see/found again?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:13 | 806535 Rainman
Rainman's picture

I'd be suicidin' too if I was a young kid trapped on some Muslim desert patch in a war for nothin' for what seems like forever without any pussy, dope or alcohol....volunteered or not. 

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:35 | 807005 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

Then you'd die stupid.. The Tigris river in Iraq is the birth place of drug cultivation, and civilization itself.. Too many people hating on Muslim chicks..  Screw religion, love the pussy..

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:55 | 807037 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

Yeah, because we all know how swinging muslim women in the Mid East are. They're famous worldwide! Their desire to hook up with GI's is second only to their families pride at seeing them bed their conquerors.


Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:26 | 807218 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

Jesus dude.. Do you take off your golden cock ring when you ram little boys in the ass?


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:48 | 806306 Quantum Nucleonics
Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Good, shouldn't they be watching those early warning radar screens anyway, rather than reading the NY Times.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:50 | 806313 John McCloy
John McCloy's picture

Every single American citizen needs to get themselves a copy of John Adams. The British response to colonial discontent was to ban assembly. This was meant to quell transmission of ideas, solutions and disobedience. They will attempt to do this now because the elites never saw the power if the Internet coming. The truth inevitably makes it's way to the surface. The enemy for the oligarchs is now the ability for citizens of the world who seeks freedom from the ideas they should not be ruled be self appointed nobles. This is their next enemy but always remember that in a world of 6 billion people that even if the elites and the bluebloods including their disciples number 1,000,000 they are outnumbered 6000-1.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:18 | 806393 apberusdisvet
apberusdisvet's picture

You mean the CFA disciples like Erin Burnett?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:52 | 806318 Ripped Chunk
Ripped Chunk's picture

We see now do we not?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:52 | 806319 Unscarred
Unscarred's picture

I just saw that has been "suspended."  Is that why we haven't heard from Marla in a long time?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:53 | 806322 Oquities
Oquities's picture

such bullshit.  these guys will just go off-base on their own computer at starbucks, eh?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:54 | 806327 Flore
Flore's picture

do you have internetaccess in an F16 ?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:56 | 806332 Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski's picture

Maybe ZH should consider posting the IP address like this blog:

I wonder if the fly boys can get around the blocking software with the IP address.



Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:02 | 806688 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

This'll get ugly. People will come up with software to rape the dns system. That'll fuck up their spyware and their flood gating. Where you visit one IP and they network you to 100 other IP's.

We're going full matrix. No name's just decoding the numbers.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 18:55 | 806335 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Saayyy, isn't the Air Force the home of that spankin' new Cyber Command?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:04 | 806691 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

They are also the biggest piece of shit pussies on the planet that sit in rooms and fly toy airplanes to kill people.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:35 | 806759 Bob
Bob's picture

Modern heroes.  Gotta admit it lacks the "courage" required to drop bombs on the civilian population of Hanoi from 50,000 feet back in Mac's day.  

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:08 | 806864 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

Speaking of armed pussies. Naval Labs just broke the record on their rail gun. They are going stick them on boats and power them with huge refrigerator sized capacitors and battery banks charged by the boats turbines.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 00:20 | 807099 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

They lost 15 52's to SAMs in '72 and average bombing altitude was 30K feet. First 3 days of bombing produced aircraft losses that brought to mind daylight bombing raids of Germany in WWII.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:00 | 806346 RheologyMan
RheologyMan's picture

Interesting the waste of time involved.........The world is changing in a rather negative manner......US needs to keep information in the OPEN.......Putin?  China?  could probably offer advice to the Pentagon on how to acheive the goal........Pathetic......IF FOREIGNERS DONT LIKE THE TRUTH....SCREW THEM!!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:03 | 806353 Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano's picture

Sadly MSM is focused on the wrong thing.  Assange is not the primary problem or issue.  The folks running the government that allows not just access, but the ability to download thousands of secret documents without question or alarm by a Private First Class is clearly inept.  The Obama Administration is responsible for the Department of Defense and the State Department and they totally failed on this front.  Never heard anything from MSM about the CAUSE of the leak - because they very much like this administration.

My credit card company knows in one minute if someone is using my card in New Zealand and Canada at the same time and can halt transactions immediately.  But this administration has no idea that a low level person is downloading thousands of secret documents.  

