US Military Releases Official Investigation Results Relating To Wikileaks Iraq Massacre Video

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The US Military issues its official retort to the Wikileaks video. Here are the official US Army recommendations based on that episode:

I ratify the appointment of the investigating officer, MAJ [Blanked out]

The recommendation that:

-(10a) Members of the press be encouraged or required to wear identifying vests or distinctive body armor within the MND-B AOR is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

-(10b) Coalition Forces be notified when members of the press are operating in their AORs is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

-(10c) Condolence payments be made to families of the two children wounded in this engagement is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

I remand the matter to the 2/2ID Cdr for appropriate action.

Full report attached. The actual narrative begins on page 11 of 43.


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Cookie's picture

Buy shares in black marker pen manufacturers!!!

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The excuse which is best illustrated in point 6. is, at best; irrelevant. As for the rest; well it's US Military so no need to read the official propaganda pamphlet about the dogma of US Army infallibility and the same old narrative about how it is a "bringer of freedom and democracy". This changes nothing. Crimes were committed, and no one was held responsible. 

EDIT: And can someone provide me with the age definition of "military aged men" or is it just made up as one goes along. I mean in some parts of the world you become "military aged man" as soon as you are able to walk till you're not.

-273's picture

Definition of military age is 'as soon as your family are mown down in front of their houses by inhumane SOB's in cold blood, or your country is invaded for it's oil, you are ready to fight.'

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Cheeky Bastard,

As one who is a retired military officer, might I point out a few things.....

#1 there are evil men every where, yes even in the US military.

#2 the nature of war is such that ROE [rules of engagement] and the "fog of war" [which has both tactical elements as well as moral/human elements] create situations where those who a) have no military experience IN A COMBAT UNIT and b) were not present at the event in question OR the events leading up to the event in question should be gravely aware of their conclusions and comments.

#3 in the history of the world only Jesus Christ and the U.S. military combat soldier have ever, ever, dedicated their lives, to their death, to OBEDIENCE to someone above them and to the life and freedom of other humans.

Your words, and immature icon, reveal yourself to be of low moral character and self-absorbed immaturity.

And that you know nothing of which you speak.


Altan311's picture

1) There is no god

2) Clearly the criticisms were directed towards management not labor, so unless there is a retired Joint Chief posting in these comments, not really applicable. Also, although Cheeky sure is a son of a bitch, he's our son of a bitch, much like all the fuck-heads we cracked deals with over the last century.

3) The history of combat is not one of altruism. 

Cheeky Bastard's picture

#3 in the history of the world only Jesus Christ and the U.S. military combat soldier have ever, ever, dedicated their lives, to their death, to OBEDIENCE to someone above them and to the life and freedom of other humans.

You can not be serious. But OK, i get it, the bullshit about freedom that you were fed most of your life and how you are doing someone a favor by killing people who did nothing to you 20 000 km away from home rotted your brain. 

And you know who is obedient; dogs, dogs are obedient.  Not human beings, well not those human beings who have a functioning brain which allows them to question the nature of their actions. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Once a certain level of brainwashing has been reached (a tipping point so to speak) there are no further application needed for either maintenance or subsistence. The effect becomes self sustaining and infectious.

One can not kill another with deliberate intention without some type of dissociation from the person killed. Any military (not just the USA) must break down the individual man (ego) and then put it back together in a manner that allows them to kill while maintaining discipline and continuity. The ego is replaced by the chain of command, the almighty God of the military, and most insidious, the need to protect their buddies, so they are killing for a good cause. There is just enough leeway allowed for the soldier to say they aren't "that" way while still being "that" way.

You should pull up some officer training manuals sometime. The mind games they play with themselves and others is frightening. It's no accident that the first applications for the brain washing research taken from the Nazi doctors were in the military and then the CIA. Nationalism is a very powerful drug when used in conjunction with mind control. We see this in the comment section of the Wiki-leaks video yesterday.

The term Rules Of Engagement is a wonderful way of cleansing murder. Hey, I followed the rules. The bastard shouldn't have.........fill in the blank. I busted down the door while screaming who I was. The bastard started to move so I shot him. He shouldn't have moved. I followed the rules so I'm clean.

The need to have rules to justify killing is insane. We live in an insane world and to expect people to act sane in an insane world is.......wait for it.......insane.

Mercury's picture

The need to have rules to justify killing is insane.

Of course, we should probably have no rules in this area.

Oh right, we shouldn't have killing either because we now know that the default setting for human beings is peace, love and kindness.  So if we all just dropped the aggressive posturing, harmony would reign.

