Video From The Second "Egyptian Revolution"

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A week ago we disclosed that the second Egyptian revolution (because the first one apparently was a dud) was scheduled for May 27. As expected, this is precisely what has happened: "Thousands of Egyptians packed Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday in what organisers called a "second revolution" to push for faster reforms and a speedy trial for ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his former aides. Activists complain of delays in putting Mubarak, his family and members of his ousted regime on trial and that the army has not restored order quickly enough to the country of 80 million. Egyptians are also demanding an end to endemic graft, one of the main grievances that drove thousands of protesters onto the streets in the uprising that began on Jan. 25. "After some 1,000 martyrs ... people do not see any change," said Mustafa Ali Menshawi, a 38-year-old accountant, who was helping marshal crowds flooding into the square." Granted there has been some change: "The only change we see is that the Mubarak metro station has been changed to the Martyrs station," he said." This is happening even as deposed president Hosni Mubarak could face the death penalty as he prepares to face charges of "pre-meditated killing" of protesters during the uprising that ousted him on Feb. 11. Yet the revolution was not a failure for all: in continuation of the tried and true "economic hitman" practice, whereby MNCs land in a country and generously provide it credit, merely to extract its resources, take control of its infrastructure, and subjugate people with unmanageable credit card interest payments, the IMF just announced it will lend $35 billion to Arab countries to "stabilize their economies." Oddly there was no reference to "humanitarian" intervention or doing god's work.

Video from the latest and greatest Tahrir square protest just as it is warming up:

More from Reuters:

 The ruling military council withdrew the army from near the protests in Cairo and has ordered security forces to stay away.

Tahrir Square was decked with Egyptian flags and placards demanding that officials who worked under Mubarak and squandered state funds be investigated.

"We want to dissolve all local councils that are famous for being the most and worst corrupt institutions during Mubarak's regime," said Mohammed Adel, of the April 6 Youth group.

"We also ask that all political powers get involved in the drafting of important political laws," Adel added.

Thousands of Egyptians also took to the streets in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and in the Suez Canal's cities of Suez and Ismailia. Smaller protests also took place in northern Sinai and in the city of Port Said on the Suez Canal.

However, some Egyptians expressed opposition to the protests, saying military rulers needed time to sort things out. A few hundred gathered in Cairo's al-Hussein area to express support for Egypt's military rulers, chanting: "For the sake of our country, we want to be ruled by the army."

Some political parties, including Egypt's powerful Muslim Brotherhood, said no protests were needed and warned they could lead to confrontations between the army and demonstrators.

The absence of the Brotherhood angered some protesters, some of whom chanted: "Where is the Brotherhood?"

Oh it's coming. Just as soon as the IMF needs to generously provide Egypt with some more humanitarian loans.

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alien-IQ's picture

It's really not so much an issue of bravery, what's happening in Egypt and other places. It's really got more to do with the reality that people can only be pushed around and abused for so long before they snap back...this, of course, does not apply to americans where serfdom is viewed as a point of nationalistic pride and touted as a fine example of patriotism.

Pink Floyd was wrong..."hanging on in quiet desperation" is not the "british way"'s the american way.

Overpowered By Funk's picture

We're all comfortably numb - sad.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Nice find. Pink Floyd live...I highly recommend it. Even if it's not really Pink Floyd.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The Egyptians are uncomfortably dumb, which is why no one wants to buy their goods or services, and without international aid of this type and scale, were on the road to starvation, for lack of being able to pay for food. They don't produce enough domestically, by a long shot, to eat, and a good half of the population there barely earns enough to eat as it is. Herein, folks, lies the most important reason for revolution in the arab world. By contrast, there is of course another middle eastern country where people are highly educated and workaholic, producing goods and services other people want..which is the classic way to feed oneself. There is no free lunch, and the IMF lending them more money now just kicks the can furhter down the road. These countries produce little that anyone wants to buy, besides natural resources(pumped with western technology and methods), or formerly tourism in Egypt. And yet their populations multiply, cutting the GDP per head from that into ever smaller pieces of pie.

alien-IQ's picture

"By contrast, there is of course another middle eastern country where people are highly educated and workaholic"

and which middle eastern country is that seems to merit this praise you are casting upon them?

do tell.....

it wouldn't by any chance happen to be that little middle eastern country that is the worlds largest recipient of US aid would it?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Right, right, it is all that military aid that makes them a powerhouse of scientific research, medical research, and engineering prowess, among others. And what did Egypt produce with similar amounts of aid?

The basic point still holds. Care to try again?

alien-IQ's picture

no I don't care to try again. I've learned that trying to have a realistic exchange of information with Israeli firsters is a fruitless venture.

