Victory For Social Democrats - Follow Portugal's Irrelevant Election Results Live

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As expected, the Portuguese elections appear to be a massive victory for the Social Democrats' Pedro Passos Coelho, who is now guaranteed to replace Socrates as Portugal's next PM. The latest results indicate a 41.08% lead for the PSD compared to 28.77% for the PS. What will this change in terms of national policies for this latest IMF vassal state? Absolutely nothing (as discussed earlier). Follow the latest district by district data live here.

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Tangential, but let's ban the terms Democrat and Republican in US political discourse. Call them left/right-leaning socialists/statists. Don't give the usurpers the satisfaction of taking control of words and the ideas they represent, and perverting them for their own sick ends(i.e. what liberal used to mean and what it means now). This is a powerful weapon on the battlefield of ideas.

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that's an excellent idea. i had taken to not using the words at all, but this is a better idea!

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There is no left/right remaining in Portugal (or anywhere else for that matter). This is evidenced by the fact that policy cannot change, from outgoing to incoming seat warmers, fossicking over the carcass of industry and country that was bankrupted by their same centralized, socialist, pick-pocketing namesakes.

When Peter has robbed Paul of his property, to the point of destitution, (vicariously using a stand-over bureaucracy to morally legitimize the theft - "the government did it"), there is no productive capacity left for any wealth to be generated.

Bankrupt's don't dictate terms and therefore the moribund government is handed a new mandate: of Liquidator.

It doesn't matter who holds the reins of the horsless carriage of government. The horses have been sold off. The truly sad part is they keep cracking the whip, commanding' "Giddy Up!". The even sadder part is the passengers believe they're moving forward. The scenery is moving past but the carriage is stationary. (You must have faith, as in the Harry Potter movie, where the stars get in a horseless and driverless wagon and magically the carriage moves.)

Too late, the people disembark, mill in the streets, angry, directionless, philosophically bereft and marooned. 

Going to happen everywhere because they all run the same system. Maths works the same the world over, so, it's a solvency issue, plain and simple but on an unbelievably grand scale.


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If you want to help influence America's soon to be irrelevant election results, you can donate a few bucks to Ron Paul's money bomb fundraiser today:

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I used to think Ron Paul could offer a solution. Not anymore. Nor the democrats. Nor the republicans. We need new leaders not affiliated to either party to step forward and take a stab at this.

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It's impossible to even get on the ballot if you aren't an R or a D. Ron Paul is the best shot we have.

I donated.

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Agreed, and the primaries are what matter. Anyone who wants to get different people in the mix needs to focus his or her energy there.


Side Note: Can't hurt to urge them to accept BTC donations as well. One would think the Ron Paul campaign would be down.

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We need new leaders not affiliated to either party to step forward and take a stab at this.

Maybe this is better:

We need new leaders not affiliated with the Progressive party to step forward and take a stab at this.

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Those are your words.

We have a complete failure from the democrat and republican parties.  And lately, Ron Paul has done nothing to impress me. He likes to talk tough when not facing an adversary, but backs down when he is face to face. I was shocked when he questioned Bernanke. He was like a pussy cat.

I don't have a solution. But the entire government is dysfunctional and corrupt. Something has to change.

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Me thinks you need a clear thinker without a excessive ego or constricted philosophy

Never going to happen however - guys like this never even get to be administrators


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yes, certainly new leaders will do. I have insider info that a new leadership iPhone app is being developped. Both WalMart and amazon will offer leadershipXL with significant discount... I mean, when politics cannot be anything but to cut spending while increasing taxes - then DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. So is freedom unfortunately. We are fucked.

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revolution comes from the bottom..  bitcoins & time banks are tools that can build independent communities


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Not true ! It's a Democrat trick, like that "hand grenade with a bad haircut" Ross Perot, divided the "conservative" silent majority vote ! Clinton won with 49% ! This time the shill is Trump ! Divide the mainstream, traditional, conservatives in both parties vote.....and Idiot-O-Bama wins ! Monedas 2011 Did you see that forlorn, lost, pathetic Trump following Palin around at their "Pizza Date" ! He's a spoiler !

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 i gave in 2008. then he quit.  enough said.