Last two years under their capable watch -- biggest US mine disaster, biggest US oil spill disaster, biggest US secret document leak.  None of these primarily due to too little regulation -- just sup-par competence of regulators (although more regulation will be produced to show they are "doing something").  

Only partly a slam on community organizer Obama, partly a slam on federal government generally.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:00 | 806957 sushi
sushi's picture


biggest US mine disaster, biggest US oil spill disaster, biggest US secret document leak.  None of these primarily due to too little regulation

End Quote


The real cause of all these disasters is that no one was closely inspecting their genitalia.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:04 | 806358 kinetik
kinetik's picture

Who cares, Air Force supplied PCs aren't personal property and the AF can do what it likes in this case.  When the US Air Force starts censoring their members' personal email and browsing habits (on their personal, at-home PC) then we can get all worried and anxious.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:12 | 806490 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

....already happening, this I can promise you.  If you have ever recieved a chain letter originated from somebody in the Air Force, you will find a digital security certificate on the computer you used to read that email.  Don't believe me, check for it.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:11 | 806373 francismarion
francismarion's picture

Z-Hedge hoodie patrol: A cacaphony of mischevious children.

Even funnier: The  gray-hair's citation of a founding father's words regarding US Air Force computer protocol.

Hope you all live long enough to grow up.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:14 | 806381 Humpty Pundit
Humpty Pundit's picture

Maybe while the government is at it they could stop illegally invading the privacy of honest people which are their biggest threat.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:58 | 806510 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

In the words of Elvis....."That'll be the day, hey-hey, that I die"

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:05 | 806522's picture

Not Elvis. That's Buddy Holly.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:32 | 806579 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

....ouch!  As both an Elvis and Buddy Holly fan, I am SO ashamed!  You are right.  I assure you that it was a brain fart.  Look at my Avatar....that means I have to live with the smell of my own brain farts, so justice is served....

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:50 | 806632's picture

The Gods of Rock grant you clemency. Say ten "Proud Marys" and and three "Papa Was a Rolling Stones."

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:09 | 807190 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture


Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Proud Mary Keep on Burnin'

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

All hail obsessive-compulsive disorders (please don't make me type that 10 times).

Forgive me any one and all of ye human beings who think you actually have the right or ability to forgive me for my sins....if you have any more problems with me, then take it up with God, but be sure to leave me alone.  Thanks. 

(No junk to you CrockettAlmanac - I find your comments fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking....thanks for the feedback...this was fun for me and I hope for you too!) 

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:15 | 806384 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

You were BL'd long ago...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:16 | 806389 bankrupt JPM bu...
bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

The only last standing chance against tyranny will be the US army.  It is the last hope to take this country back form the ZOG.  Turn the army against its govenment, and AMerica will be great again.  Dont, and it will it is now.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:19 | 806396 max2205
max2205's picture

Soooo the USAF is blocking access to their own people who have clearances and are supposed to protect them. Sure, makes sense. Not

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:01 | 806512 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture have no idea the level of irrational pathological paranoia at the top of command.  The first minds to control are their own troops.  Otherwise, how could their troops rationally and reasonably carry out their orders.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:19 | 806398 goober
goober's picture

True enough, if a PFC can get access then we have a lot more to be worried about than Assange fucking with no rubber. I imagine the rest of the world is laughing................again

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:22 | 806406 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

I imagine the rest of the world is laughing................again


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:28 | 806416 the rookie cynic
the rookie cynic's picture

"The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." ~  Joseph Goebbels

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:28 | 806420 goober
goober's picture

Maybe Assange and these Ho's made some videos and the whole thing is a PR stunt for their new Porn films to be relaeased soon ?

Then again, maybe somebody in the gov has a brain or an ounce of ethics ?   Both are of course doubtful

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:29 | 806421 fsudirectory
fsudirectory's picture

The gvt has imposed the ban on Wikileaks to all companies used as contractors.

I got this email last week..