I'd easily have greater success teaching a walrus how to perform brain surgery on an ant.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Well, the difference between Israel's civilisation and what surrounds it is so stark you would have to be a bit psychiatric about it to not see. On the one side you have a pluralistic, wealthy, healthy advanced country where arabs, jews, gays, feminists and many religions, including no religion, coexist very well. On the other side of their borders you have shitholes full of dumb intolerant, and yes let's say it, inbred people. A lot of consanguine marriage in those countries, and millenia of it, have produced what you'd expect.

alien-IQ's picture

sell your crazy delusions of nationalistic/racist grandeur to someone else.

I'm done with you.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Just looking at the facts out there on the ground, not ideology but the results produced by different ideologies. Isreal is full of people striving to improve themselves by studying hard and working hard and competing hard, Egypt not so much!

jomama's picture

wow you've really outdone yourself in arrogance. 

i look upon myself modestly and am honest about the fact that the reason i am successful is not only my hard work, but the main factor is OPPORTUNITY.

you've got your head so far up your priveleged ass that you can't even see what a grossly uneven playing field exists in that current dichotomy.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Mmmkay, put it this way. Seeds are sewn on fertile fields sometimes, and at other times less fertile ones, with mostly the results you'd expect. What do you expect to happen to folks raised by arab culture islamotards anywhere at all ? Well, you'd get what we see in most of the middle east. On the other hand a small fraction of arabs are born in Israel. The lucky few, up there with the "princes" of Shoddy Retardia and similar doomed petroligarchies.

jomama's picture

what a load of horseshit.  I have many arab colleagues throughout my industry.  Scientists and professors that are widely published and reputable.   Most are Iranian-American, but also Egyptian and Palestinian. Your disgusting, unfounded, and vitriolic racism succinctly illustrates why the world widely views israel as a bully and a threat!

Hephasteus's picture

If you guys are so smart why are all you so shitty at science. Like you acuse egypt of being inbred when science says.....

"Of course, someone as concerned with the future of the Jewish people as I am can’t help but worry about the potential ramifications of such inbreeding. I mean, take a walk through Meah Shearim, Geulah, Bnei Brak or other mostly-Ashkenazi, super-Charedi insular communities. You’ll see plenty of genetic cocktails that you wouldn’t want to sip from, if you know what I mean. So, with the need to diversify our genetic portfolio, I propose a revolutionary program: “Don’t Inbreed, Interbreed!”* The goal of my program? Simple. The encouragement of Israel’s various ethnic Jewish tribes to make babies with each other for a stronger, healthier Jewish nation."

It's so easy to figure out what jewish weakness's or tacticts are. You simply wait for them to accuse someone else of it and then you are sure to find that behaivor or trait within the jewish population.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Hmmm. I've read here and there that some of the Israeli intellect comes from "social selection" (as opposed to the natural kind) operated on Diaspora jews over two millenia, and in Europe specifically. The idea here holds that jews who did well at jobs that were banned or shunned by christendom did better economically, and as such bred more. I can't comment as to the degree of breeding within jewish groups as the thought of cousin marriage, had not occured to me, at all, until I started looking into "what the hell is the matter with arabs/islam?". I do think I know that religion passes via the mother more so than the father in judaism, which would permit non jewish genes to enter into the equation pretty often. On the arab/islam side it is the other way around, which you might think at first glance is a six of one half a dozen of the other type of thing, but not really. Sperm are easy to produce and eggs less so, and much much less so babies. On top of that you have the hangover of tribalism in these places. Sad.

TBT or not TBT's picture

And for what its worth, I'm scots-irish/english + cherokee, and supposed to be Methodist...not big bible thumpers, and happen to be atheist but not the pissed off kind. My allegiance to Israel if you can call it allegiance is allegiance to FREEDOM and "jihad" against TYRANNY. Thomas Jefferson typa shit.

Bay of Pigs's picture

That is the biggest pile of shit I've ever read here on ZH.

Racist much?

TBT or not TBT's picture

There are plenty of Israeli ARABS who do just fine. I've had the pleasure of doing business with some of them. On a second level here, realise that "arab" is not a race but rather an ethnicity. So, once we've got that clear, let's point out that I'm definitely an ethnicist. Arab culture sucks ass.

tip e. canoe's picture

"On the other side of their borders you have shitholes full of dumb intolerant, and yes let's say it, inbred people."

that's not a nice way to speak about your semitic brothers & sisters.

