Video Of Jet Shot Down Over Benghazi, Unclear Whose As Gaddafi Claims He Is Holding To Ceasefire Terms

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A dramatic video of a Libyan jet being shut down over Libya has been captured and is making the rounds in the YouTube-sphere. As the Independent observes, "A warplane was today shot down outside the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, as international leaders including David Cameron gathered in Paris to make final preparations to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. The jet was observed over the city for some time before reportedly going down in flames, amid the sound of artillery and gunfire. " Yet what is surprisingly and potentially surreal is the stiff insistence by the Libyan government that they continue to preserve the terms of the ceasefire announced yesterday: "Libyan authorities insisted that their forces were holding to a ceasefire announced yesterday and repeated an invitation for international observers to enter the country today to monitor it. Deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The ceasefire is real, credible and solid. We are willing to receive observers as soon as possible, even today." Rebel sources claim that military assaults by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi on cities including Benghazi, Misrata and Ajdabiya continued even after the ceasefire announcement." Which begs the question: is Gaddafi really an idiot, or are these merely false flag provocations by the rebel alliance (with or without the assistance of France) to encourage an escalation? The answer should be promptly revealed once it is determined just who was flying the downed jet. We are confident the media will first investigate such an answer before jumping to conclusions.


And false flag or not, the French waste no time to confirm that by No Fly Zone, the UN also means a land-based intervention as well.

French war planes destroyed four Libyan tanks in air strikes to the south west of the Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday, Al Jazeera television reported, quoting sources.

Earlier, the first shot in a UN-mandated intervention in Libya was fired by a French aircraft and destroyed a military vehicle at around 1645 GMT, French defense ministry and army officials said.

"A first target was engaged and destroyed," ministry spokesman Laurent Teisseire told reporters.

An armed forces spokesman told the same briefing that the operation to halt Muammar Gaddafi's advance on rebel forces involved around 20 planes and an area 100 km by 150 km (60 by 100 miles) around the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

France's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier will leave France for Libya on Sunday, the spokesman added. A central command center for the operation was still being set up.

Earlier Saturday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that Western air forces, with Arab League approval, had gone into action over Libya and were preventing Gaddafi's forces from attacking Benghazi.

We are confident that Sarkozy at el will also waste no time in also ensuring complete air and land dominance over the Ivory Coast next, where the regime of deranged dictator Gbagbo continues to kill citizens left and right in what some claim is a manifestation of a far more violent civil war than Libya.


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And yet again TD hits the airwaves first before the LSM gets the story.


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1.  The plane is from the Rebels

2.  Khaddfy is smarter than US, and even more so than Hosni, if it escalates, it will be bloddy.  (He has been in power for 40 years!, lunatic, he might be.)

3.  Watch German, China, Russia and even Brazil not voting with this...  

4.  North Korea will never give up their nukes now..

5.  Where are the Japan Nuclear news?  People die and people lives, Nuclear Radiation is forever...

6.  The hypocrisy of our policy toward Bahrain, Yemen and Syria...  At least made up a fear factor like a WMD and take one for the team like Bush did...  

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Yeah. Every report I've found say it was a rebel jet. I can't find any that claim it was one of Gaddafi's.

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Al Jazeera just confirmed it was a rebel jet and it was also shot down by the rebels by "mistake".

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Saturday morning, around 6am EST, every one was saying that it was a Goddafi / Kahdaffi / Gaddafhy 's jet.  Which was quite a startling sight.  They never bother to change it.  

For all we know, the French shot it down... and making it a REAL no-fly-zone.

How ironic...

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It's like TD is the Re-incarnation of Walter Cronkite.



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That's one for the bad good someone tell me which side God is on? Or at least which side is just and honorable. OK, I'll settle for "legal".

You know what, just tell me when to cheer and how much to put in the hat when it's passed around.

/sarcasm in case it's not clear.

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The belt buckles on one side say" We die for Allah" while the patches on the uniforms of the other side say "We kill for Allah". The third side has "God is Peace" on their helmets and the fourth(?) side has "We love to tread" on their boots.  I'll just root for the Packers, thanx.

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Damned cheese head! The Stealers would have won but for bought out officiating!


What does it all mean's picture

Too bad we might not have a NFL season...  Think about it, we are about to enter war, (or damn close) with some dictator that we can't even spell...


I can never forget the 2008 game between giants and patriots...


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And I certainly won't forget the 2012 game between bankers and patriots

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"/sarcasm in case it's not clear."


geez, that ruined the whole post by insulting my intelligence.  What a Debbie Downer...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

A year ago I could write that and everyone on ZH would know it was sarcasm. Today without the sarcasm tag it would certainly get 6 junks and two nasty comments by people who wouldn't know humor or sarcasm if they tripped over it. It is a sign of the times and of ZH's popularity. It is what it is, so now I use the /sarc tag.

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Long form or short form, I always enjoy your contributions to this site, CD. Thank you for keeping it real.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I think I just found my other fan. :>)

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It really does help to keep me going sometimes. So thanks.

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These are the diminishing returns of technology.

