Visualizing Euphoria

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The QQQQ options table below shows what frothy, irrational exuberance in its purest form, truly looks like. The top 10 options traded currently are all calls (and yes, most on the offer side).

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Is it just me or does anyone else see upgrades in alot of high flying stocks(WYNN, GOOG, APPL...etc..but the stocks won't go up? Nobody would upgrade a stock so they could unload the snot out of it would they? That woud be unethical...hmmmmmmm

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RainbowTrader should post a Starbux chart to compliment this wildly whipped up ultra frothy market data.

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I love euphoria

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I wanna charge the market with swedish rape, they knew I wanted them to use protection. Also I was asleep.

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True, but you guys forget to look at the OI. 4Mio puts vs. 1.5Mio calls.

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Why not, the market is going MUCH higher.

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Inflation coming soon?

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Thinking of inflation coming soon?