TBT or not TBT's picture

I didn't know the scots-irish or cherokee were "semitic." Thanks for the info.

rockface's picture

True and not likely to be proven otherwise.

jomama's picture

there's lots of inbred people all over the world, and plenty here in the US.

it tends to occur in, yes let's say it, disadvantaged areas.

you've got quite a narrow view of what 'pluralistic, wealthy, healthy people' are.  so astoundingly arrogant!

Let's stick your ass in a shithole where you have to go through a checkpoint every fucking day, your community's children routinely kidnapped and tortured... and see how you like it.

TBT or not TBT's picture

"your community's children routinely kidnapped and tortured... and see how you like it."

They may be 'tards but their blood tastes grrrreat!

As far as the geopgraphic distribution of consanguinity goes, there is great overlap with what GI's (in movies, I mean actors in movies) call "the suck". Latin America, BTW, has a good bit of this type of suck in it, but has nothing on arab countries.

jomama's picture

do you have any data to back up these claims?

i won't hold my breath.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Go ahead and hold your breath...OK that's not going to work with you. Let's take this the other way around. Would it be a particularly PC or terribly anti-PC thing to propose research along the lines of, what are the relative rates of consanguine marriage from culture to culture and region to region? You know the answer: The data are contested, vilified, in about the same way secret data sources for global warming are held sacred. The answer is in your reaction. Add on top of that polygamy and you have stupid squared piling up in the worst places. I wouldn't believe the stories if I hadn't met women in this predicament myself, in Europe. Young women promised to some old git in their family bakc home. In Europe they can escape but only by leaving their families behind and taking refuge under the rule of law there (such as it is! aren't allowed to defend yourself). Back home in algeria or egypt, which has a 90% rate of clitoridectomy BTW, their degrees of freedom are lower. This is the case in 2011. Apparently things were better 50 years ago. Go figure.

Hephasteus's picture

Looks at his penis.


TBT or not TBT's picture

Let's see, in the one case we have north africans removing a big part of nearly all of their female members nerve ending related to the enjoyment of love making, and on the other hand flap of skin, a relatively insensitive one not related to reaching orgasm, is removed.

For a detailed article on the various forms of female genital mutilation and what they remove, the Wikipedia article is detailed and well sourced, with diagrams. Mutilation is the appropriate word for it.

Hephasteus's picture

I don't know. I still think I should sue the jews for thousands of ounces of gold over this boy mutilation. Or at the very least burn down a hospital, take over the port of catoosa and a couple oilfields in oklahoma.

I just gotta think about it like this. How would a jew fix this injustice? I'm just like a state farm. I wanna lend a helping hand and be a good neighbor.

TBT or not TBT's picture

One thing a Jew wouldn't do is cut the whole tip of the dick off of their child, which is not far at all from what is done in egyptian arab culture to 90% of females still today. Ninety Percent. Some go further of course, cutting out the inner lips and or going after the labia majora in various ways, stitching things closed, that kind of thing. If you were thinking of going all Jack Bauer on someone for what they do to children's genitals, start with the worst cases first, I.E. FGM practitioners, I.E almost the entire country called Egypt, then worry about foreskin botherers.

Hephasteus's picture

Na. I look at it like this. You take a ancient fucking stupid circumcision practice and it's the start of body modification. Then you let it hang around for a couple centuries. Find some suckers to let you practice plastic surgery on. Then before you know it you got half of hollywood looking like goddamn freaks in a freak show. I mean have you fuckking looked at some of these freaks lately.

I don't think you really give a fuck about egyptian twats. I just think you want to set up a fucking movie industry there and pay people enormous sums of money which you then quickly suck their goddamn wallets dry with company store drugs and plastic surgery and shit.

I mean seriously. There's 13 million jews on the planet and about 2 million of them are butchering the fuck out of women right left and center sticking tit bags in them and sewing them up like fucking retards with walleye nipples.
Which is why I know you're a jew. Because A. I asked my dead great grandmother to verify if you had any apache blood and she said no goddamn way and if there were any river cain left in america she'd come down here and cut some of it up and beat you senseless with it.

The oldest descriptions of plastic surgery date back to 2600-year-old Sanskrit texts and ancient Egyptian papyri. These documents describe nose, ear, and lip reconstructions utilizing surgical flaps and skin grafts! Nevertheless, the term "plastic surgery" to describe reconstructive surgery was not introduced until 1818.1

I think I see the problem here. You want some obnoxious fuckup 5000 dollar tit job doing jew doctor to cruise in there and put a stop to this egypitan surgical superiority. It's a chosen people thing with you. You don't like being second best at well fucking EVERYTHING unless you count mass fucking murder, mass fucking theft and mass fucking deception. Which of course all those things you are the goddamn kings of.

