U.S Government Tops in User Data Request - 4,287 in Six Months!

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Wrong direction for America?  This is the direction america has been going for the past 50 years.  it is only getting easier for the govt to access our info thanks to the internet.  This "stimulus project" will make it even easier to acces our info:




good luck.

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Eh.  "Data requests" could mean subpoenas and "government" can mean the courts.  I get it how the blackhelicopterists see the government as an undifferentiated mass out to seize their double super-secret stash of Canadian gold coins (hint--the MIBs look in the toilet tank), but if "data requests" means, say, subpoenas from state trial courts, that's a different kettle o' fish.


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Fear and Loathing in the new America.


CNBC.com has an article on the new reality for health insurers, starting now, which has me thinking my rates will, again, hike soon. These companys will stay profitable to the end. The end being real reform or death.

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I hadn't heard of this before.  I searched around on the site and couldn't find detailed information about the requests anywhere.  I am assuming they don't say exactly what was removed and/or what agency made the request.  Is that right?

Also, that Reuters article is nuts if it's real.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Yes it would be nice to find out the details of the requests.