Video Of Greek Riot Violence

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And to think that six months ago images of rioters throwing gasoline bombs at the police were enough to get Waddell and Reed to sell 20 ES contracts...


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soon...coming to a place near you...

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that's some serious shit.. and so it begins

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Glenn Beck says people like this, namely Ron Paul supporters, are terrorists...

Not to mention 157 million muslims lol

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Not to mention 157 million muslims lol

Well, 157 would be around 10% of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims, right?  That sounds about right to me, especially when you take into account the Pew polls that indicate that support for Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban range from 5-10% in some Muslim countries all the way up to 50-60% in Palestine and Somalia.

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yet the distaste for the u.s. is around 90%.

crosey's picture's easier to hate Israel and the US, than to fix their own fucking shitholes.  Nothing new here.

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Right because nothing Israel or the US has done in the past 40 years has in anyway impacted the Muslim world in a negative way. Give me a break. Poor John Candy is rolling in his grave.

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For the past 1400 years Islam has been at war with any country near it that wasn't muslim. Fact of life...and when there wasn't a handy non-muslim country around they have been perfectly happy to war with each other about who should control the world.

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I wasn't suggesting that Muslims aren't ALSO violent. I'm suggesting imperial actions (coups, puppet dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Saddam, The Shah of Iran) may have limited the "upward mobility" of that group. Muslims are plenty violent, just like Christians, Jews and Hindus and people of all religions and walks of life.

I'm tired of all the bullshit out there blaming just the Russians, or just the Jews, or just the Masons, or just the Muslims. It's bullshit, we need to go after behaviors not generalize and eventually slaughter an entire people. Fuck I don't want people looking at Bush and Obama and therefore generalizing that I'm some kind of Fascist. Likewise I'm not going to categorize any of those other groups just because some extreme assholes with power have been tyrants.

Heck even power doesn't seem to matter as I've seen poor schmucks attack their own families. It's behaviors that are problems, violent and/or parasitic behaviors.

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What was amazing in the video is that no one thought to throw a Molotov cocktail into any of the windows.  If someone is pissed off enough to get potentially killed by the police, I would think they would at least want to try to burn down a building or two.  If I didn't know better I would think that they actually were not even TRYING to be real rioters.

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Do you realize how laughable your comment is when compared to  US history (average of a major war every 20 years) , British Empire history (who haven't they pillaged?), 20th century European history (WWI & WWII along with the holocaust), the Spanish Inquisition... the list is long my friend. The muslim conquests pale in comparison both in scope and in number

You are right in saying that Muslim history is filled with the wars they fought in building their own empire. You are WRONG in thinking we are any better. Get off your high horse and realize that power and empire are all the same , just depends on which end of the rifle sight, or sword handle, you are...


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"You are right in saying that Muslim history is filled with the wars they fought in building their own empire. You are WRONG in thinking we are any better."

In terms of warring?  Objectively, you most certainly can argue that we are not.

In terms of building a society that isn't plagued by rampant child raping, woman maiming and mudering, body part chopping, goat humping, pervasive allah-wills-it fuckeduppedness.....   Oh, I have no problem arguing that we have on hell of a head start on that aspect.  We didn't start any better than they did, but we've made a lot more progress.

Cultures and societies are, just like languages and governments, a form of technology.  Yeah, blah blah cultural relativism blah blah, and it can be hard to compare two cultures when they simply don't share similar goals and values... but it's a lot easier when one of them is just plain fucked up.  

Conversely, I suppose it's much harder when the person making the decision is living a fat, happy sheltered life in some western nation.

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Funny that you should talk about islamic history when you obviously know almost nothing about it.

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They have been shitholes for one thousand years, cultural inferiority complexes are a dangerous thing..  After all you can only live off the algebra glow for so long..

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They can't do anything about their shitholes because we keep interfering with their affairs.  You do realize that we are propping up an extremely unpopular absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia, right?

Get out of the Middle East, and they will all happily return to killing each other, as they have done for centuries.  The other option is to lie down with the dogs, from whence we get fleas, and the occasional mauling.

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Proping up a (monkey) monarchy is a thing;

openly support a genocide (Georgia) is another.