You're pissed off you went to egypt and tried to suck up to them and learn stuff, but they quickly saw that you were lying retarded screw ups so you made up stories about being in charge of the graneries and saving egypt from 7 years of famine and how you were slaves but egypt kept the most fucking accurate accounts of everything and NONE of them ever mentioned you guys being slaves. So you probably robbed some of their text books stole some gold and ran off into the desert and butchered the shit out of people fucking up surgeries from the textbooks. Finally figure out how to wack some excess skin off a dick without killing someone and then run around marketing it as the most brilliant idea in the history of mankind and overcharging for it.

I mean seriously. I can't believe I spent 43 years of my 45 years on this planet not hating jews. How could I be so damn clueless. I still don't want to kill all you guys. I just want to watch you guys unravel. I want to watch your stupid bullshit monetary system crater. I want to watch you fuck up every foreign relation. I want to watch you destroy most of the goddamn planet with your jew bomb bullshit and watch you go NOT MY FAULT. Like the retarded little psychopathic children that you are. You are not a race. You are not a religion you are a mental disorder of compulsive lying, stealing, murdering, creating false facades and guises. You are fake, false, fucked up, but just too stupid and goddamn violent to become what you really need to become which is facetious.

alien-IQ's picture bad. I'll correct it. (misquoting Floyd is just plain wrong).


shit...edit button gone? I didn't realize there was a time limit to edit:-(

downrodeo's picture

you can edit up until somebody replies to your post. after that, any and all errors are solidified forever for the whole world to see. I couldn't agree more with what you said, BTW.   

Robert-Paulson's picture

No worries



Great analogy

Manthong's picture

That begs the question then, does one take "a walk on part in the war" or settle for "a lead role in a cage"?

A Nanny Moose's picture

"Mother do ya think they'll try to balls!"

TBT or not TBT's picture

In any case, there will be no "riding the gravy tray yay yayyy yayyyyn". Just the opposite.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

That's right. It is patriotic to let complete strangers fondle our breastesses and peniii.  It is patriotic to open up our financial records, communications, and personal information to the Feds.  Yup.  The terrorists will win if we don't comply.

TBT or not TBT's picture

You forgot the anus. You always forget about the anus!

kkam's picture

Somewhat off-topic, but why is this news not mainstream yet

Qaddafi and rebel commanders agree on truce. NATO carries on war

Clear evidence that the war in Libya has been intentionally stirred up by Europe/Nato/CIA who simply want to get rid of Gadaffi now. Its almost personal against Gadaffi. Never mind what it does to the average Libyan or to the country's future.

alien-IQ's picture

because keeping that kind of information from the american public is a vital tool to perpetuating the myth of american moral superiority.

it keeps the brain dead populace believing that their government are the "good guys". it's the white hat/black hat cowboy psychology that Leo Strauss was so fond of using.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Yawn. No need to qualify it with "moral." Just line most any adjective you like in front of "superiority" and run with that.

TBT or not TBT's picture

There's a specific American "ethnic" identity? Wow. Who knew?

tip e. canoe's picture

there is mate and you're 1/2 full of it actually.   maybe you should investigate it a little deeper?  personally, i'd rather discuss the plight & possible future of our own indigenous brothers & sisters and leave the semitic ones alone to settle their own ancient family squabbles.

this land is your land
this land is my land
from california to the new york islands
from the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters
this land was made for you and me...

TBT or not TBT's picture

So I'm half right then? If I'm scots-irish/english and a sixteenth Cherokee, raised in the burbs, does that make me part of what you call American culture? Is the "black" subculture part of American culture? The Latino subculture? Are my values and behaviors and shared history close enough to those of people my age raised in NYC or San Francisco or Wasilla Washington or Hawaii to declare we share a culture as strongly as say, two French people from different ends of France, or ditto with Japan? France, apart from its north africans, is far more culturally homogenious than the U.S.

The salient point about American Culture if you are going to say there is one is that it is the result of E Pluribus Unum. You can see it at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, as Reagan pointed out. Each country's team looks representative that one country. America's team looks like the whole world, including its native americans.

tip e. canoe's picture

your last paragraph sounds all right to me, even if you are now only technically 1/16 full of it :)   curious why you choose to highlight such a small fraction of your heritage initially?   do you see it as a badge of honor?

seen this website?

Sustaining Jobs   Cherokees are determined people. This fortitude is evident in the 8,000 Cherokee Nation employees across Oklahoma. 400 of those workers produce aerospace parts at Cherokee Nation Industries in Stilwell.

so the vanguished are still determined to build weapons for their imperial conquerors?   how lovely...

alien-IQ's picture

but the EUR/USD is about to go parabolic.

DXY seems like it's fishing for a new all time low.