Vladimir Putin (Re) Launches Bid For Russian Presidency Even As Medvedev Warns "Monopolizing Power Leads To Civil War"

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While America is fascinated by the launch (or cancellation) of various presidential campaigns, the real presidential race news comes from Russia, where former president, current Prime Minister, one time KGB spy and overall wannabe dictator of the Great Russian Empire has just thrown in his card once again in the presidential race, much to the disappointment of figurehead president and Putin protege Dmitry Medvedev, who had some stern words of warning for the country should it choose to embark on the path to virtual dictatorship. This is due to the 45 year old's decision to increasingly disagree with policies proposed from the shadow president, as Putin continues to be in charge in all but name. The Australian reports "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has decided to run for the presidency next year, raising the possibility of a power struggle with his protege Dmitry Medvedev, the incumbent Kremlin leader, say highly placed sources." As to why this is just modestly a concern: "Under the constitution, Mr Putin's move to reclaim the presidency could
see him rule for two consecutive six-year terms until 2024, when he will
be 72. If so, he would have served as prime minister or president for
24 years in all
." And the truth is that with his charismatic figure as popular now as ever, he will likely get it, making him the first non-wartime popularly chosen effective dictator of a "democratic" country. However, as Medvedev noted, this outcome would not be without sizable risks: "Russian history shows that monopolising power leads to stagnation or civil war." And the last thing an energy-strapped world needs is for the largest oil producer to be stricken by civil war...


The once-close relationship between Mr Putin, the tough-talking former KGB officer who has inspired a personality cult, and Mr Medvedev, a softly spoken Twitter enthusiast, has become increasingly fractious amid speculation in Moscow that the younger man wishes to stand again.

Insiders familiar with both leaders said Mr Putin, who served eight years as president before becoming Prime Minister three years ago, had begun to lose confidence in Mr Medvedev's loyalty.

Under the constitution, Mr Putin's move to reclaim the presidency could see him rule for two consecutive six-year terms until 2024, when he will be 72. If so, he would have served as prime minister or president for 24 years in all.

The sources said recent criticism by Mr Medvedev had made Mr Putin suspicious. "Putin will run for president. He's made up his mind for good. Rumours that he's still weighing his options are false," said one source.

"There's mounting tension between Medvedev and Putin. The view in Putin's camp is that Medvedev has started behaving with too much arrogance and wants to challenge him. Putin is starting to doubt his loyalty."

The Russian constitution allows the president to serve no more than two consecutive terms. Mr Putin stepped down in 2008 and handed the reins to Medvedev on the tacit understanding that he could come back next year if he wished.

At first Mr Medvedev was regarded as a puppet. He even took to imitating Mr Putin's distinctive macho stride and speaking style. But three years later, Mr Medvedev, who at 45 is still Russia's youngest leader in more than seven decades, is understood to be reluctant to step aside for Mr Putin.

The President is said to be frustrated at the perception, both at home and abroad, that he is a lame duck. A second term would give him the power to pursue a more liberal agenda of greater political freedom and sweeping judicial reforms, in contrast to that of Mr Putin, who is viewed as authoritarian.

"It's the classic tale of the pupil trying to overtake his master. Putin's camp thinks Medvedev is getting too cocky while the President and his people say it's time for the old man to retire."

In a comment seen as a veiled attack on Mr Putin, Mr Medvedev said last week: "A person who thinks he can stay in power indefinitely is a danger to society.

"Russian history shows that monopolising power leads to stagnation or civil war."

And here is why the presidential campaign in Russia is over before it has even begun:

"The difference is simple: Putin can ask Medvedev to step aside. No matter how reluctantly, he'll oblige. But Medvedev can't stop Putin from coming back. And Putin wants to be president again."

The only question is how long until the west, so far preoccupied with its own insolvency crisis, realizes that just a little further east, the former "Evil Empire" has once again flipped the "World Domination" switch to on.

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Medvedev is about to receive his meds: polonium laced vodka.

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If you believe anything you read in the Australian, you are stupider than I thought.

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The only thing stupider than believing anything you read in The Australian is believing nothing you read in The Australian, on the grounds that News owns it. Our only other broadsheets are parochial libtard parodies of themselves. The Australian is all we have left.

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Why- Juleeeeea(Australia's dry breasted Lesbian president hopeful) has come down from Mount Sinai and proclaimed.... from the book given by the God(s) of Climate Change / warming /cooling/ greens wet dream.. whatever is the word de Jour to scare the proles 

If you don't bend over and take the Carbon tax up the Rectum you will drown because the sea will rise 3 feet in a hundred years... Bitches.

