A Visual Representation Of MurdochGate's Toxic Spiderweb

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For those who think the News Corp. fallout is anywhere near close to ending, we have one word: Nope. The chart below from BusinessWeek is the best visual representation of what started as a simple voicemail tapping scandal and is set to not only topple a media empire, but to revolutionize the tabloid industry (for once into something better we hope), in the process maybe even returning a few IQ points to the average "developed nation" citizen.

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Tangled webs woven, bitchez.

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A great perspective of reality.

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my question is, for reality sake, what did Murdock do to get himself kicked out of the club? I mean its not like he was the head of the IMF and chasing maids or anything...


The phone tapping 'excuse' for his unltimate downfall is a front story. I mean taps have been going on since before cell phones on landlines. Scottland Yard had this evidence for 6 years and it just now comes out???? Please. This is just like DSK, he no longer is 'IN', so what did he actually do???

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any number of reasons the Trans-Atlantic parasites would stitch-up Murdoch, as they did Conrad Black and Strauss-Khan

Murdoch has the top Channel in the US (Fox) and established the best Sat-TV (Sky) and most popular newspapers in Britain

Hilary 'Commie' Clinton knows the value of spreading the US 'truth' (lies). She's just upped the propaganda budget home and abroad (maybe the foreign/domestic policies aren't working too well, paint over the cracks with snake oil)

Murdoch gives space to independents views like Glen Beck and O'Reilly, not Big-Gobs-for-Rent like Jon Stewart who is sure to run another hatchet-job on Murdoch as he did on Strauss-Khan. That one snake-oiled over his beloved President robbing peoples pensions, this Murdoch farce is probably to snake-oil over Obummas latest budget tragedy and continued complete incompetence

'The Truth is Out There'... yep but you have to get around the deafening white noise the vast majority of American media produces, the anti-truth

Murdoch for President

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Thankfully, quite ineligible.

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You sir, are an idiot. Beck and O'Reilly are huge shills, just as bad as Stewart. You keep buying into that propaganda though. The boards here are rife with idiots such as yourself, it's a real shame. 

Murdoch for president? You have got to be kidding me. You want some Israel-firster as president? 

dark pools of soros's picture

why does anyone think changing the top means any change at all?  get a hold of local politics and grow it up from there

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and now, a word about media..........



US Electronic News & Entertainment Media Control


is it real, or is it memorex?

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Pesamystik, Beck and O'Reilly are their own men, like Murdoch. If you want a Jon Stewart big fat empty corrupt gob on Fox Shaun O'Hannity is your man, his Bush 'interview' (arse licking exercise) was quite putrid. 

You have to show me what harm Murdoch has ever done, to either you personally or society? This is establishment hyperbollox, a mountain out of a few politicians mole hills. In contrast i can give you an exhaustive list of Bush and Obumma harm, damage and outright criminality that makes wire tapping look like the nothing it is

Until such time you show me Murdoch has done harm in this hysterical Trans-Atlantic stich-up sham you are the idiot Sir, with blinkers on and a Parasite Club flag up your arse.. Murdoch for President

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Sorry, but that's paranoid gibberish.

If and when the Murdochs go down, you can bet a lot of people will go with them, since they or the people that work(ed) for them know where ALL the bodies are buried.

Information is power, after all.

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do you remember when he swept into the united states and started complaining about regulations. well whola, no regulations, then he takes over a lot of media and newspapers. either this guy has some very good banker friends, or perhaps he has some friends who have some cash.......i mean, you know, i know his mommie was well off, but surely she did not have the moolah necessary to purchase so many entities.....

so now they tell me, such a man is brought down by some silly nonsense about hacking phones, etc.  strange if you ask me, considering the nsa and the mossad do this kind of thing all the time........to each of us......

disabledvet's picture

Looks like a buy on DirecTV is still in place. Maybe they did it? Of course I like the concept of a "truth/anti-truth" converter that "powers our media ship forward into unexplored realms of the galaxy."

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Please advise which of these charges are false. 

Murdoch has done more harm to journalism than any single individual, IMHO.  His control of the worldwide media is similar to the control the golden squid enjoys over the International financial markets.  He has a very specific "conservative" agenda that practice's divisiveness and and promotes a point of view with disregard for honest reporting of the details and protection of chosen minions.  Divide and conquer, in country after country, is the method employed to implement his special brand of Fascism.

