US Treasury Burns $90 Billion In Cash In Under Two Weeks

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Now that's what one calls prudent fiscal planning...

Source: DTS

Now granted this is mostly due to paying off maturing Bills, which Geithner can't roll due to the debt ceiling being breached. But keep in mind that as we pointed out in T-Minus Two Months Until The $500 Billion Rolling Debt Ticking Timebomb Goes Off that there is nearly $500 billion in maturing short and long-term debt in the next month and a half which there will be no money to fund unless a debt ceiling decision is reached, but not by August 2, but July 22... or a week from today. And with Boehner refusing the Camp David dance invitation today, one can see why for the first time this afternoon we saw a coordinated sell off in bonds and stocks as the market is finally asking "what if..."



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Catastrophic things will happen if they don't get their next dose of heroin.

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Treasury> Spare some change?

Me> Fuck off, parasite. Get a job.

Treasury> I just need money for a bus.

Me> Sorry. Get a job.

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If the date is July 22nd, then why are all the politicians talking about August 2nd? Can someone let me know? Thanks!

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Red Tape. They need agreement on the Debt Ceiling by 22nd July at the latest, so that it has time to be officially legislated and prepared and ready for Darth Obama's signature by August 2nd.

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They just bought Google with it...up 10% (53 points AH)....



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GOOG chopped heads, so buy!

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Looks prudent to me.  Why didn't they blow through 2 or 3 times as much.  Just think of the jobs created or saved!

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Dr. Krugman,

Would GOOGLE's CEO be wise to offshore more jobs to India, which has lower wages, but an english speaking and technically proficient labor force, especially in the IT sector?

What would John Maynard Keynes have said about this possibility, its consequences to both the U.S. and India, and to tax revenues and government expenditures?

Finally, which locale would Keynesianism hold out as the ideal place, given comparative advantages, to build a massive, 5 million square foot shovel factory, to equip the Keynesian Model worker of the future, for his/her shovel ready job?

My best guess is either in Guangdong Province, China, or Indonesia.


Thank you for your response.

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Never let children play with matches.

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Austerity for the Rich!


and "We the People" are the back stop and the form of payment in the event of a default! PLUS! "We the People" will pay 6% to the Federal Reserve for the Loan!


Wake Up!


When the Federal Reserve Loans Money to the United States of America! "We the People" pay / carry the interest!

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There is nothing wrong with being rich - it's HOW you got rich (by stealing, or did you get rich honestly) - and some of the richest people in the world are still up to their eyeballs in debt - remember when Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy a few years ago? 

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You're right, there is nothing wrong with being rich. 

I would however like to have someone who is rich and is Howard Beale mad over repeal of the Bush tax cuts to submit to an analysis of what they pay in taxes as compared to an analysis of the cost of the government services they use. 

It's a little hard to define what I mean, but I'm cynical enough to suggest that the madder you are, the more you are hiding. Besides, surely the rich (and I really mean business owners and their employees/staff/families) do things like fly more than average, so the cost of TSA and even airports should be considered. The rich travel overseas so the cost of protecting them, they own larger properties, drive more and live farther away so the cost of extended infrastructure should be factored in. I know there are other taxes that offset some of this, but on balance it would just be interesting to see the big picture and how it all is really distributed because figures don't lie but liars figure and the truth doesn't matter as much as perception and finding the proper spin to promote your cause.     

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Do you have a couple Global Expresses?

Do you have a super yacht with a sister?

Do you have trusts that hedge against each other? on and off shore?


Do you know that $20 Million net worth and under is considered middle class?


well, I think we have cleared up what is the difference is.

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First you need to define the rich. In California, anyone with over $46,000 of taxable income is in the highest tax bracket aka the "rich"

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Maybe they upgrade from Ipad 1 to 2 for every government employee?

I've heard the IPAD1 can't run the US AUSTERITY APP.

whatever. What's 90 billion in a trillion dollar world?


Did anybody see the Google revenue?

Revenue of 7,85$ per share this Q with a pricetarget of 600$?



Revenue soared 36 percent to $6.92 billion from $5.09 billion a year ago.