Cheer up boys, you're unicorn riding president just today took nuclear deterance off the table beacuse it's mean and makes other countries feel uncomfortable.

No borders, free welfare, weak military and no money...shouldn't be long now!

I can hardly wait for the utopia of a USA-free world.  The brochures are simply wonderful.

Clampit's picture

"Cheer up boys, you're unicorn riding president just today took nuclear deterance off the table beacuse it's mean and makes other countries feel uncomfortable."

Wait, how exactly to you take nuclear "deterrence" off the table? In case you haven't heard, the USA already detonated one. Some anthropological scientists even go so far as to suggest we might have the capability to do it again, and that anything done to forcibly remove said capability therein might likely add propensity to deterrence. The most you can argue then, by virtue of disembottled genie thesis, is that the USA now can only insure the nuclear deterrence status, not revoke it.

And one more question, do I have to support all the troops?


Mercury's picture

Well, if you bothered to read the story I linked to or follow the news at all you would know.

The reason why it has been unwise for a state actor to attack the US or openly make war on it (since WW II) is that there was a non-zero chance that the US would retaliate with overwhelming (nuclear) force and turn that state into a parking lot.

Would we (the US) or wouldn't we actually do that and under what conditions exactly?  That was left purposely vague.  This is called strategic ambiguity and aside from foreign wars that we've started or inserted ourselves into it's hard to argue that it hasn't been an effective policy regarding other hostile or semi-hostile states.  A deterrent. Strategic ambiguity is also our policy regarding the defense of Taiwan.

President Obama just officially took that option off the table - nuclear as well as some non-nuclear capabilities we plans to sign away in Prague.  It's not every day that you hear a head of state, let alone the president of The United States explicitly declare that he will not use every available means to defend his country and it's people in the event of a war.  I am arguing that this is a bad thing. I would further argue that this an even more signifigant foreign policy development than the release of a two year old video depicting a small firefight -however horrible that depicted event may be- where some of the surrounding details are unclear.


Clampit's picture

Aaah, so by signing a document in Prague we can fully predict the actions of a nuclear savvy USA following exceptional adverse circumstances.  I didn't realize this was a binding agreement.

It's good informed people like you are on top of these things.

(Note to our international readership; please realize that not every US citizen walks around with their dick swinging in the wind.)




Mercury's picture

There's nothing savvy about what Obama is doing here.

Clampit's picture

I think it's all political posturing (by savvy I was referencing technical knowhow) and not meriting praise or scorn. My original comment was aimed at pointing out that it matters not what we say, or what treaties we sign, or even if we ship all our nukes to N Korea; our society has developed the nuclear card capability, putting it back in the deck isn't really an option. I suppose we could misplace it for awhile, but if real war breaks out in NYC or something, it's not like we're going to honor treaties and accords. When push comes to shove we will do, as always, anything we can.

BTW, apologies for my rude comment and tone; one thing this country doesn't need is more divisiveness.

DaveyJones's picture

They did something to us. They had the audacity to place their country right on top of our oil. And on top of that, as he tried to explain, they don't think Jesus is the messiah.   

loki's picture

 "Not human beings, well not those human beings who have a functioning brain which allows them to question the nature of their actions."


@ Cheeky,

Yes, like the thinking that goes into the strapping onto one's self explosives meant to kill innocent men, women and children.

No brainwashing going on there.  No sirree.    Worse yet, why not just take the retarded members of your society and remote-detonate shrapnel filled ordnance strapped to them instead.  No brainwashing needed.

You really don't get it, do you?

VegasBD's picture

There is no god dude.

If so, then prove it. The burden of proof doesnt lay on me, its on the people who make ridiculous claims that there is an invisible person that is all powerful, but needs money every sunday from mortals to subsidize his franchises.

"If you believe absurdities, you'll comit attrocities" I dont think there is a better example of that than you and the live youve lived. I dont give a shit about your military background either. Youre part of the problem, sir.

Edmon Plume's picture

If God is dead, then anything is permissable. -Sartre

Without a standard, your strong feelings regarding this situation are mere wasted emotions, and your words are editorials.  I can't spit and sputter either for or against this without a moral reference point.  What's yours, and what makes it valid?

DaveyJones's picture

you're right, it is absolutely impossible for human beings to develop moral standards without first inventing an abstract entity that created the known universe

pan-the-ist's picture

That's way to subtle for most to find amusing.

