Visualizing Today's HFT Market Stick Save

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Nothing like a little stick save in 20 minutes to prevent a, gulp, close at the day's lows. Fidel Sarcastro demonstrates how the HFT crew is now doubling also as SkyNet's goalie.

When the ES was (good Lord NO!) threatening to make a lower-low on a daily chart, the HFT brigade saved the day.  Making like your favorite NHL goalie SkyNet performed another stick save.  In just 20-minutes, every offer in the book was relentlessly lifted as SkyNet

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Anyone feel like playing Super Breakout after looking at the pic?

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ROTFLMAO!!! Gawd I needed that after today, thanks!

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This market has melted up 1700 points on little volume. Not much foundation under it.

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Nah, they just had INTC earnings results .... MAJOR pain for bears tomorrow, easy 100 + day for the Dow. It must really suck to be a bear in Benny's world .. LOL

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bears? do you mean traders who(m) actually short a market? outnumbered 1000 to 1 by permabulls....

how many years has the DOW closed down in the last 100? why isn't everybody wealthy?

or is this a game? between daBullz and daBearz? one animal's pleasure is another animal's pain?

what the f?

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If INTC rallies well over 10% from here it can get back to 1997 highs!  But then it will still have to triple to attain its 2000 high...  What a gem!

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Honest question.  Why the need to mock?

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Your grocery bill will soon tell you.

Our research team recommends you tighten

up that hat around your face,

well, when the grocery store will be

out of biz. Dolla is a monkey biz.

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What you, Robo and Harry seem to forget is that bullish patterns usually end on good news.

Farcical Aquatic Ceremony's picture

They're either fake characters or sociopaths.Either are to be ignored.

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Hey, better be a psycho than a gay, or worse, a pig like Dick Cheney.

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What you, Robo and Harry seem to forget is that bullish patterns usually end on good news.

geminiRX's picture

What you, Robo and Harry seem to forget is that bullish patterns usually end on good news.

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so trading the market is like playing a video game? shaaaazam!

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Tomorrow 1300¡¡¡ and next week 1400¡¡¡¡ Machines are Cyborgs without sentiments¡

What a market farce, hope one day crashes -70%

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Death to all Bears! or anyone else with Logic...

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Buy the freakin' dip you putzs.



Your Financial Overlord,

Bennie Boy.

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Is it "Benny" or "Bennie"?  I hate inconsistencies.............................

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So...let me get this straight.  The HFT kicks in with 20 minutes left, buys the crap out of everything [or the Roach Motel]...and then somehow magically sells everything it bought WITHOUT CAUSING THE MARKET TO FALL BACK AS IT UNLOADS at the close.  How does that work?

What a freak show.  Who would "invest" in this?

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It was unwanted but expected. But silver bounced very little. Seems the cracks are showing. CMG BIDU NFLX pcln seeing rotation

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It was unwanted but expected. But silver bounced very little. Seems the cracks are showing. CMG BIDU NFLX pcln seeing rotation

max2205's picture

It was unwanted but expected. But silver bounced very little. Seems the cracks are showing. CMG BIDU NFLX pcln seeing rotation

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hell, that's nothing.  SPY had a 1.3M block share stuff-o-rama between 3:59.58 to close. This reamed it up 10 points for...wait for it...a nice flat close.

fucin' BS!

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The markets make less and less sense to a rationale person.  Today, the USD takes a major dive in the afternoon and gold & silver dive along with it!  The USD and gold/silver have always had an inverse relationship.  It's one thing if gold/silver didn't react to the drop in the USD--that would be no big deal.  But gold/silver dropped like a krugerrand plopped into a lake straight down as if it was reacting to the dropping dollar in direct correlation to it. 

FWIW, I've been trading pretty well (nice overal gains) over the past few months--mostly from the long side, yes, buying the dips and have been long big oil stocks.  I occasionally get short and usually regret it. Today, as gold/silver started to drop, yes, I bought the dip only to have it keep dropping.  I covered quickly but took a loss on the trade.  What's up with gold/silver dropping along with the USD??

