US Must Create 245,500 Jobs A Month To Return To December 2007 Employment Rate By End Of Obama Second Term

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Looking at today's NFP report which beat consensus by 26K jobs, it is easy to lose perspective of the big picture. Whch is as follows: in order to regain the millions of jobs lost since the start of the Depression in December 2007, and return to the same unemployment rate when factoring in the natural growth rate of the labor force of 90,000 per month (not our estimate: CBO's), the economy will need to create 245,500 jobs each and every month by the end of Obama's tentative second term in November 2016.

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"By End Of Obama Second Term"

I just spit coffee all over my screen.  Nice comedic relief!

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I just choked on my cookie and passed milk through my nose.  That was funny!

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what comic relief?  Obama wins against almost any of the losers the Republicans can toss out against him. 



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Personally I liked the Depression beginning in December 2007 remark, I agree too.

Obama's second term...? That shit makes me cry at night all over my pillows.

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7.5% unemployment will get Obummer re-elected, bitchez!

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Yep - the political appointees at the Ministry of Truth will print whatever number they think they need to print in order to get 4-more years at the public teat.

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With data manipulation they will get the number there. Reality, however, will tell a different story. The government will lose credibility (assuming there was any begin with)

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[With data manipulation they will get the number there. Reality, however, will tell a different story. The government will lose credibility...]---Ray1968

And with it, credibility in the currency. Hallmark of hyperinflation. History is predictable.

They will undo themselves; they cannot help themselves.


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they cannot help themselves.

Agreed. The die is cast. We no longer have men of character nor do we have a society that is willing to do what it takes to fix the problem. The pain will be too great for voluntary correction, so they will wait until death is upon us.

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Just saw an interview on Bloomberg with Betty Liu and some smug White House lackey who said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Of course, this doesn't count the people who dropped out of the workforce and are not looking for employment, but should they start looking again, we will count them."


Brilliant.  Fucking brilliant.

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The lapdog Media, Socialist Labor Unions, and entitlement-brokerage non-profits WILL subvert our 2012 elections anyway.

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Was 2010 the last free and fair election?

Will 2012 be the last free and fair election?

Am wondering.


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Don't forget the disputed results and the 51% wins for Bush on 2000 and 2004. Don't kid yourself, I don't think we've had a relatively "fair" one since maybe the 1980s?

This just came out about 2010:

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Yes we can do that! At least that is what will be reported.

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The only thing the US can create are SPY trading units and fiat currency

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please draw chart showing what year US FEDERAL BUDGET deficit is going to be zero? cant wait to see one

more jobs. more income, more taxes, deficit is less..

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To save you the suspense my calculations have that occuring around the year technology has advanced to the level that Ted Williams head is reaninamated and affixed to a cyborg. As a matter of fact I am hearing we will celebrate this occasion and victory for Keynesian policies by having Ted personally air drop the last dollar owed to China as he cruises past them on his hoverboard. Im just sad I will not be around to see this day.

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What's the number of jobs that have to be created monthly once you subtract-out the totally made-up "birth-death adjustment" to NFP, I wonder.  Probably rather well north of 300K.

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We're gonna need a bigger ink cartridge.

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It's amazing how quickly the zeitgeist here has changed from QE3 is inevitable to QE3 is dead. I guess QE Lite continues. I guess we will see whether this market can stay levitated without the prospect of more overt moneyprinting by Ben. I still think that Faber is right : "The moneyprinter will print" but how is the question.

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successive rounds of publicly disclosed austerity and stimulus...  while, probably, at the same time running background stimulus/guarantees/swaps...  the only question is whether the economy implodes as planned or explodes from too much explosive charge.  Either way, it ends in a hyperinflationary depression.

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[successive rounds of publicly disclosed austerity and stimulus...]---MachoMan

Thanks for your post, Macho.

I'm in the QE3, 4, 5, etc. camp. However, the term "QE" will likely be a avoided as a matter of talking point policy. Very much like March 2009 when the Fed went to the TBTF banks and informed them another public bailout would not be tolerated by the public; instead, the Fed did a quiet work-around to float the banks.

Expect QE3, 4, 5, etc. but it may be a quiet work-around. They print. They always print.


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Yes.  "background stimulus".  The goal is a successive decrease in the amount of stimulus, aka a controlled demolition.  The problem, of course, is that not only the % of debt to revenues matters, but also the aggregate debt...  meaning, unless it's actually being worked off, we're just digging the hole deeper, even if some type of organic recovery occurs and as a percentage, we look errr better or we look better relatively speaking by doing "less" stimulus.