Edmon Plume's picture

I know that was meant as sarcasm, but the premise is actually quite true, though the rest is false.  What's the moral standard for taking the life of another human being?  A few dozen forum members can't even agree on it.

DaveyJones's picture

jurors make that decision every day

pan-the-ist's picture

That is a bit out of context. Sartre (and anyone with more than a junior high education) knows that morality is not absolute.  It requires individuals to be able to think on their own and make responsible decisions within multiple frames of reference and integrate it into their judgement, according to their values.  It isn't easy, but neither is being an adult.  Most people act and then 'reason' their actions were just, post hoc.


As an aside, Sartre died before he could (meaningfully) reconcile his belief in freewill with his atheism and dependence on reason.

Edmon Plume's picture

Were the soldiers' actions wrong, and if so, by what standard?  Did they not "think on their own and make responsible decisions within multiple frames of reference and integrate it into their judgement, according to their values?"  I can thus both exonerate them and condemn them, depending on what any given person means by "responsible" and "judgement" and "values".  Would it be just to punish them, or would justice be served by giving them medals, or would justice be served by doing nothing?

pan-the-ist's picture

When I saw clear evidence of the RPG in the group I came to the conclusion that (some of) the violence was justified.

Fortunately, the criminal justice system doesn't depend on belief in God, your moral code, or even Freewill...

That being said, it seemed too easy for the Apache crew and their chain of command to be judge, jury, and executioner.

macfly's picture

OMFG, are you for real, HCSKnight ? I'm even more scared of the hideousnous that lurks in the hearts and minds of the Pentagon when I read your #3.

Were you one of the ones who planted the Termate in WTC 1, 2 & 7?

Popo's picture

> "in the history of the world only Jesus Christ and the U.S. military combat soldier have ever, ever, dedicated their lives, to their death, to OBEDIENCE to someone above them and to the life and freedom of other humans."


Well, there's at least two spoonfulls of bullshit that you've apparently swallowed.    At least Jesus had a hell of a career, but the US military combat soldiers are sadly dying to help someone else's.  

I'll bet suicide bombers say something like "in the history of the world only Mohammed and us strong brave suicide bombers have ever, ever dedicated our lives, to the death, to the OBEDIENCE to someone above them... blah blah."    At least they get to screw 40 nubiles when it's all over.



Grappa's picture

"At least they get to screw 40 nubiles when it's all over."


As an interesting sidenote. In some translations that is 40 pure and white raisins (or nuts, can't fully remember and don't have this reference).



Miss Expectations's picture

Do US military combat soldiers believe they are Christlike?

Suffer the little children.

I find your reply to Cheeky truly disgusting.


Altan311's picture

Pun intended, but GOD I love Zerohedge.

wyosteven's picture

"And that you know nothing of which you speak."

Silly ass-clowns on the internet seldom do, but are attention seekers in drag none the less.

Hephasteus's picture

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Your obedience is a corruption. Oh and fuck jesus christ while your at it. I heard an old woman gave him her last penny and he knew she was going to die from it but he took it anyway. A deciever needs a believer. Do something smaller next time that doesn't involve wasting a bunch of resources and treating people like they are nothing. Learn and move on. Stay out of church, stay out of gangs and stop defending them.

A little bit of self absorption could do you some good if the only thing you want to create in the world is dead people and a lame attempt to get people to stop standing up to you. Or would it bother you if me and cheeky bastard ganged up on you and killed you because the 2 of us create something bigger and higher and more powerful than just the one of us.

I have not a lot but a few family in military or formerly in miltary. The military is not a damn thing but a different sense of self. It's got nothing to do with other senses of self. You don't have to defend it any more than you have to defend any other dynamic of self. A mother who hits her kid when they are totally out of control shouldn't be jailed for child abuse if it's the only means of gaining control she can find.

And there's the saturn thing again. Everybody who doesn't do what you do is a bedwetter or immature or a child. Well grampa if you're so fucking mature then why do you fucking fail massively at protecting anything but the interests of rich controlling manipulating jackasses. I mean you keep fucking serving and the world keeps getting worse and worse. How much longer can you continue being a maturity fuckup before you believe your lying eyes. And if your so goddamn protective why am I hearing stories about soldiers telling women that they have no idea what is coming. And why is half of america ready to shoot if they see one any troops coming.

Enjoy your kingdom of IMF fucks and bankers and killers cause trying to co-create with this kind of stupidity just isn't working out for about 6 billion of us. I don't speak for everyone but I'm prepared to give you a fuck off and stay fucked off that will last forever. And quit taking credit for the comforts of america. They happend not because of you fucks but DESPITE you fucks.