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Excuse me for saying so...but really?

You had an ubber weak dollar today, along with gold being both a "crowded trade" plus the entire criminal syndicate Wall Street banking cartel shooting at you so that you move your money into banker products.

Now I know this comment is not in line with the average ZH reader's current sentiment, but these things are obvious.

The less obvious question is about how the market could recover in 20 minutes via HFT trading machines...which dump at the close and go home flat..without tanking the market at the EOD.  That is the question that needs to be answered right now.

I have my theories...but thought to ask the ZH crowd first what their sense of this travesty is.

Talk amongst the group.  Focus!



Beatscape...I extend my official apology for coming down on you like this.  It is not my intention to belittle your point...not at all.  This simply could be my lack of patience with things along with our experience gap.  I am not sure, but I wanted you to know.

Beatscape's picture

I hear ya--my post was a little off topic.  I was just tossing it in there as more evidence of bizzaro market action. You are correct about the crowded trade in gold/silver, and the hedge funds are intent on shorting the miners and the financial cabal tries to keep a lid on the PMs--so a downdraft in the PMs is certainly no surprise.  But for gold/silver to spike down hard in tandem with the USD is an anomaly (I usually take the other side of anomalies) and it roughed me up a bit today. 

Re: today's last minute bounce, I am skeptical by nature and although the evidence is huge and well documented by Tyler, I have to have at least a small degree of doubt that the Fed (or some similarly associated group) is unabashedly boosting equities everyday. I understand the resulting cash (put-back) from the daily POMO, but today's last minute hoist of equities seems rather brazen even for the Fed and it various tendrils.  It seems illogical that the entity levitating equities would do this every single day. Pretty soon, it becomes too obvious and their game is exposed.  To make it look more realistic you would think that they would allow a decent down day every now and then, or at lest not ramp up every single spike down.  It just seems too brazen to me.

The fact that this market has set a all time record for staying above the 10-day moving average is an astounding stat.  I am looking for cracks in the action and today's sell off in the PMs is a small one.  We'll have to see how gold/silver responds tomorrow.  For instance, the IYR (RE index) was weak in Nov & Dec and I saw that as a harbinger, but now it has switched moods and is stronger than the S&P.  As long as inkjet Bennie is going to pump trillions into the markets, the street is taking that as sure-fire cover to stay long.  Each crack is mended with their magic money creation machine--it will take a large number of unmanageable cracks and a true double dip recession to send equities down.  I play both sides and trade purely from technicals, not fundamentals. Nonetheless, you have to be aware of the fundamentals and I read ZH everyday to see what cracks need mending and which ones are more difficult to mend.

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70% trading is machine -- probably higher.  Retail is out.  The bubble has hardly started.

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doesn't someone need to be jailed for this?  capital punishment?

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Allow me to explain:

Step 1:  Sweep book for a few prices

Step 2:  Allow panic buying to continue the upside rally whilst slowly selling into

Step 3:  Sit back and enjoy


HFT 101

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B freakin' S

If that were the case...the laws of Supply and Demand have been repealed.  Now, I do not deny the possibility that the laws of Supply and Demand have been repealed...but rather I want an explanation of how that is. Let's try to be clear here... 

So as to your supposed response...I call BS...whilst apologizin' for my up-in-ur-grill response.

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Or could it be that the PM's are, as they may always have been, a LEADING indicator?  Perhaps it is a harbinger of the hard place the fiat-pumpers are in.  Makes sense if you consider that the signs of inflation appearing every day - even in the manipulated public numbers.  Might it be a forecast that the Fed must soon abandon it's hyperinflationary policy?