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Osama Bin Ladin is a muslim puppet like Bush is a Christian proxy.  David Rockefeller said, "Religion doesn't metter anymore as long as everyone has one."  This side, that side, good side, bad side.

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Indonesia is supposedly a "moderate" muslim majority country. In 2002 and then again in 2005 polling there showed over 50% support for Bin Laden. The idea that most muslims are moderate is idiocy...judging an entire group of people by the number of people willing to fight is pretty silly as well. In any country at anytime...well except Israel, a very small minority of the people are willing to fight for their beliefs. Doesn't mean they don't support those beliefs, just means they aren't willing to die for them.

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2006 Polling shows that the West belives Islam as a whole is a threat - I guess we're not so moderate either?

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Call me when some Christians or heathens from the west take a couple of airliners and run them into Mecca.

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Polling shows...get a clue, how big a sample size, where was the sample location demographics, was it a Fox news poll etc etc etc and the oft repeated claim most Muslims arent moderate, if that were true Oil would be over $300 cause all those fanatical muslims would be blowing up every single oil well and pipeline there is, Dudbai would be a safari hunting ground for Fanaticals picking off Western tourist and expat workers....blah blah blah

I work for a company who does substantial sums of business with the Mid East and Gulf, funny how none have them have tried to kill my "infidel" bosses whenever they go over to Saudi etc on Business trips.

PierreLegrand's picture

Pew Polling

Yea lets discuss all of this with the millions of Indians who died in the hindu kush the hands of muslims.

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I suppose it could be said that anyone who pushes back in the slightest is a terrorist ... come to think of it, they have been saying that.

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Exactly, all the jackholes talking about Muslim terrorists clearly don't know they are "on the list" for accessing ZH. Anyone even READING about people "pushing back" are terrorists according to some of the definitions so uh...there ya go.

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Wow, you are truly a hard core resister man... right up there with your negatively impacted muslim brothers. 

Keep up the good fight, hero.  You go on ahead to Drudge man, I can't keep up with the real resisters like you, just slow you down anyway.  Just leave me a little ammo and some water...

idiot, they've got better things to do than to waste CPU scanning what sites that some bubble assed dickbeat like you fancies.

If they weren't an inept bureaocracy to begin with, that is.  Think DMV, but with more money and EEO.

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I was commenting on the continued erosion of freedom in the US. I was also commenting on the increasing surveillance and police state. I didn't say ZH was some kind of ultra-high priority thing and I certainly don't think I am. I was saying it's all being catalogued and cross referenced in one of the alphabet soup agencies. If you think otherwise you must not be reading much on the surveillance society.

I will add that they may not be able to process all the data in any meaningful way, but they are most certainly tracking damn near every website accessed I'm sure. ZH would definitely be on their list of sites to watch traffic on. Many would be more highly ranked, but ZH isn't exactly friendly to the financial establishment that clearly runs things now is it?

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Tyler, I am asking you again: Please delete my ZH account and with it any and all posts or comments that may have originated from this IP address.

Alternately: serial junkers, get on it.

Warmiest Regards

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See you in the camps, or do you suppose they will just shoot us out of hand?  How much time do we have before they start rounding us up?

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[Exactly, all the jackholes talking about Muslim terrorists clearly don't know they are "on the list" for accessing ZH.]---Bring the Gold

I've been targeted for execution on sedition charges? 



Bring the Gold's picture

Not saying that sheesh. I'm saying anyone going to sites like ZH gets a little fatter file then people say going to Hulu and watching Family Guy. Under the broadest classifications of terrorism people reading and commenting on sites like this would be listed. The quotes around "the list" was meant the general list of perhaps not perfectly loyal (asleep) citizens nothing more nothing less.

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[Not saying that sheesh. I'm saying anyone going to sites like ZH gets a little fatter file...]---Bring the Gold

I know.

There is a very serious element of truth in your post.  It wouldn't take more than 2 hours research by one Federal investigator to trace my ZH user name to my actual name, SSN, family, home address, education, income, bank accounts, associations, assets, credit card purchases, online activity, etc.