But before that unfortunate event happens we will freeze Broke and pennyless in the dark because as a carbon based life form we are to hate, absolutely, coal, wood and any thing that nature has provided as Carbon for our use, while the government reaps the profit left after Goldman and JPM take a slice of Heaven from the new cake they a baking for Carbon trading. Funny fucking thing hey - from they, the very fucking Government now taxing a super profit tax on coal mining to cover the spending... go Figure Freaks.

I have news for you Juleeeea. I live on a Mountain, Have a sound boat but think it's more about your so far down in the polls that you thought it a miricle that this book turns up in right smart time.

To the USA ......if these fuckers come for you..... 




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the 21st century will be sooooo like  the 20th

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It seems to be going that way doesn't it? WW3, then the "super great depression" and WW4 coming to a world near you!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Germany is the modern dynamic powerhouse of Europe...... it can handle some minor natural gas interruptions to its diversified energy complex............ .......... ..... ..    . -------------------------------------------------------------------

Solar in the temperate latitudes rules ok.

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Russia in civil war would be quite scary. They got nukes after all.

How long before a Crimson Tide scenario?

Mentaliusanything's picture

The puppet has grown a set. No other comment required


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I've seen Medvedev speak a number of times and he's a very smart lad. He certainly has the management-speak vocab down to a t, but Putin's bid will put a big spanner in the works for the rest of Europe hoping for a stable energy supplier. The man's an old school thug. 

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This looks like a psyop article. Western powers apparently don't want Vlad to assume the reigns of power again.

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Putin is the richest person on the planet by assets under control. Neo-feudalism.

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There are lots of richest people in the world. They are a fine crew; beyond money and over themselves. This plutocrat is not at all rich; he is drowning in his sea of myrmidons; the stuff that classic Greek Tragedy is made of.

Catullus's picture

He's rich like mubarak is rich.

And this was the plan all along by Putin.

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Thank God Sarah Palin will be able to see Putin rearing his head from her backyard.

You betcha!

ivars's picture

Interesting, if this oil price prediction (May 6)  will be more exact to detail


As the previous one (Feb6) , which still works perfetly:


( we are now in a second predicted dip, at the time/level).







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Has Medvedev been talking back lately?  Is this a good idea with Putin around?  I mean he doesn't want to be caught up in some action with some maid in some hotel like the other genius does he?

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Andrew Osborn stated that the two men would decide among themselves which of them would run. He also said:

"The differences could be serious or designed solely to portray political competition. Mr Putin, who served as president from 2000 to 2008, hand-picked Mr Medvedev to replace him after being forced to step down from the presidency to abide by constitutional rules. But he is now legally entitled to return to the presidency and would be eligible to serve two back-to-back six year terms. "


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This is terrible if in fact proven to be true. The country went into the deepest cycle of corruption under Putin because he restricted any opposition in either parliament or press. It is an unmitigated disaster!

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Berezovsky and many other 'businessmen' who fled to the City of London with their 'earnings' would agree with you. Some European bankers are also sad because Putin undid some of the splendid deals that Yeltsin made for Russia, But there's hope, the central bank remains in 'orivate' hands.

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So this means that Putin rejected the GOP also?

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Meet the new President.  Same as the old President, regardless of who wins the silly election. 

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Medvedev stood by whilst his UN representative "abstained" from the Libya resolution virtually guaranteeing NATO could roll in and take the rest of the Southern Med they didn't already control. Fuck him, hopefully Putin or someone else takes over.

Baptiste Say's picture

Seeing he has shown over Libya (and the last few years) he has absolutely no spine my guess is that Medvedev will accept a few hundred million under the table and step down quietly.

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Democracy has infected the entire Middle East, you think putin is gonna let that plague into Russia? The guy is front running the world-wide-democratic movement. We can all sense the global change occurring right now and instead of embracing it, many (Putin included) are futilely fighting it

zaknick's picture

ZH is bi-polar or something. You rail against the banksters and the regurgitate their propaganda for your readership. Fucking scumbags.

In every society they subvert a small group who feeds on their manipulation of society starting with it's money supply, as we all know. Putin said, "Fuck you, banksters" and Zero Hedge says, "You' evil!".

Fuck you Tyler bitch Durden.

Which is it? Imperialism or humanity? Bitch.

Baptiste Say's picture



If anything I'd say the editorial view of ZH leans towards Austrian economics. You will not find the banksters speaking in such a manner.

As for the second part of your comment about imperialism please show me where zh advocates this.

jmc8888's picture

Austrian Economics is just another form of monetarism.

All monetarism is FAIL.

Including the dipshit brand known as the fascist austrian school of economic non-thought.

Austraian economics goal of the year?

Cut everything to the bone in washington, kill a few people because of it, and pay down FRAUDULENT DEBT, but nowhere near enough to actually pay it down.  That said, who cares, it's fraudulent, but the austrians are too busy being austrian drinking their tea to think about stuff called facts.