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your first mistake is assuming there is a "God."

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Is ZH going to acknowledge in this post that this was a rebel jet shot down by Gaddafi forces, not one of Gaddafi's jets shot down by the French?

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Absolutely. Do you have a link/proof?

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Don't be absurd. Look CLOSELY at the plane. It's CLEARLY a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star. So this was yet another Iranian provocation - breaking the UN no-fly resolution!

When will Israel liberate us from this deadly threat to our peace and freedom?

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Bear in mind, the no-fly-zone resolution was done YESTERDAY!  This is a REBEL plane up in the air TODAY!  There are reports that this wasn't even shot down, but rather out of fuel, or even shot down by the rebels.


I believe no one, not the French, Rebels, Khaddfy, Qaddfi, Qadafy, or USA. 


It is ALL BS!

There is no way to convince Kim Jong Il or his son to abandon Nuclear Weapons now.  Look at Libya.  If I have a regime, I am keeping my big baby...

TonyV's picture

Don't be ridiculous. NK would have never abandoned nuclear weapons, no matter what.

Dr. Porkchop's picture

You thing I gowna abandon nucrear weapon now? You clazy! I now inlease!


   - Kim out

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Mig-23. But thanks for the chuckle and the ounce of sarcasm :)

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go smoke another bowl and turn Alex Jones up WAY loud :-/

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Yup, saw that too.  TD note also the time stamp at 12:46 EDT.  If you need donates to beef up your feeds and screens I would guess that there are more than a few who would consider it.

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@ M457

and are you going to acknowledge that barry's basketball brackets are 29/32 ? well, are ya?

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The proof requested was as to who had shot down the jet.

What does it all mean's picture

The jet was in violation of the no-fly-zone, so according to U.N. resolution, it shouldn't be on the air...  So anybody can shoot it down, right?

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"The fighter jet that was brought down this morning, was a revolutionary fighter jet and was hit by mistake. There is no communication on the ground," said Sharif, head of the British-Libyan Solidarity Campaign."

I took this "mistake" to mean they shot it down, but it could also be read as ambiguous.

UGrev's picture

I concur. Mistake = "ooops.. sorry, my bad"

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Well as several people have already said, it is a no fly zone after all.

UGrev's picture

Lord knows, Libya has flies.. wish I could get some of them there missile thingies during the summer time for those skeeters :p

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Way back mother always referred to "the skeeter problem" as if she were talking about "the commie problem" or "those stupid politicians".

She was a devoted Kool-Aid drinker. But that was the left-right, good-bad, black-white conditioning back then. Not much different today for many.

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hehe.. we're showing our age aren't we (as in both of us). Those damn skeeters..they're like commies; all over the place as my father would say. I have to give them (the brain washers) credit. They had me for a while and they're pretty good at what they do. Which is why, when the SHTF, I really don't want to be in general population. I don't think I have enough

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It seems even more bizarre, as European media are now suggesting the downed jet to have been a rebel aircraft hit by friendly, i.e. rebel fire.

QQQBall's picture

Problem solved. The rebels shot themselves down.


Probably the first hit since the war started. Ha! ;0


Sarcasm off/

cbaba's picture

Really, and you believe it ?

Where is their airbase, how many aircrafts do they have, why did they asked a no-fly zone ?





sun tzu's picture

They admitted it was their own plane. The rebels aren't a bunch of civilians with pitchforks and torches. Some of the Libyan military defected.


They didn't ask for a no-fly zone. They wanted the West to get rid of Gaddhafi.

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I am betting it was the French shooting down a

dark pools of soros's picture

good for the economy..  demolished jet theory..   Ben says to keep shooting everything down

What does it all mean's picture

It is not being followed by the MSM, but it is a no-fly-zone.  and the FIRST hit was their own rebel jet...  I guess this cease fire thing is real...  NO-FLY-ZONE it is!

A small (getting bigger) part of me thinks that all of this is pre-arranged...  Gaddafi knows what was coming and the "coaliation" gave him time to prepare...  

It's all a show... 

The only thing, no body ever thought... at least manufacture, is the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear radiation... But it's been a busy 10 days, that is for sure!

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I agree, Al Jazheera reported more than 6 hours ago that it was believed to be a rebel jet shot down by loyalist Gaddafi forces. It is also possible that it has been shot down by rebels (friendly fire) as they were using anti aircraft guns at the same time.

Truth is we don't know all the facts but the chances of it being shot down by the French are virtually Nil. Didn't take the French long to broadcast to the world via their defence ministry about their taking out of Libyan tanks not a peep about the plane.

Stuart's picture

the rebels have jets?   ok, that's a new one.  What's next, the Japanese reactors are going to have a nuclear explosion.... rhetorical question.

justtotaketheedgeoff's picture

Several Libyan pilots flew their aircraft to Malta early on and defected.  One of them  perhaps?

blindman's picture

do the rebels have nukes?  they seem to be progressing,

technologically, at a very rapid pace.  what else do they

have that they have been keeping secret?   i don't know

if we can trust these particular rebels.