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Today's lat gasp ramp up was probably attributable to the Intel earnings but it's also yet another shining example of a trading style that seems to be all the rage at the moment ; that being the intraday and soon to be intra-hour "buy the dip" approach .  Basically complacency , impatience and a nice chunk of fear/greed have all combined to form a frothy cauldron of irrational euphoria . When will it all end ? Damned if I know , but technically this market is well overdue for a correction .

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Never underestimate the replacement power of equities within an inflationary death spiral - this market is a house-trained pet that knows only one direction. However, when the pet turns rabid, there will be no - repeat - NO bids.

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[Never underestimate the replacement power of equities within an inflationary death spiral - this market is a house-trained pet that knows only one direction. However, when the pet turns rabid, there will be no - repeat - NO bids.]---MiningJunkie


The "Market" is long gone. And will be gone for a long time. What's left is a facade that feeds the bankers, and conceals the truth from people.

The politicians are just going along with whatever the Fed tells them.

But, a lie cannot live forever. A lie is not like wine; a lie does not get better with age. A lie is perishable, like milk. It requires protection, costly maintenance.  It's cumbersome, unwieldy, and unhealthy.

Truth, on the other hand, is forever. Timeless. Transcends time and space. It is simple, clean, and unencumbered. Truth is healing, lifting, empowering, and peaceful.

Facing the truth today about our economic situation is not the "hard part" our country must soon endure, it's the generations of lies that preceded it.


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my new theory on that loughner dude - was loaded up to the gills in TZA...fuk me. You know these dudes are sitting around in their loin cloths watching twink films and yukking it up because they are so fuckin smart. I swear that MF wants to roll over so bad...just do it bitch. All this god damn index manipulation is driving me nuts...all the bloated piggys have turned, but they find new little gems to pump up. Pump this bitches!


No way INTC moves the dow 100 - about time for these dikheads to start their flight to quality bullshit, after they sell the mullet all the turds. Time will come and I cant wait til grampa fuknut is crying because he lost half again...tick f'n tock!

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I actually managed to make money shorting the mad cow today; covered near the low via good luck. I just knew it would bounce right back up. How did I know? Because there was for about 60 seconds actual downside velocity and shorts know like a bull knows a cattle prod that downside velocity ist streng verboten . . .

I am sure many many other shorts are thinking the same way and that is the other reason of course why this pig won't go down . . . shorts covering at the nearest good opportunity.

Watching INTC and market action closely tomorrow. INTC has been a dog the morning after earnings for years. It will be interesting to see how long the morning wood lasts on the SPY.

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hopefully dimond isnt very convincing - I hope he says f you, no dividend, I just bought a new island, there has to be a catalysts somewhere. Probably not tomorrow...but that is what buy stops are for on those dogshit leveraged inverse etfs. My suspicion is that when it goes, the bus wont be stopping at my street.


I am waiting on the RUT to diverge before the SP catches up to it, which is looking more likely every day - doesnt want that +800 action, bands tightening, but these guys have crafted almost a technically perfect runup, double freaking doji on the IWM, bearish engulfing last week that doesnt confirm...arrrgh, fakkin rollover already!

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This is making me feel sick.  The CFTC is holding hearings on banging the close in commodities and the Fed's pet banks are doing it in the S&P 500 with my kid's money. They're gifting the labor of my sons to GS, JPM, BAC, Citi... I'm getting very angry.

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Make sure they don't join the service or law enforcement or they will be asked to kill for the banksters.

ebworthen's picture

Trillions in fiat money means there is no market.

The market is an illusion, a mirage, and the only thing alive are the vultures, the scorpions, and the rats in the holes.

If your credit card has no limit and you never have to pay it off will you ever go broke?  No.

The only end will be when someone kills you for the credit card or your Women or your food - or for all of it.

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why are you guys even worried, says on the banner ad right there on the screen:


"Market Crash on 1/31/11? Technical indicators suggest market collapse may begin by January 31st"

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same on ASX 200 last 2 min exploded to day high