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Will abuse of the word "conservative" never end?

There is nothing in this man's behavior that promotes the survival of Western Civilization. What exactly to you believe he is trying to "conserve," other than his own power and money?

bamf1411's picture

Ya got the shit for brains in = shit for brains out mentality, quantitatively speaking of course.

Helix's picture

As much as I despise mainstream media, FOX "news" is a whole other level... it's propaganda masquerading as news... It's sickening to watch...

Bob's picture

It's a perfect storm for a take-down of Murdock.  He got caught with his pants down and now he'll be the industry's sacrificial wolf. 

The rest of the corporate media asserts it's "credibility" by leading the charge.  There will be a lot of money up for grabs in the reorganization/effective liquidation of Murdock's empire.  The bought and paid for tools of those competing companies, who still hold dear their fantasies of being "journalists," having now been given the green light by their masters are only too happy to press the issue . . . it salves their consciences for saying so little about the "Fox-ification" of the media over the last 20 years. 

Zero Govt's picture

Murdoch is a successful media mogul.. he has the top channels (read: most popular) in US and UK and makes the garbage propaganda put out by the Marxist media competition look like the shite it is... this is a stitch-up job as false and criminally fabricated as the Strauss-Khan and Conrad Black raids... anyone calling this "sleeze" is an idiot and has got the wrong end of the stick, all the greece and rats are at the other (political) end that are waving this lollypop stick about

..the media will be a far far worse place without Murdoch, just look at the tragic bent rotten garbage he competes with (and beats) at CNN, CNBC, the BBC et al. Welcome to the tired declining failing Marxist media, Americas airwaves rammed with goon garbage

Urban Roman's picture

Wipe your chin there, ZG, I can still see a little Murdoch jizz on it.

Zero Govt's picture

the only ones swallowing someone elses bile around here are you media shit-stir junkies

try engaging your brain before you swallow a patent stitch-up job from the usual criminal syndicates of politicians and media hysterics... did anything ever good come out of those two piles of human waste??

Oh and by the way, Murdoch for President (beats the f'n sleezeball in office right now doesn't he?)

scatterbrains's picture

is this sort of like where as fed. regulators end up in sweet banking jobs, cia/fbi/spooks end up in the media industry ? I'm not stupid enough to think that Murdock was the only one doing this.

duo's picture

I'd like to see a similar graphic about "Fast and Furious" (gun running to Mexico).  I suppose the Guardian or Independent will have to create it, as the US media will be following Casey Anthony around.

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I don't see how this is a big deal. 

Someone explain this to me.

ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

ok...one of the message banks they tapped was a missing 12 year old girl, when full of messages, and thus preventing any new messages coming in, they deleted messages which made the family, and police, believe the young girl was still alive. She had been murdered.

on a macro level in the UK one has to be a "fit and proper person" to be entitled to own broadcast licences, so the question is who knew what and when? Rupert keeps a close eye on costs, the expectation is he knew...and if not, a fish always rots from the head.

the Fourth Estate wields power without responsibility, makes and breaks governments, holds others to account for moral wrong-doing...and apparently, taps phone messages.

you think the Dirty Digger hasn't accumulated a few enemies on his way up? or, are you just trolling?   

bob_dabolina's picture

I just don't see how this is a big deal. 

I dunno, maybe I should be on alert...red alert even. 

The NSA/CIA/FBI does this shit all the time. They molest your 2 year old at the airport but phone tapping is the issue de jour? 

Should I be shocked? Stunned? Taken aback? I don't get it. 

How am I affected by this? 

Oh regional Indian's picture

If you live in the world the rest of us inhabit, you are. It's like watching the temperature gauge on your car going to HOT and you as the driver saying, this affects the car, I'm ok.

Like that. It's a sign. When the cull begins at these levels, you know somethign big is in the air. Murdoch, inspite of looking really stupid, probably has more evidenciary dockets on every prominent person in the world.

Kid of like Gaddafi. He clearly has the goods and the bads on Sarkozy, and yet, nothing.

Cui bono? 



bob_dabolina's picture

Your explantion hasn't explained how this affects me. 

slewie the pi-rat's picture

wait till they tie it into lady di's "accident" and the conspiracy against DSK.  what if murdoch knows the inside dirt on 911, and what happened to the planeloads of cash in iraq? 

then, maybe they say they know who tf tyler is!

you can't handle the truth, bob_d!   LOL!

bob_dabolina's picture

what if i had a 3rd, or 4th nipple? 

what if....

still...no one can answer my question?