"In response to this directive, XXX has blocked access to the WikiLeaks web site from all XXX.  In addition, no XXX personnel should access WikiLeaks from their own personal, client, or public computing equipment (including smartphones/PDAs).   "


Has some more stuff along those lines, but said that "This guidance does not prohibit personnel from accessing non-classified information, including any news reports that may discuss classified material.", which seems to be less restrictive than the GVT entities

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:47 | 806478 Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano's picture

And the lesson there is -- never ever be a contractor to the US government.  You will be subject to a whole host of additional rules and thereby be more subject to their control than the rest of us (never mind being more dependent on government for your living -- ugh).

Another reason to shrink government.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 00:06 | 807065 fsudirectory
fsudirectory's picture

Honestly, I work for a large company (5k+ employees) and the work def helps get through slow periods, albeit extremely boring. The work that we do for various gvt entities, you as a tax payer demand and is necessary. Also, people have upper level clearances - which causes the entire organization to conform.

It serves a dual purpose that the government wouldnt be able to achieve on its own (finding problems, inefficiencies, misuse of funds, etc) and keeps everyone happy/relatively secure in how various funds are spent or entities are ran.



Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:42 | 806786 Bob
Bob's picture

Are people giving their genuine feelings about it a rousing airing, at least when the boss ain't listening?

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 00:08 | 807071 fsudirectory
fsudirectory's picture

I dont really think anyone gives a shit and im sure many of the people heard about it for the first time from that email. People are too busy to be that concerned and/or read diplomatic cables.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:31 | 806428 In Fed We Trust
In Fed We Trust's picture

I would to be believe this is an pre emptive strike to muzzle what Wiki has yet to dump.

But it's probably just part of the show, Julian are you a sell out?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:32 | 806430 TexDenim
TexDenim's picture

Thank God those Air Force morons don't have computers at home!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:36 | 806447 bugs_
bugs_'s picture

Could someone leak some pics of this Toni Tones (Major)?

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:50 | 806465 Uncle Remus
Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:43 | 806461 the rookie cynic
the rookie cynic's picture

US Air Force Blocks Internet Access To New York Times, Guardian And 23 Other Website Posting WikiLeaks Documents...and is handing out milspec condoms to prevent spillage...can't have GIs in jail for having relations without usin'em.

Yes, you can go to jail for that, just ask Mr. Assange.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 19:53 | 806494 gwar5
gwar5's picture

It was probably the UFO documents that got the USAF spooked.  They  have aliens on the payroll and don't want it to get out because they're working for less than minimum wage.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:01 | 806505 Biggus Dickus Jr.
Biggus Dickus Jr.'s picture

The government must remain consistent and continue to treat this information as secret if they want the option of prosecuting people in the future for passing along this information. They will have to come after me too because I have copies and plan topass them along. The government is our servant not our masters and we are big enough kids to handle it...Here I will help them find me Allah akhbar jihad bomb martyr al queda imminent glory occupation resistance mass casualties. There...if the government sniffers don't alert to this message then we are wasting our money on intelligence.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:10 | 806533 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

Dude (Biggus Dickus), now you're just asking for it!  And, hear this, no matter where you are in this whole wide world, this superpower will find you and hunt you down if they choose to do so.  Even Chavez wouldn't risk invasion for sake of saving you.  I hope you and your wife Incontenentia Buttocks are able to obtain some kind of marital barracks at the FEMA camp where you will end up.  Please set up a welcoming committe for ZH members, and please save me a top bunk with an extra day's rations, becuase I will have had a rough trip when I meet you for the first time.  Thanks and best of luck.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:32 | 806581 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Political asylum in Waziristan...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 20:52 | 806647 Bagbalm
Bagbalm's picture

Getting closer and closer to that border fence - with the guns on the guard towers pointing in.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:03 | 806671 Budd Fox
Budd Fox's picture

double post

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:01 | 806681 greenewave
greenewave's picture

If you’re tired of being robbed by Bankster’s and Politicians that line their pockets at the expense of the PEOPLE, then watch the YouTube video “Join the WAVE” at (

Fight tyranny and help the movement to go viral!! It’s time to take OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

by Anonymous

Inspiring. It is true that a class losing it's wealth due to fraud, it is wise for them to stand up when you still? have the ability to, before the strife.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:02 | 806683 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

This is a beta test, unless Wiki has Septmeber 11th, 2001 bombing documents.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:03 | 806687 Budd Fox
Budd Fox's picture

Hey Air Force!!

