Vladimir Putin Calls Bernanke A Hooligan, Angry At American Money Printing

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Who would have thought that Ron Paul's ideological ally in his quest to take down the Chairsatan would be none other than the Russian dictator-in-waiting (or rather, in actuality), Vladimir Putin. In a speech before the of economic experts at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian prime minister had the following to say: "Thank God, or unfortunately, we do not print a reserve currency but what are they doing? They are behaving like hooligans, switching on the printing press and tossing them around the whole world, forgetting their main obligations." What appears to have angered the former KGB spy is the end of QE2. According to RIAN: "Putin's comments came in the wake of the completion of the US' quantitative easing (QE) 2 program on June 30, in which the Federal Reserve bought $600 billion worth of its Treasury bonds. The Fed's first round of QE, which ended in March last year, amounted to less than half the size of QE2." We can't wait to hear what expletive Putin will usher once Bernanke launches QE3.

What are the next steps: "The Russian authorities have said they would like to see a basket of currencies including the ruble replacing the dollar as the main reserve currency, although most analysts have said a more realistic target for Russia would be if the ruble became a regional reserve currency for the CIS." Too bad most analysts are right 9 out of -7 times. And last time we checked Russia was the largest oil producer in the world, which means it can do pretty much whatever it wants. Which, assuming Russia forms a 21st century axis with China and Germany, as many have suggested, means that while analysts can downplay the impact of what Russian ambitions in the monetary arena mean, pretty soon the only reserve currency in the world will be the one backed not with Tomahawk missiles or printing presses, but actual, hard assets.

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Takes one to know one.

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Wasn't Russia running the same money printing madness just two decades ago? Perhaps commrade Vladmir was just upset Bernanke not paying the copy-right fee while executing the same tactics.

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I really don't care what kind of person Putin is.

I'd gladly fork over several grand per ticket to see Putin/Bernanke in a Steel Death Cage Match.

If the fight ended with Putin shoving an entire hard cover volume of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money down Bernanke's esophagus, and a copy of Modern Money Mechanics up Bernanke's asshole, I'd walk away fully satisfied.

Does this indicate any unhealthy psychological tendencies in my current mood?


YouTube - 'Kiss My Giraffe'


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You are a very funny guy

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IMHO, Putin is likely the Antichrist (the "lawless one"):


Nevertheless, there's a reason Max Keiser works for RussiaToday and Iran's PressTV:


Tis a matter of divine judgment:


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There is no private interpretation of prophecy.

Check yourself B4 you wreck yourself.


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Agreed. Many serious theologians say the anti-christ will not be a single human. Christ was a man. So his "anti-" would be an abstraction, a disembodied, yet tangible collection of wickedness of many (or all) men. A proxy for various degrees and recipients of violence. Not a nation, even the "one world" nation, as those are separately defined in the prophesies.

Putin, or even the bernanke are "not it"

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So, you're saying the IMF/World Bank are the antichrist? Maybe the squid and morgue are the 'sons of the antichrist'? Maybe it is the other way around?

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Sounds like "America" (the modern day incarnation, not the traditional concept).

Repent ye sinners.

I am Chumbawamba.

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Didn't GW see Jesus* in his eyes or some other horse shit like that?


*Note to self: never vote for a born again alcoholic.

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Possibly so.  The whole edifice of the 'former KGB' is morphing into the forces of the Antichrist IMHO:


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Putin, is nothing but a dealer of death in disguise.

This dude when he sets himself loose, will be at least as bad as Stalin.

Talk about a WOLF in SHEEPS clothing.............he is the poster child.

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When people talk about the KGB they generally think about its visible acts of repression, brutal interrogations and gulags. There is little public awareness of the fact that the KGB, which is calling the shots in today’s Russia, holds the launching codes for 6,000 nuclear missiles. Even fewer people know that the KGB has also been charged to develop, produce, stockpile and guard the country’s weapons of mass destruction. - Ion Pacepa, 2004

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TIS, if you'd used rectum instead of asshole, it would've been a very funny post. Now it's just funny.

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Makes you wonder...what does Russia, China, et al do when they realize all they have is "paper! paper!" and we have their commodities, goods, etc?  It's like the gift that keeps on giving, a treadmill you can never get off of, unless you want your own economy to implode with massive civil unrest.  

I suspect they've thought that far ahead, being the chess player they are, and it augurs badly for the West.

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Putin should call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance.

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Makes you wonder...what does Russia, China, et al do when they realize all they have is "paper! paper!" and we have their commodities, goods, etc?  It's like the gift that keeps on giving, a treadmill you can never get off of, unless you want your own economy to implode with massive civil unrest.  


Hush! Verboten speech on here. The posters on this site want to maintain the illusion that the rest of the world has the good in deal in the globalism stuff and the US citizens the wrong part.