Analysts expected Google to earn $7.85 a share on revenue of $6.55 billion, according to Thomson Reuters.

Net income increased 36 percent to $2.51 million, or $7.68 a share.

Google shares have a had a rocky week after a downgrade by Morgan Stanley, which cut its price target on the stock to $600 from $645.


This is how the 2000 tech bubble looked like and ended:

But this time will be different off course... of course...


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What's really interesting is that there non-GAAP earnings "crushed" estimates, while their GAAP eps came in at....

....tada!!!  Estimates.

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Bah.  Cash is trash.  Timmay knows what Ben's been up to...'s picture

Dude, these are not linear. Look at the opening balance at the beginning of the year. Stop posting junk, please?

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"what if..."

Little TaxCheat gets a bridge loan from JPM?

If the Morgue will do it for CA, they'll do it for any bankrupt entity.

JW n FL's picture

what is the Bridge Attached too?


JPM may be looking at some very nice Un-Emcumbered Property on the beach on down town? but I doubt that Cali got a freebie from JP.. because JP had the loan sold before it wrote the contract.

Helena Bonham-Carter's picture

For our losses the exchequer is too poor; for th' effusion of our blood, the muster of its kingdom too faint a number; and for our disgrace, even Obama kneeling at our feet but a weak and worthless satisfaction.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

nice to seeya spending more time @ the fight club set!

whatever, you do, don't scream with prez0 kneeling at yer feet like that.  think what could happen!  oh!  the humanity!  LOL!

Helena Bonham Carter Remembers Peeing Herself During Harry Potter | Movieline

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They're out of control and need to be taken off the track to cool down for awhile.

mynhair's picture

"Put down" would be a more appropriate racing term.

CH1's picture

Uh... yeah, but they don't want to, and they employ all the armed men.

Max Hunter's picture

Exactly!!.. Like sex with Kobe or Ben Toothlessburger.. you can try to say no.. but.. .. but.. it's gonna happen..

mynhair's picture

Dang, didn't know those redskins had a market.  What's the listing for Firewater?

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$90b used to be a lot of money... sadly, it wasn't too long ago.

Still the citizenry sit idle by, they will literally put up with anything. Proven 100%.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, a dollar used to be money.

Sudden Debt's picture

Gold also used to be money... now it's only a tradition

Sudden Debt's picture

I only need to work about 100.000 years for that money.

If only if I where able to keep my luxery expenses like morgage, food and clothing at zero....

so make that 150.000 years give or take...

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If I had 90 Billion, there is no way I can spend all that in two weeks. Hell I might just use most of it to keep my county solvent and take care of the people in my area. They would spend it better than I ever can.

With that said, I might indulge in a small jet and learn how to fly it.

Sudden Debt's picture

It's only 300$ per inmate, I mean American, I mean person who lives in America.


mynhair's picture

Lightweight.  Buy a shuttle and get the flock out of Dodge with $90 bil.

Of course then the IRS would start their own space program.

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US Treasury Burns $90 Billion In Cash In Under Two Weeks

This has got to be a Freudian slip.....right Tyler? Because they only burned cash in Wiemar Germany and recently in Zimbabwe.

Say it ain't so Tyler, say it ain't so.

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Didn't you get your $2 in the mail for the AIDS survey?

Piranhanoia's picture

They had to bail out Vulgaria, Moronica and Sylvania. They have blackmail on so many folks claiming to be born in this country.

bugs_'s picture

the train seems to go faster as it approaches the end of the tracks

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90 billion = over $600 for every working person in the U.S.>>>in two weeks

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$90 Billion or 5x's the projected revenue ($2 Trillion over 10 yrs) amount of possible revenue gained from taxing the 'wealthy' per month.

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You know if you told investors at the top of the last bubble that corporations like Lulu, Netflix, Autozone, Chipotle, and Priceline would be trading at the levels they are now, they would have said you were insane.

Can you imagine in 2007 saying, "Hey I think Priceline is a $500 stock."

Ever see the movie Fail Safe? I think a couple guys want to drop the bomb just to see what will happen. This market has inflated to a 100 Megaton warhead aimed straight at the heart of America.