US Import Prices Down -0.5%, First Sequential Drop Since June 2010, Up 13.6% From Last Year

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Wow. Everything is really starting to turn around. I'm starting to hear birds chirp "my oh my.... what a wonderful day" from wall st. offices. 

Let me go ahead and get the MSM headline of the day out there for you.

"Stocks advance on news prices are going down demonstrating a slow but steady progress in the recovery efforts."

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So no need for QE3 then, I'm sure.

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14% inflation... yes we can.

I bet social security checks didn't go up by that much since last year.

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It's all part of the plan..."stealth death panels", if you will.

You don't expect us to actually pay the trillions in liabilities to those crotchety bastards do you?

We can't put it in the OMB projections, for obvious reasons, but rest assured: the republic is saved.

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import prices down but trade deficit up...



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<sarc/on>wow, this must mean that inflation is under control, we can do QE3 <sarc/off>

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How was it? You can lead the horse to the water but you can't make him drink... or something like that: backward translation to original languages seldom work correctly...