If the investigating agent is an FBI agent today, he/she would find I'm your average hardworking, law-biding citizen. 

If the Federal government devolves into a socialist/progressive regime that circumvents the US Constitution, with or without intentions of turning over US sovereignty to a global government, then I expect the investigating agent who is background checking me will feel quite alarmed. And with good reason. If you stand against the US Constitution, I stand against you.

I stand with God and Patriots. I've made my choice.

(So, you see, when I wrote "Already?" in my earlier Reply, I was only half joking--offering a degree of deference to your larger point.)


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"If the Federal government devolves into a socialist/progressive regime that circumvents the US Constitution"

"If"?   If?

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A few years ago I read my grandfathers obituary from 1931 in the Emerald Isle.

It recounted some of his experiences in the "Republican Army".

I commented to my father that he'd be called a terrorist today. That didn't go over so well. Of course, that didn't make it any less true.

Bring the Gold's picture

Yep. Exactly my point. People think terrorists and think a Muslim suicide bomber. DHS thinks terrorists and thinks which Americans are terrorists. There is all sorts of info out there about this stuff. How people find their way to ZH and yet don't know about the police state stuff is beyond me. I guess financial linked sites? We also seem to have some new traffic as well. Intersting mix ZH. 

midtowng's picture

Ron Paul supporters? Nah. Union members, along with muslims, any leftist, or basically anyone who isn't a fascist like Glen Beck is a terrorist.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

this isn't serious compared to how bad it's gonna get.


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

- Thomas Jefferson

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Yeah, I'm not so sure. US gov might die with a whimper just like USSR gov did.


Bring the Gold's picture

We'll see, but I wouldn't bet against your stance either. Sad times.

HL Shancken's picture

The government of the USSR is intact. The transition you witnessed was in name and structure only. The players, Communist Party elites, remain the same.


Just as the Communist Party of the USSR and the KGB turned your attention from themselves and focused it on their Muslim proxies now they guide you toward their co-conspirators, their capitalist dupes, the evil "banksters" and you will believe, you do believe, there is the root of all evil.


You will not question your own eyes, you will not look too deeply, you will believe, because the Communists want you to believe, that there are no Communist provocateurs amongst the crowds. You will direct your hate only at the targets of the Communists and never the Communists themselves. You will do this because the Communists own your mind and they always have.



PierreLegrand's picture


New Lies For Old

The Communist strategy of deception and Disinformation

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after a quick scan of the comment log here it is pretty obvious you come here because you believe tyler durden is glenn beck's alter ego. Seriously, you are a tea party PAWN. I know HE says it all the time, but I do mean it, "WAKE THE F*CK UP"

Zyroh's picture

imagine if someone on foxnews was screaming about wallstreet fraud destroying the world.  or even better revealing government lies...  that would be amazing.

PierreLegrand's picture

Tea party pawn? Absolutely! Help establish a tea party in my city. Being for the tea party is not a bad thing. Wanting government to get back within its limits, taxed enough already...yea that is me. I want drastically lower government spending and drastically lower taxes. Abolish the EPA, Dept of Education, Department of Energy, FCC, the Fed, yea thats me.


What the fuck are you for assclown?

GoinFawr's picture

Pierre, do you think any money could be saved in the 'defense' budget? I only ask because compared to the 50 billion or so the Dept. of Education 'costs' (it's been demonstrated that states that offer higher standards of public education receive a net benefit to the overall condition of their societies) you, 'defense' is quite the monster at 20 times that amount.

Hell, you'd think it wouldn't be hard to shave off enough of that monolithic expense to keep all the truly beneficial programs and STILL reduce the deficit; maybe even have a go the national debt too! So whaddaya say? Or was that glaring omission deliberate? Stirring up hornet's nests worldwide still a higher priority than, say, teaching kids to read?

chopper read's picture

i agree.


however, we can never extinguish the national debt because this would extinguish our money supply. 

PierreLegrand's picture

The department of education exists to allow government bureaucrats to indoctrinate children into the "right" way to behave. As if some soulless cocksucker in the Government knows anything about that shit.

We can cut the DOD after all the other ones are gone. We are at war with islam and fairly soon the communists...we need a strong military.