Visual Real-Time Summary Of Japanese Radiation Levels, Wind Patterns And Tokyo Blackouts

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We present a handy real-time visual summary of radiation levels by Japanese prefecture. The levels in Fukushima and Sendai continue to be NA or "under survey" as the politically correct term is. We also show critical wind patterns as well as real time Tokyo power blackouts.

And for our Tokyo readers, a map of real-time map of Tokyo power blackouts.

Lastly, as presented yesterday, two real time maps of wind formations in Japan.


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Fireboats can pump tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute over distances up to ~100 feet, and up to 400 feet into the air.  Fire Boat #2 of the Los Angeles Fire Department can pump up to 38,000 gallons per minute (2.4 cubic meters per second).


the not so mighty maximiza's picture

They would have done that already if they could.  Probably the boat would start melting at 1000 feet away.

DrStrangelove's picture

the boat melts 1000ft away but there are people working inside

makes sense

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

people are still inside?  are you sure?  I dont see any in the pictures, but i get thats only outside, it is safer inside.

Dr. No's picture

Probably cuz the camera melts right out of the photographers hands.

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Uhh, no there aren't.  They evacuated all of the "heroes" yesterday.  Shit's burning with little or no remedy.

Damn, I always wanted to go to Japan.  It looks like I may have missed my chance.

dark pools of soros's picture

go to Japan??   you can now buy it!!

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No they didn't.  They temporarily relocated them.  The "evacuation" idea came from a mistranslation (which was subsequently blown out of proportion by the international media).  Al Jazeera was pretty clear on that.

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here is the primary data source for the above

also a realtime map and chart

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"under survey" is copyright protected by the BLS

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+1 - LOL; lets send ADP there to get some analysis from true boots on the ground.

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Gives new meaning to the word "heat map"

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transparency is when you can see thru the veil of the official lie...

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Interesting map.

Radiation levels in Chiba should be higher than Tokyo... Is it under survey too?

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No h/t to the poster who yesterday put up a link to this site is curious.  If you pride yourself on being right and being ahead of others then the people that follow you might also feel the same way.  You might consider acknowledging them as a source of secondary pride as well.  After all, without them your voice fades. 


Note to techies: post up process includes a check on links to see if url has been posted already and returns h/t section at bottom of new post. 

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any link I post may be freely reposted with no nod to me given.. my ego is in no way that big.. its the fucking internet.. its a chatroom.. albeit a far advanced chat room but still a chat room..


I do try to give credit when reposting info, but now.. becuase of this silly shit.. fuck it.. post it becuase you want to share it, not a pat on the back.

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Ok, so when and how much radiation hits the West coast?

And what the fuck happened to the BOA dump by Anonymous? I have not seen anything on that recently. I haven't seen anything on the Middle East either.

If it were not a so called act of God I would swear Japan is a created distraction.

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well i guess the BOA files weren't exactly earth shattering...however it is kind of curious it has not even gotten that much attention on zerohedge..

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Tyler can't do everything, even tho he makes a good try at it. For radiation plumes from over the ocean, I like Dr. Jeff Masters (sorry Blythe, no relation). Today's post has some good info on this, even tho the main topic is radiation in the rain over Japan.

And, as for the hackerz...screw them. Put up or shut up time has come and gone. I suspect real whistleblowers dump the data and run. If you want data, try this article from my fav website:

There is at least a hundred pages that name names. DL the scribd stuff and go nuts...I know I did.

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George Ure links HARP activity to Japan earthquake:

krugergate's picture

Ben Fulford also says HAARP had some part in Japan and NZ...

Wakanda's picture

Fulford links University of Tokyo’s HAARP, George links the Alaska HAARP.

George's data set correlation seems tighter.

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The pink areas are where they are still trying to figure out the seasonal adjustment.

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Anyone know what the worst case scenario is when this toxic disaster reaches the west coast?

Math Man's picture

It's not reaching the West Coast, because it is not as bad as the doomers here on ZH speculate...

Here's a recent update:

and below a summar of what happened.


patience...'s picture

I keep telling you MM, it's not over yet.  Your links are nothing new. 

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he is here to quell the flow of information..

he has no other purpose than to try to put fires out..

make big things small.. control the idiots around him..

in the real world it works (on the stupid people) becuase people would rather here good news than bad.. here he gets no luv for his bullshit..

but "The Power of Positive Speaking / Acting / Projecting"

Fuck him and his lies he should be hung on the white house lawn for treasonous lies against "We the People".

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the sad thing about your trolling, is that you're actually serious.

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when you get time, view this animated 14 sec clip of the tsunami.....pretty cool


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Yesterday's post of radiation levels in Ibaraki Prefecture probably first to break news.  Japanese media at least 3-4 hours behind and source of pretty nice Nikkei futures short idea.  Hats off Zerohedge!

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The Russell 2000 can stomp out the radiation....I am 100% sure of this. Nothing can stop the 2000 rocket machine. It can do anything, including putting out all fires and reactors....


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Algerian police use tear gas to disperse crowd of about 60 protestors throwing stones and petrol bombs in capital, according to Reuters  
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Wow, prevailing winds put all that muck right into the pacific.

So, any idea what the currents are doing and hwo, whiel everyone is busy watching the wind, it's the water where the real danger lies?

Ocean currents are far more predictable. Anyone doing radiation checks? i read an article where it said the crazy sardine death wash-up in California (San Diego?) a couple of days all had highly elevated levels of radiation.

Vectors, vectors, everywhere.



johnQpublic's picture

i read that the fish were contaminated from a neurotoxin caused by eating on a toxic algae bloom, and/or from low oxygen levels driving them into the harbor

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It will get swept into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Radioactive chunks of plastic water bottles for eternity.

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They're only little people. What do we care.

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Now that things in Japan look out of control and the ME is busy crushing those pesky peasants...the Prez can head to Rio!!!!

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pretty low levels everywhere except Ibaraki...would like to see Miyagi and Fukushima

Jackfish's picture

I would like to know as well. 

Some of the measuring equipment was damaged by the EQ and the tsunami.

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And the wind direction is now taking those pesky rads and roentgens out to sea. See?

6 String's picture

The Russell 2000 can stomp out the radiation....I am 100% sure of this. Nothing can stop the 2000 rocket machine. It can do anything, including putting out all fires and reactors....


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The company line on this dissaster is that a whole series of things had to happen for things to get so out of control. That is an absolute total fucking lie. Only one single thing needed to happen. One single thing that this entire gigantic plant depends on for its survival...electrical power. No fucking plant. There is no backup to the loss of electrical power. I am assuming they still do not have electrical power to run the pumps that circulate water through those cooling towers. Which is why things continue to heat up!

kaiserhoff's picture

Good point BF, and miserable design all around.  A few back-up steam powered pumps would give plenty of options, but it all has to work or nothing works.

glenlloyd's picture

Actually, they had backup power, but they did a poor job of sequestering and protecting their fuel supplies, which apparently were out in the open somewhere and got washed away. The diesel backup generators worked but they didn't have enough fuel.

Granted this is hindsite but why wouldn't you have a contingency for backup fuel?

ShatteredArm's picture

Do you people read anymore?  They did have backup power.  Things were shutting down as expected when the earthquake hit, and the backup power was operating the cooling system... Until the tsunami came and wiped out said backup power.

Inadequately protected backup power?  Sure.  But it's not like they didn't even consider having backup power, as you seem to be suggesting.