Video Of Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Leaked

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For all who have been awaiting the release of a video of China's Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jet, which made its first flight on January 11 of this year, Youku has you covered. In a recently released clip, we can see the J-20 performing high speed taxiing tests at Huang Tian Ba airport, Chengdu. A quick summary of the characteristics of the J-20 can be found here. Of note is the rather loud exhaust noise coming from the "stealth" fighter. One would expect this to be modestly muffled in the final version. Regardless, at least China can now boast via "leaked" videos that it has both a stealth fighter and an aircraft carrier, ignore that both are probably nothing more than the epitome of reverse engineering. 


And a video of the actual first test flight from early January can be seen below:

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dr_teeth's picture

Does it have the black and gold colored Made in China sticker?

dlmaniac's picture

A rather weak weapon indeed. Their stealth fighter is at most good enough to take out a town. Our helicopter Ben can take out the whole world w/ a few clicks on the keyboard.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

+1 Good ole' bowl haircut Ben, the destroyer of worlds.

sodbuster's picture

I'll bet it's got toxic lead paint.

jus_lite_reading's picture

I was thinkin' the same thing.


long juan silver's picture

It's hardly stealthy. I mean I can even see it.

DocLogo's picture

Wake me up when they reverse engineer Wonder Woman's invisible plane.

Banjo's picture

Hahaha yeah! Today it's all about the avionics. It doesn't look that impressive to me.

Personally I would be more worried about anti aircraft and anti ship missiles.

chet's picture

Remember when we made one of those 30+ years ago? 

Wonder what we have flying at Groom Lake right now....

Ned Zeppelin's picture

I'll take a wild guess that you can't see it even if it is right in front of you.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

Ahh, that's why we're insolvent.

(Greece + Ireland)^2, bitchezzzz

jplotinus's picture

Agreed.  It is dumb to copy 30 year old, obsolete technology.  Directed energy weaponry is all the rage now. 

Tense INDIAN's picture

those UFOs that you have been hearing about .....


heres one of them -=----------

OldTrooper's picture

Those CGI planes are MUCH cheaper to build and maintain than real ones!  They never crash either.  Also, you get very little collateral damage using them.

topcallingtroll's picture

It is a hoax and a poor imitation of the original several years ago done in spanish with a different building.

jus_lite_reading's picture


and watch from 55 seconds on!

jus_lite_reading's picture

that is what we can expect to see everyday when there are no jobs!!! people like animals

bingaling's picture

WTF ? All for a job at McDonalds . Not good at all .

JW n FL's picture

all of this and more coming to a town near you! sooner than later!

You want austerity for the poor and tax breaks for people who move jobs offshore! well embrace your handy work!

Got Ammo?

Got Food?

Got Gold & Silver?

Got Medicine?

Got a Fucking Clue? well you will, once again.. sooner than later everyone is going to wake up to pissed off masses!

hamurobby's picture

Wish you lived next door, we could rotate fire watch so I could get some sleep. My neighbors are FUCKING useless.

Taste like chicken im guessing...

anti Oligarchy's picture

Yeah - and since it is probably we'll know its weakness best.

How loud won't matter if it is coming at you. Course I bet we have tech that can detect our stealth fighters as well

What our military has they have

mogul rider's picture

I have to laugh

These chinese fighters are bought and paid for unlike yours which are mortgages to the hilt. I wonder when the squid will repossess all the wonderful tech you purport to have.

Best be getting ready yoru first born daughters for chinese concubine duty courtesy of the chairsatan.

All the greatest tech in the world and you can't afford the gas to start them up let alone fly them,

Reminds me of soviet russia 20 years ago.

too funny

Bolweevil's picture

To whom are you referring when you say "you". Where are you from fatty?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

How many squadrons of these do they have?

I bet even you could count all of them and not run out of thumbs to count on.

Manthong's picture

So just whose radar do they think they are going to evade with that oversized lousy knockoff?

The era of manned fighters and bombers is over for strategic weapons.

This is all part of the image building for the emergent financial superpower.



Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

US's?  SLQ-32...last updated in 1987.  Navy has been trying since 96 to get something new out there. Now they'll have to start all over again!  LOL!

Just because the pentagon spends lots of money on science projects and press releases doesn't mean that 10% of it is actually deployed in any quantity.  The plans used for the J-20 were probably ripped off from a DoD contractor before the design was submitted and they've gotten themselves all tooled up and in production while the pentagon beaurocrats are still dicking around trying to figure out how to give money away and land some cushy jobs for themselves without looking TOO obious.

OTOH, you will be able to buy this chineese stealth fighter at your local harbor freight for $30K next year but it will go on sale for $10K once a quarter.

redpill's picture

I thought I saw this a few weeks ago?

It's hard to tell, but that plane is much larger than people realize.  It's an F-111 size large jet, much larger than the F-22.  I don't think they'll wind up making that many.

astartes09's picture

Ah I miss the 'Vark.  It was the first plane I learned to fly in a simulator.  Mach 2.5 in 1967?  Fuck yeah American engineering!

I was sad when the Australians retired the last of them last year.

satniro's picture

Probably the last video the guy ever shot.

pazmaker's picture

I don't think so....It most likely was done accidently on purpose..

TruthInSunshine's picture

I'm only commenting on so called Chinese expertise in designing or building anything of high precision.

I have a good friend who makes great money in his business right now of basically fixing imported Chinese Auto Parts in mass batches because they're so out of conformance with spec, before being shipped to final destination at the factories.

He doesn't understand how it's more profitable for the automakers to use him to fix these parts than to to just make them correctly in the first place.

Almost Solvent's picture

I know a guy with a small machine shop where most of his business the last couple years has been "fixing" fabricated items from China that are out of spec.


Even with the fix, it's still cheaper (for now, wait till $200/bbl oil) to produce crap out of spec in China then ship it over and fix it here.


What a waste of oil - future generations will hate us for that most of all.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I can offer some comments on quality of Chinese bearings (as automotive replacement parts).  

First, they are incredibly cheap!  In Peru, a small segment of our customer base is "Precio Nada Mas."

But, Chinese bearing quality is, uh, variable.  Depends on the individual factory in many cases.  We have bought some lemons from China, but some are OK (trailer bearings from ZWZ for example).

There are about 14 Chinese car brands (!!!) for sale in Peru.  Our bearing customers tell us that they are all bad, poorly built cars.  When they replace their wheel bearings, most owners of Chinese cars do NOT want a Chinese bearing in it!

Disclosure: We sell mostly bearings from Korea, and some from Japan as well.

velobabe's picture

great WAR of 21st century, bitch†

Dejean Splicer's picture

You may be right Velo. When it comes time to collect on their investment(interest + principal) and Timmy tells them they have to 'roll it over' into the new improved 100 yr issuances......

They will send in the debt collectors, no?

Mad Cow's picture

Fiat buying fiat. Debt buying debt. Theater.

MarketTruth's picture

Well, at least their battery operated submaries can park themselves off the coast off the Republik of Kalifornia and shoot off a missle.

redpill's picture

How do you say Red October in Chinese?

Sudden Debt's picture

I've hear they copied the iPad touchscreen to use as a navigation console and WII controllers to steer!

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Are we shure this isn't taken from the movie Firefox with Clint Eastwood in the cock pit ? J/K