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did u get a sticker for your troubles?

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Ron Paul is not the Saviour. He can't be. The maths is too overwhelming. This will take a revolution. It is all that is left to us. It was all that was left to us. We have a very coordinated propaganda machine that weaves a spell that veils the truth of our solvency. The masses don't see it. The music plays on. It extends the game, until we are Spain, Portugal, Yemen, Libya, Belarus, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Iceland, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Tunis, Yemen, China.

Everywhere you look you see bankers and their captured, corrupt government lackeys.

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Lobbies should be a target of popular anger.

The new majority Conservatives in Canada are moving to a lobby based political system like in the US. No outrage from the middle class. No protestation so far. A sad day for a middle class. They will find out what voting against their own economic well being.

Until the majorities understand that cronyism isn't capitalism we are all going to pay... eventually.

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I think "middle class" is code for "victim."  We don't have classes, so why affix people to some notion of upper, middle, or lower.

It's like the kid in school that was the "fat kid" until he lost 40 lbs.  What label do you give 'em then?  What label do you give middle classers that break out of that arbitrary grouping?

Some of you out there are your own worst enemy. 

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The middle class are the cattle to be worked and bled of their wealth... Easy pickens because they "believe" in the system...

Unbeknownst to them it is a system of elite finance capital looters and fraud as a business model...

Implemented by a toady, corrupt political class of useful idiots like Harper and Obama Bin Lyin'...

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Marx/Bolsheviks fooled the working class that the cause was for them but it was to destroy the industrialist and transfer wealth to the financers - workers are just workers

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+! Moneybombs away. Im in 650K and counting. 

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So what has changed?

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Nothing. A power elite party chases the second. In ten years it will be the reverse, and bis repetita. 

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Politics reflect life ! Life would be so simple if we only had a "benevolent dictator" like Raul Castro ! Oh the humanity ! Monedas 2011

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What will this change in terms of national policies for this latest IMF vassal state? Absolutely nothing (as discussed earlier).

Drastically dogmatic points of view often lead to very painful outcomes for the holders of those views.


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Madeira actually got to vote? I thought Goldman had taken over that nice piece of real estate?

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The real news this weekend is coming out of the Middle East once again.

BTW, for those who want to better understand what's taking place on the Iberian Peninsula, I recommend you take as your starting point the assumption that we are seeing the end of socialistic irresponsible spendthrifts and the beginning of a secular trend in fiscal responsibility. (I'll let you tell me if that is long term bullish or not.)

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There's going to be alot of pain this decade, everywhere. I agree with you that we're starting a trend toward fiscal responsibility. I hope we're both right.

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It is an involuntary secular trend.

From an american perspective they have merely replaced extreme socialists with a group of slightly less extreme socialists.

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It would be nice if these countries became fiscally responsible, but the reality is they are going to spend themselves into the ground and bankrupt themselves and their EU masters. Pain for all. Expecting them to stop excessive spending is like demanding an alcoholic to stop drinking. Is not going to happen.

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it astounds me that despite multiple countries voting to dafault the people they are voting in won't do it. It's disgusting. germans don't want to pay, southern european states don't want to take the laons. the only people that matter are  the banksters. WTf. and looser americans don't realize it will happen here next.

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All politicians are the modern kulaks:

"bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers, who fatten on famine.”

And we know what Ioseb Jughashvili's recommendation for the kulaks was...

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you got a few things wrong ..  go study some more, from a different source

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Term limits in any particular elected office..........and overall term limits for all elected offices ! No more career politicians, community organizers ...... real people who have led real lives amongst us ! Citizen elected officials !

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...does Slush melt the day you can't eat the next generation(QEternity)? Why do you think Chairsatan and Income Tax go hand in hand with the beast/debt note? ...and now a poem.

C I L L, kill the beast

don't feed it mad cow

  criminal enterprise

eat the children!

eat the children?

Income tax is how the Fed do it


Mr Robinson don't work.



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How to prevent armed bank robbery? 

Stop working for the bank!

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Portugal is the poster child for what happens in the end game of socialism. You can't have a majority of the population either working for the government or sucking her tit. There just is not enough revenue.