Maybe you missed it , but in WWII the US fought AGAINST the Nazis!

You should know something, as over 100,000 US Airmen died to defend the right you are suppressing.

Wake up morons!!

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:34 | 806755 YHC-FTSE
YHC-FTSE's picture


At least the RAF doesn't have trouble accessing the Guardian. Yet. :)

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:05 | 806695 Hephasteus
Hephasteus's picture

"The Air Force "routinely blocks Air Force network access to websites hosting inappropriate materials or malware (malicious software) and this includes any website that hosts classified materials and those that are released by WikiLeaks," she said."

Keep chugging the recruiting coolaide. No need for a reality gut check here.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 21:48 | 806812 JonNadler
JonNadler's picture

how long before the JP Morgue gets a hacker to try to hit ZH?

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 05:48 | 811004 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

Not too likely, but maybe possible.

I wouldn't worry too much... If they hire a real pro, it will be quick and painless.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:03 | 806854 tony bonn
tony bonn's picture

so the air farce is doing battle with the cia....with less access to information mk-ultra brain washing proceeds so much easier.

of course this action by the air farce is quite expected of the organization shaped by the murderer curtis lemay who manhandled the jfk autopsy in order to cover up his murder at the hands of the military industrial complex.

censorship is always the sign of a sclerotic, trogladytic, low rent intellects....the air farce is a band of losers....

after all, the world is only safe when it is kept barefoot, pregnant, and ignorant...

fuck the usaf....hitler says toodles

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 05:51 | 811007 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

All the Chair Force is accomplishing is creating more interest in the shit and causing more downloads off base etc.

They know... They got a bunch of tech savvy kids who are naturally curious... And they tell them Don't look... Please.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:16 | 806877 dwdollar
dwdollar's picture

As unbelievable as it may seem, the blatant violation of the first amendment is not the most disturbing part of this absurdity.  The most disturbing part is that the institution tasked with protecting us from cyber attacks is dumb enough to believe it can scrub Internet content.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:41 | 806922 tony bonn
tony bonn's picture

as i watch the history channel's third reich the rise i am astounded how similar the actions of hitler and germany are so similar to the usa oligarchs today....and all in the name of patriotism...

hitler used the communist scare to destroy them, suspend freedom of press, speech, and association.....

operation paperclip has been so successful in bringing the 4th reich to amerika...

what a barbaric monstrosity we have become...


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:20 | 806981 False_Profit
False_Profit's picture

see also: will feel like you are watching your own autopsy...

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:44 | 806929 PolishHammer
PolishHammer's picture

Old joke: 

An American describes the concept of the freedom of press to a Russian "In our country we have freedom of press, we can criticize the President of the United States"

The Russian answers: "But we in the Soviet Union also can crticize the President of the United States without any threat of prosecution"

Right now the joke works both ways, you're free to criticize anyone as long as you do it from anther country.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:56 | 806951 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

The Air Force is full of ultra-right fundamentalist weirdos.

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 05:56 | 811009 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

Who else would pull the nuke trigger?

Some Berkley Social Science Alum? No Sir.

Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:05 | 806961 Bastiat
Bastiat's picture

The military, once you join it,  is very clear that you have no rights but what they grant you.  They make a very strong point of it in boot camp.   They don't call you "maggot" etc. in bootcamp because they respect your humanity, eh?

The Air Force is a little freaky.  There have been some stories about the influence of the Armageddon Christian fundie infiltration and subversion of the leadership. 

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 01:20 | 807207 I Am The Unknow...
I Am The Unknown Comic's picture


Tue, 12/14/2010 - 23:29 | 806994 Kina
Kina's picture

So the USA is like Zimbabwe in more ways than one.


The USA has become a domestic and international pariah.


How any country would allow extradition to the USA, a country that now has established, torture ain't so bad ya know; and absence of due process when emotional demonization can take its place.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 00:19 | 807097 Bastiat
Bastiat's picture

The idea that military would restrict its members access to anything just doesn't surprise me.


Wed, 12/15/2010 - 00:36 | 807127 minus dog
minus dog's picture

This entire comment thread is just silly.