QE may always be disregarded for a more advantageous term.  However, make no mistake, we will take to the streets to demand stimulus...  in the form of continuation of entitlements.  While it may be politically impossible to stuff through another TARP to the banks, it will not be to stuff through a Teachers Airmen Retirees and Patrolmen (TARP) stimulus act of 2011.  

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Faber is correct.

QE 18 will be implemented in the name of "National Security". This will be during the Hyper-Inflationary Depression of course.

Successive QE will be checks in the mail or entries into every bank account.

Listen to Marc explain this in the lecture he gave to the Mises Institute in early 2010 months in front of QE2

go ahead 14 mins in

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Where's Harry Wanger! He's kicked the crap out of most of our resident geniuses by picking stocks using the tried-and-true "throw darts" method.

Wall Street is laughing its ass off at ZH. Time to get back to work, serfs!

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Someone has blog envy... Did the mean old management at Moody's deny your vacation time again?

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And Tyler is looking for more gloom and doom to keep the readership numbers up. How many articles on NFP today? The over/under is five.

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Teh internets is a big place, and you are certainly free to go elsewhere, Mr. Rearless Fick.

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Ha, ha, you're so funny and clever, switching the fist letters on my name. Think I'll hang out here and disrupt the scary "Fight Club" loonies until I set a new record for junks. Government wins, losers!

Come on, punch me, bitchez!

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sigh. another legless vagina scraping across the carpet.

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You're here reading so he must be doing something right, you government troll.

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Obama can quickly improve the job situation by starting a really big war. A military draft will instantly take unemployment to zero. First you start by keeping any wars remaining from prior administrations going. Next you start a little war for oil somewhere and tell everyone it's for humanitarian reasons........

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Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run just to give everyone in the US $1,000,000, tax it at 90%, and let everyone pay off their unsecured debt or buy 50 inch plasma screen TVs?

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Unfortunatly, 50" plasmas would cost $200,000 if that event were to take place. :(

Here's my idea: Hang CONgress in Times Square and send corrupt CEO's to the Ivory Coast w/ the shirts on their backs and a shovel.

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NP just print jobs

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Who knows, QE is stopped, crash, bonds go up, rates are raised, PIMCO and the Chinese jump back in, zero sum game, but the end of the world is averted.

Then again the USA may participate in Yentervention XXL QE "Fukushima Edition" afterwards and the little wallowing Euro-PIIGies printathon.

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I don't know nothing about no employment problems.  What I do know is that the criminal syndicate Wall Street whipping boys must be doing a very poor job of making more very "special" algorithms purchase shares of Apple, the world's largest maker of zombies.

It is as if someone walked into Duncan Niederauer little secret closet and said, "Computer...end program Zombie...and Earl Grey, hot!"

Someone should co locate Jordi quickly, and make sure the KG60 modulator is still working in the holodeck NYSE. 

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Their downgrade to market perform could begin to weigh more in days to come.

Was that the way to treat America's darling and #1 producer of non-inflationary foodstuffs ?

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As one well known mind control propaganda puppet says, "keep on dancing till the world ends!"

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Over: 7 articles related to NFP. Number of typos in headlines: 2. TD needs to add +1 to the NFP data by hiring a proofreader.

Now, where's that CogDis guy? Zero Hedge readers are suffering from CD by not believing that government can create statistics to "match the policy." Now where did we hear that term before?

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Winning the future fuckers.

Jobs 2012

The sycophants at HuffPo are in engaged a triumphant mass delusion, a veritable Keynesian victory orgy.

I want out.

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Ha, as if anybody with the money to hire or invest wants to create jobs...

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US Must Create 245,500 Jobs A Month To Return To December 2007 Employment Rate By End Of Obama Second Term



US Must REPORT 245,500 Jobs A Month To Return To December 2007 Employment Rate By End Of Obama Second Term

There....all better.





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Oh good grief!  Brother forgot to say "computer."

Get a room over at the Roach Motel [SPY], embrace the algorithm, unpack, and grab a free cocktail down in the lounge.  Be the criminal syndicate Wall Street banker inside of you!

" diagnostic on crew member boilermaker.  Report."

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The old canard of "lies repeated often enough become the truth" is beginning to lose its relevancy as even the HS dropouts check their empty pockets and exclaim WTF!

Look for more illegal drugs to flood the market at lower prices to keep the sheeple medicated.

"Hope and change" morphs to "high and broke".