The government can touch your 2 yearolds vagina but phone tapping is the issue de jour?

I'm (still) waiting for someone to explain this to me. 

Maxter's picture

Alright we all see what you want to tell us, so let me explain it this way:


You should be as outraged by this news that you are from the CIA/FBI wiretyping your own communications.


The fact that americans are getting sexualy assaulted everyday is also outrageous, but that doesnt mean that anything less than that should be ignored.

bob_dabolina's picture

Like I said...phone tapping has been going on since the Nazi days. 

We have the government touching our children nowa days. 

That's sick. We are allowing the government to touch our children in their vagina and penis area.

...we're worried about Murdoch scopin our phone? 

Jesus Christ look at your life.


Advoc8tr's picture

You are absolutely right. Any independent thinking person would see it as you describe .... However,  most people have forgotten that governments are supposed to be our representative and servant not our overlords. The outrage is because Murdoch is not a governemnt - while the government can do what it wants with impunity private corporations are supposed to play by the 'rules'

whstlblwr's picture

"Like I said...phone tapping has been going on since the Nazi days.

We have the government touching our children nowa days."

Do you here get education? Come from cave? WTF? Nations of laws. It against law for corporate to wiretap, hack. Government need to follow law to wiretap citizen account. CIA/FBI follow law.

TSA follow law, not against law for TSA. Want change? Change fucking law. But first you all get education to learn about rules of land.

smore's picture

Agree, Bob.  This is one of those stories where I just can't understand why people are are so worked up about it, and ask myself if I just don't get it. 

So a famously sleazy newspaper is spying on pols and celebrities?  When didn't I know that?  In fact, as far as I'm concerned it's a GOOD thing.   

Meanwhile, nobody cares about the state spying ordinary citizens, groping us, locking us up indefinitely with no trial, and even assassinating us if they decide we are a threat. 

As far as I can see this whole hoopla is just going to be another excuse for more government interference with the internet.

dark pools of soros's picture

are you and Bob totally fucked in the head already?  This isn't the police and feds (who are suppose to only tap to investigate/prevent crime) but a freaking news corp that is exploiting personal info on the front pages and for influence on a global scale


but what does an ant care if there's a rabid dog in the neighborhood right? keep your head low and you don't have to even worry about shit since you are below that as well


smore's picture

Problem one: "the police and feds (who are suppose to"

Yeah, and newspapers are "suppose to" be model citizens too.  Quis custodiet custodies?


Murdoch is a "yellow journalist".  Of course he is poking around in personal info, but it's personal info of public people.  The problem he's run into is that people like 911 victims are unwillingly public people.


Yes, it's sleazy, and Fox is awful, but the problem is with eliminating all but the yes men from the media.  If you think Fox is bad, you should have seen the TV news in Eastern Europe in the 80's.  Everyone knew it was "not the news".  That's where we're heading, as I see it.





ArmchairRevolutionary's picture

If you think Fox is bad, you should have seen the TV news in Eastern Europe in the 80's.  Everyone knew it was "not the news".

I recently had the privilege of seeing the Chavez 24x7 propaganda channel. It makes Fox news look fair and balanced. In reality though, this is what makes Fox so bad; few believe the Chavez channel, while many believe Fox. Case in point: there are some retards here who believe that O'Reilly and Beck are independent thinkers.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

What happened to your other avatar?

jmcadg's picture

Does it have to affect you to be wrong? It's the thin end of a very tawdry wedge. They are not alone in this, they're just the ones that have been found out. It affects you because it could be you. If you had a relative killed in 9/11, you phone could get tapped etc.

smore's picture

Yes, but I could have my phone tapped by the government anyway.  l'm a lot less concerned that Murdoch would want to tap it.  For one thing, he can't send goons to break down my door and throw me in jail indefinitely without trial.

dark pools of soros's picture

that's because you are a pissant - if you were worth slandering you would be concerned..  higher ups do not worry about the police more than they worry about the press..  so you are right, you are dirt so you do not have to worry about this topic

smore's picture

Haha!  You seem to find me worth slandering.  I guess I can feel better about myself now! 

dark pools of soros's picture

Wait till i dig through your email!!! :)