I fail to see what all the hysterical 1st amendment nonsense is about.  We're talking about someone exercising control over the PC's and networks they own... this is no more a "1st amendment abuse" than, say, JP or Goldman blocking ZH on their company network.  But while such on an action on JP or Goldman's part is puerile, this actually has a purpose.

The reasoning behind this is simple;

Service members are technically liable for UCMJ action for knowingly reading classified information that they do not have clearance for, regardless of whether or not it's been leaked by some dude on the internet somewhere.  This is an ass-covering move by somebody - if Joe Airman can't access the site from work, then Joe Airman can't possibly get in trouble for accessing the site at work.  

They could really care less if their people read this stuff, they're just making sure nobody can get nailed for it.  Some general somewhere is making sure that some idiot with a grudge can't use this issue to rat on someone 2 cubicles down that he doesn't like.  God forbid that they, you know, do their fucking job and prevent silly bullshit like that.

Congress makes the laws the military is stuck with - they simply have to try to follow them.



Hey Air Force!!

Maybe you missed it , but in WWII the US fought AGAINST the Nazis!


Oh, they're well aware of it.  They're also aware that, just like all of the other branches, their people did it without enjoying the same rights that civilians take for granted.  The same ones that service members still do not have - the ones they voluntarily give up.  Your ignorance and/or public education is showing.

Look, even the Onion gets it:,1413/

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 03:04 | 807319 chindit13
chindit13's picture

Yours is a reasoned response.  Just to add a point that might surprise some people, the UCMJ (Article 88?  I forget) prohibits serving members of the armed forces from making comments critical of their appointed and elected leaders, which would include, inter alia, the President.  In the military, freedom of speech is not a right.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 03:43 | 807341 gs_runsthiscountry
gs_runsthiscountry's picture

I didnt see your post before a posted below. Anyway, nice link I love the Onion. Amazingly, the satire is almost lost in that article its so thin, scary.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 03:34 | 807336 gs_runsthiscountry
gs_runsthiscountry's picture


After reading the posts here i think many people need to step back and take a deep breath.

The USAF is an employer. An employer can restrict access to any websites it pleases, because you are on their equipment and time.

Asserting you can not access these sites from a personal computer from home is a separate issue all together. To that end, when you sign on the dotted line, to become part of the US military, it comes with strings attached. I think anyone in the military can attest to that.

Employers routinely have websites that are not accessible. Also, accessing data via work computers also gives away allot of privacy rights i.e accessing via third party software. They, like most other companies, have key-loggers installed and troll employee data, memos, and emails for key words.

In a time when every damn memo or email surfaces in court (or on the Internet) corporations use whatever tools available to control the flow of data. Other obvious reasons, sexual harassment, protecting intellectual property and network security.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 09:29 | 807620 OnTheWaterfront
OnTheWaterfront's picture

This may be the height of stupidity, are they going to jam news radio stations too.  Are pilots going to have to get rid of there Iphones.  What about all the thousands of other news websites doing stories on the cables. Morons!!!

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 09:33 | 807629 OnTheWaterfront
OnTheWaterfront's picture

Does this mean we are going to be a country denfended by people who only know what they read in the New York Post?

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 21:32 | 810303 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

In contrast:

"From the beginning of his detention, Manning has been held in intensive solitary confinement.  For 23 out of 24 hours every day -- for seven straight months and counting -- he sits completely alone in his cell.  Even inside his cell, his activities are heavily restricted; he's barred even from exercising and is under constant surveillance to enforce those restrictions.  For reasons that appear completely punitive, he's being denied many of the most basic attributes of civilized imprisonment, including even a pillow or sheets for his bed (he is not and never has been on suicide watch).  For the one hour per day when he is freed from this isolation, he is barred from accessing any news or current events programs."

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 06:08 | 811013 Thanatos
Thanatos's picture

This is some bad medicine. Isolation of this nature will create lasting problems for even the "strongest" after 24 months. It is well documented.

That is what the Supermax does... Isolation lobotomy. I would consider it more humane to be shoved into a tree shredder personally.

I don't really agree with what Manning did and even if I did, I know there is consequences for actions and the Military can do whatever it wants with you if they own you. However, if Manning is worthy of Iso then Assange must be worthy of at least Iso and then some.

Mannings cat is out of the bag. He probably isn't much of a threat to current opsec, why the Iso? Who Knows?

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