It's fraud, and only a dipshit austrian says to pay it off...and to cut to do it.

ZH tries to be accurate, they won't be if they are 'austrian'.  Of course as compared to a keynesian, austrians look more accurate, but overall they are not, and are perhaps even worse.  Austerity from the Austrians, never mind it's all fraud.

If we were in austrian world, and everybody was living like shit because of that, a keynesian would look better than an austrian.  What people have to realize is that ALL FORMS OF MONETARISM are FAIL. 

It's why the tea party and ron paul are destined to fail.  They are spouting another religion, nevermind it too is bullshit.

End the fed, sure.  Cut everything to the bone to pay back blatant fraud? You've got to be kidding me.

The appropriate law is Glass-Steagall, and nowhere have I seen an austrian mention that little fact.  Instead they want 'pain', and why not? People deserve to suffer in order to pay back fraud....right? 

Here's the good cop/bad cop routine

The Keynesians controlled by TPTB run up the debt, lots of fraudulent shit

The Austrians also controlled by TPTB then try to make good on it, cut everything else, to pay off the fraud and damn the people and their suffering.

Don't believe me, just relisten to what Ron Paul wants.  'there's going to be lots of pain'

Why? Make the bankster bastards feel it, through Glass-Steagall.  Fuck the religious bullshit in Keynesian and Austrian, etc.  Fuck that nonsense.  Are we standing for the people? Or are we standing for a foreign, bullshit, sophistry filled ideologies? 

Perhaps ZH in this instance just doesn't realize the battle lines.  Medvedev = Wall Street, Putin = Sovereign interests (whatever they may me)

As for us

Obama = Wall Street

Ron Paul = Wall street....or who else is going to be on the receiving end of all those debt payments when he cuts everything to the bone to...'pay it off'.

jmc8888's picture

Medvedev is a city of london, i.e. Wall Street prostitute.  You want Russia to return to communism? Let medvedev lead for a while, and they will.

Putin, while a bum in his own right, at least has his own people's interests at heart, to what degree who knows, but he'll choose the Russian people, over those on Wall Street/City of London.

People need to understand that those running their finances, are city of london trade dipshits.  From Gorbachev on all these assholes were destroying their own country.  Sure I guess it ended the cold war, but what about the last 20 years? Raped, pillaged, puked, and pissed on.

Sort of like us here in the U.S.

Medvedev is a fucking retard, who would sell his mom's soul for some euros.  Well at least that's what his policies would lead one to believe.





jmc8888's picture

Russia would be alot better off with Putin.

Besides, FDR was elected to four terms...and we needed every one of those terms, and guess what, since he didn't finish out his 4th term, we are currently undergoing an economic collapse, that is based very much in part, of FDR not being able to finish what he started.

But instead we went all monetary, bent over for england/france, dropped bombs on hiroshima/nagasaki, took on their imperial wars (Vietnam), and much, much more.

So, in times like these, much like those, a person who sees the enemy clearly, while very few others can, need to be at the reigns for as long as possible.

As long as monetarism rules the world, it would be in Russia's best interest (barring some better candidate who also realizes the above) to have putin in power.

I don't know what that means for the rest of the world, but who cares.  A Russian president, should serve Russia.  Just like an American president, should serve America.

When was the last American president that didn't bend over for Wall Street? JFK.

The last russian one? Putin

Right or wrong about many things, the #1 issue of the world today is monetarism, and the effects of it's failings.  Thus who should be russia's president? The one who understands the #1 issue....and it ain't medvedev.

The Laughing Man's picture

Once again the Russian populace shows off its mindblowing skills at forgetting the lessons of their own modern history.

NZ Watcher's picture

Hi - 1st Post

The 2012 election result was set in place before Medvedev was put into Presidents position.

He was then to change the electoral Term to the 6x6

Russia has been run as per Putin’s instruction. Some little tiff's and supposed disagreements etc in past between the dynamic due (Vlad and Jo90) is all part of the game of not making it to obvious what the game is.

I disagree calling Putin a "Dictator"

Going forward Russia is in a very strong position globally - resource rich and agriculture potential to burn (hope not like last summer but)

There will always be huge division in wealth in all Eastern FSU countries.

Unfortunately this is now taking root in all western countries also.

Countries with “strong” leadership/rule (and diverse resources) will succeed and go ahead in this next 20  - 30 years. Those like ours and yours run by puppets of a hidden cartel will be taken over and used like pawns in a chess game.


jonjon831983's picture

Buddy went home for a vacation and said things seemed to be very tense in Moscow.  Something brewing in the air and ready to .... See how things go.