US Military Says Repositioning Forces In Area Around Libya To Be Able To Provide Flexibility And Options

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Did they bring any cruise missiles? I hear they work a lot better these days.

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Of course we did.

Charlie Bravo

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Charlie Bravo Tango Tripoli-Blockade Bitchez!

Charlie Bravo KaDAffy Cruise Missile Bitchez!

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I've caught myself whistling that at least once a day since this thing started.

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Here's what American style "caring" looks like...which begs the question...Who is America trying to protect?:

Libya: African mercenaries 'immune from prosecution for war crimes'

African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend's UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

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Didn't we withdraw from that in 2002 to "protect" the contractors we hire that are pretty much in everything but name, mercs.

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CD-yes, and some of us remember the D.I. saying: "You're going to keep on doing it until you do it right!"

- Ned

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Would this become a territory or our 51st state?

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Nah, Ghadaffi's residence will be an oversized pond though.


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Yes, I've even heard that there is a 1% chance that one might even hit the right target if they fire 100 of them at the same time to the same target!

Technology, I LOVE IT!


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Warning: Do not shoot at the cruise missiles, it makes them, er, unpredictable.


disclaimer: I am not a bloodthirsty bastidge. But if KaDaffy got his it might save lives.

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Gadaffi fights fire with cash, hands it out to whoever is hanging out in his opium den.

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Someone has to create all that glass to replace all the broken windows we'll need to stimulate our economy

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It's all for the children, ya know.

That's why we get paid extra.

It's all for the children.


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Typical USA spreading peace and democracy one DRONE MISSILE at a time.

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Sounds like a parody of "Money for nothing, and chicks for free."

Which reminds me of a song parody that I heard in '86, when Reagan bombed Libya, that was based on John Cougar Mellencamp's "Rockin' in the USA" - it was called "Rockets from the USA."  Damned fine song, too, I just wish that I could find it somewhere. 

Sam Kinison also had a great routine on that raid, especially the part about how we "accidentally" dropped a laser-guided bomb on the French embassy...and the fact that our pilots had to fly another 6,500 air miles because the Froggies didn't give us overflight rights is just a ... pure coincidence. 

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It's only fun until someone loses an eye.  Then the party is started.

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That Libya has oil is just a coincidence. This is strictly a humanitarian mission.

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"smash and grab" on the geopolitical stage

If we (twitter/CIA) can just keep this "liberty" wave rolling, we might just end up with ALL the oil reserves in the end !

God Bless America !

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Obama and anyone who feels this way needs to get their guns and head up to the front line. Don't send real Marines and Soldiers into another bullshit mission.

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I think it is ROSH-STFU day bitchez!

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To get 5, you need to make a sarcastic reference to Israel as the great harbinger of peace.

edit: Damn, SD, you made it to 5 by the time I got 2.

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My Monday morning is complete. No, it doesn't take much.

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No need for humanitarian aid. Libya sits on the UN Human Rights council. All is well.

Ahhh, that's right, the UN is getting around to ousting them from said Council. NM, commence humanitarian aid mission "Turn it All to Glass".

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I think Khaddafy is doomed.  Why?  Because arch-Magister Hillary was running her piehole about MK's atrocities to humanity, this morning.

Our Admin would not release such commentary unless they were comfortable Khaddafy was a lost cause.  What we have here is the Administration scrambling to get to the head of the parade and pretend they are leading it.

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The same goes for the UK. Harsh rhetoric, and confiscation of financial assets. Imagine what Gaddafi would tell the UK what they can do with their signed oil contracts if he were to retain power.

Libya is a done deal. Who's up next?

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Wait what?  Aren't we broke?  Who is paying for this?  Do we get some of their oil?


New world order, same old lies.  Hedge accordingly.

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"Do we get some of their oil?"

We get ALL the OIL and they get USD.

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Whatever happened to stretching exercises?

You mean like this?

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I sure could have a good time with a intellectual woman like that!




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Yes....but they are usually disappointed with my small "brain".

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perhaps if you get them really drunk before the "conversation" they won't notice?


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I've been sitting staring at this for 5 minutes now (a worthwhile investment)... does she have 3 boobs?

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Rofl.  Lighting needs to be taken into account by the photographer...  kind of like this picture...

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LMFAO with the pic, MM. Took me a couple of seconds to realize it wasn't a set up but a lighting snafu. Good stuff.

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Hard to believe they're natural, but they are!  Google for "Chloe Vevier"

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More than a mouthfull is a waste and requires a jogging bra.


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"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!" -- Mae West

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Stretching exercises?? How do the beltway bandits make money off of that?

Once retired colonels and generals get paid to go to yoga class, maybe it will be a different story.

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Flexability bitchez!