On The Verge Of The FOMC Presser, Dollar Hits 3 Year Low

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It appears the market is in a festive mood today, just 8 hours ahead of the first largely irrelevant FOMC press conference (yes, Bernanke has fielded irrelevant Q&A before, and yes, whenever he met a question he did not like, he disagreed with it and moved on). As a result the long-suffering US Dollar, which continues to be down YTD as much as the market is up, confirming that in real term there has been absolutely no gains in the stock asset class, has just hit a 3 year low and just a little more to go until the all time low is breached. And this is in addition to the just announced S&P outlook cut on Japan, which has seen some incremental shorting of the Yen which unfortunately now is a secondary carry funding currency, and you can see that while the dollar should be getting at least a modest push higher the EURUSD is now toying with 1.47. The biggest winner in FX land continues to be the USD-backed CHF, which is outperforming every other pair. And elsewhere, after doing its all too usual OpEx shenanigans, gold is also back in fine form, over $1,506 and going higher now that the shakeout of the latest batch of weak holders has taken place. All in all, a perfect day for nobody to ask whether it is US policy to destroy its own currency.


Dollar performance relative to varioous FX pairs. The lower, the weaker. CHF winner by a mile:

And Gold. No more OpEx monkey business. At least for a few weeks.