Stating the obvious, that the insane burden of converting paper money into valuable stuff is left to others while US citizens are allowed in straightforward, no brainer consumption thanks to the USD is taboo.

The official mantra of the pravda here is that the US is suffering from globalism, that the US is sacrifying to help the rest of the world.

Each time the US sends a dollar abroad to receive in exchange real wealth like commodities and goods, the US are not importing wealth, they are exporting their own.

Such is the US world order. Victimilogy is high in this US world order and US citizens are perpetual victims. Have been since inception when they were victims of Indians, negroes, religious persons and royalists.

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Don't forget that productive industry and real economic growth are also exported with that worthless paper.

And what about the inevitable addiction to cheap 'stuff', such as the US is fully in now? What happens when that comes to an end? Have you ever seen someone in the delirium tremens before?


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They don't just get paper. In China's case the US is exporting know how and machinery. Saudi Arabia essentially buys the protection of (and from) US's military.

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Putin said Russia and Eurasian Union (coming 2012) needs its own rating agency. Assuming US rating agencies don't stand by their ratings anyway, rate complete junk as AAA (eg tons of mortgage garbage in 2007) and mostly use ratings for market manipulation, it's not a bad idea.

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Cage match: Putin vs. Bernanke. Awesome.

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Not awesome. Putin is a master in Judo. Benny is a master in, well, nothing never mind the fighting arts. Putin would break his neck 2 secs into the fight invert his body and use it as a swivel mop to clean up Ben's blood. On second thought, yeah, that would be awesome ;)

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Benny is a P U S S Y.  I bought firecrackers and M-80s from the dweeb when he worked at 'South of the Border' in the 1970s.   Gimme a fucking break.

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he took down the man from Kansas City...so this is not a word i would associate with The Bernank. Should he outlast Treasury Secretary Geithner as it appears he shortly will--that's another "notch in the guitar." I'm tellin' ya--don't let squishy face cutiness fool ya!

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Don't under-estimate the power of a quivering lip in hand-to-hand combat

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What about JewJitsu the ancient art of ruining economies?

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Benny Rothschild is a (close) cousin to Putin.


Watch your mouth.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Jewjitsu is an all time classic IdFG.


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Haha! Now THAT shit was funny!

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Benny... master of the most advance printing press!! That will extract alot of blood from the peasants of the world.

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Bernank wins: his QE2 lite is still bigger than the Russian budget

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Throw in local US Rock Star OBAMA AGAINST PUTIN.

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Are you kidding? Putin could put Bernank and the One down at the same time. It would not be pretty, and it would not last long.

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Now that show had zazz.

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Vlad the Impaler is absolutely correct about wanton hooliganism with respect to the destruction of the global reserve currency.  What could be more self-defeating?  Lord, he got nailed at the end of the cold war, but winds up on the winning side nonetheless.  Amazing.  Defeated from within, as forecast of all empires.

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The Cold War?  The Cold War ended and the Russian Mafia privatised everything.  The Russian Mafia ended up with all the assets.  Who won the Cold War?

Oh regional Indian's picture

LH, i don't think the cold war ended. It just re-emerged as the current hot war when it was time. The players are all mostly the same (US, UK, France, China, Russia), now ready for re-distribution. Of course you know more than most the depth of the drama being played out.

Just looks like all the players on the global stage are excellent method actors.



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

All the world’s a stage....

There is a lot of multi-dimensional truth to that.

Wow ORI.  This is the basis for a script I am writing.  I am going to quote you on this.

And I agree.  This is the next wave we are seeing.  Pullbacks are defense mechanisms, and the best offense is a good defense.  The USSR folded, but the Mafia took over that terrain.  Is there a difference in the US?  No.  Players just catching up on "theirs".  End in sight.  Bap!

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LH, pleasure to be quoted by you! Send me a copy when free to share it.

And Mafia (Vatican, literal) is where it is really at.

We live in a time when the goons are at the helm. Thuggish goons at that. GLobal royalty i s a shining example (Monaco???).

Quite ruthless, this end-game, paradigm shift business.


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 Putin is former KGB would cream Bernanki in cage fight.

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I believe Putin has a black belt in some martial art. However, Ben's "drunken money printer" style kung fu is very strong.

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Vlad, baby! where ya been hidin'? now maybe we can see some fur fly

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"Sociopath declares Sociopath, a Sociopath"

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OMG, as I'm reading that the voice of Walter Winchell is in my head.

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Here ya go knuckles. Ah, the good ole dayz:


I love the telegraph "bug" in the intro...

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"... brokers, contending with each other who could best remedy with fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper the wretchedness and ruin brought on their country by their degenerate councils." --written by Edmond Burke, sometime in the 1700's.