Howard Beale's picture

Thank you for your service.

I suggest that anyone critical of the way the US military handled this situation display their righteousness in the following manner:
1. gather up a bunch of guys with small arms
2. get a camera with an 18" long lens
3. point camera at some other country's military when they are engaged in hostile activities.
4. let your survivors do an FOIA request

Kataphraktos's picture

Leonidas and his 300 Spartans were from Sparta, Georgia? I did not know this.


I'm trying to figure out if you are this dumb because you are ex-military, a God person, or merely another of the millions of miseducated, ignorant Americans.

Edmon Plume's picture

You answered your own question.  Military age is arbitrary.  In some cases it is merely the downward pressure  on age limits to accommodate all the older men who are wiped out.  Sadly, in other places, toddlers are explosives mules, sent into warzones with the intent to give enemy soldiers insanity over killing a child or having them wipe out a unit of men.

Hondo's picture

Well, I can't get it open.  Either there is high traffic or they've made it very difficult to get to the FOIA page.  Which is amazing in itself that you would have a page specifically for FOIA information.  I love the military but this action reminds me of Vietnam from the aspect of top brass losing control and just plain careless in everything they do.  The war has drag on for to long without the clear objective of winning ( by the way is the same as Vietnam).  We should have won that war and this war in as little as 6 months to a year from boots on the ground.  But as usual politics gets involved and we end up losing men, moral, and money through stupidity (that includes both administratons).

dabullify's picture

The only really important thing to remember here is that the Arab world hates America because of her freedom........

Cheeky Bastard's picture

.... and strong fiscal and monetary policy and it's many many choice of TV channels and soft drinks ..... uh .... and McDonalds .... yeah ... McDonalds and CNBC and fake tits ..

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Your tits are fake? :>)

Say it ain't so Cheeky, say it ain't so.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

My tits are real !!!!1


-LA Bimbo

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Nope, neither. Just a man who conducted (and still conducts) some serious self reflection in order to save myself.

Nothing focuses the mind and clears the bullshit quite like the certain knowledge that an agonizing death is just around the corner if major life changes aren't made immediately and permanently. Suddenly so many things in life that were previously viewed as extremely important no longer were or are. I received the most important gift anyone could receive, the gift of desperation. I keep that gift close at hand even today, 20 years later.

Anybody and thus anything can change. I know this because I did and the odds were a million to one I would not. All it took was a change in my state of mind. Poof, change that and everything else changes. It really is that simple but we complicate life in order to remain the same and go with the flow. We are basically lazy in dealing with the gift of our life because we fail to see the value in our existence. We are as cavalier with our life as we are with others, though everybody will immediately argue that point.

"I want to live" they all say. Really? Then why do we live in polluted cities eating chemically infested food, drinking toxic water based drinks and using and wearing carcinogenic filled products while killing each other with guns and war machines? Because we are surrounded by the insanity, since it's our lives, it's normal and thus natural. Besides, we can't change.

But I did. And if I did, anyone and anything can. Thus my message.

Sorry for the dissertation to your simple question, but I assumed you wanted to know a little more about CD. I keep things close to the vest here on ZH, but I thought maybe it was time to show a peek.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm going to step into the deep end here Andy and say that I think NYC is undergoing (has been for at least 10 years) a group psychological operation of the most secret kind. I won't get into the how or even why but the powers that be have methods at their disposal that are not public.

wyosteven's picture

"...have methods at their disposal that are not public."

The rest of the US is figuring out that NY is a state sponsor of financial terrorism.  They have spent all of everyone else's money (past, present, and future) and are bankrupting a republic's treasury with (continued) fraud and fear.

If I was responsible for what is ahead of us I would feel bad too...

I was recently made aware of the large increases of college grads heading into the military as the job opportunities are dismal.  6 years of service on average. 


tip e. canoe's picture

"Take me out to the watershed..."  ;~>
don't worry, we's a resilient bunch of mofos.  whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, no?


Steak's picture

i'm glad ya made it man...its clear that your experience informs your views, n we're all the better for you sharing them with us

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank you Steak.

Have you noticed that people basically react to me one of two different ways. Either they are extremely turned off and even angry with me or they are quite receptive. It's clear from this reception that I'm tapping into something. As long as I can hear an occasional welcome I'll keep coming back. But I must admit the hate does wear on me at times. 

Thanks again. I can't tell you how much a smile means to me sometimes. I'm not really that brave a soul.