Wal-Mart's CEO Provides The Starkest Visual Of The Modern Bread Line Yet

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BIG market drop coming in the next day or so:

1. Autumnal Equinox

2. Full Moon

3. Jupiter's up Uranus!

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By Jove that's a tight fit.

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"How I rectum the economy", a new novel by Ben (dover) Bernanke.

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Rectum?  Hell, it damn near killed 'em!

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Damn Venus_ian  Lombard like circulation freeze...  

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Careful ... you might get some on Uranus

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Taking it in the rectum .... LOL

This guy put it in the Bankster's rectum .... love it


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Please please use K-Y, please

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This has always been so.

Nobody ever noticed that reserving a table in a restaurant is always more easy the 4th week of every month?


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You live in Belgium. Are you talking about Belgium or America? Because the article is talking about America.


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Thank you.

I thought it was just me with this guy supposedly speaking from the heart of the EuroPeso conglomerate with armed men disgorging from a white van running up my driveway...or some damn thing...LOL.

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So you think Americans are non typical?

Americans are the most mainstream people on earth. And that's not something bad.

I'm in Marketing and all my studies have always been about the American consumers.

I might be from Belgium, but I know more about Americans then a redneck like you.

Chocking he? People outside America... being smarter then you?


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I was @ the grocery a couple hrs ago, this black guy (not being racist) rolled right by with about 3 packs of huggies & 2 cases of Bud. They got his plate #.

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They see me rollin'.

They hatin'

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don't hate the player - hate the game


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Then what were you trying to add to the story by telling us he was black?

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I love the smell of Political Correctness in the morning.

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I really could care less.  Just giving him the needle because he had to point out to us that he wasn't rascist.......

The unsolicited denial was the only thing that made me think twice.

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I think you forgot that everyone is "equal" and such talk is not proper table manners.

Do yourself a favor and don't buffer your views. If you don't want to risk offending precious minds you are better off focusing on your own aims, projects, and desires. It is what is it is. You see what you see. You can't help "them" by sharing your view.

You and I have better things to do. Mass starvation is a simple database failure away.


Status quo implosion can't be far off when social-networking skills provide a better living than skills.

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Although I would wager those databases are the most secure, most redundant on the planet. Not even the GPS coordinates of JFK's brain are more important! This is the one grayed-out menu option in the Central Planning Buddy Software Suite (TM).

Until the inevitable, unrecoverable black swan that everyone "sans télévision" is apprehensively expecting. Karl Marx erroneously equated capitalism with corruption; the effect is the same: "Et bien, après moi, le déluge."

It holds water until it doesn't.


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Oh, if you are not pleased, fuck you. I was born free. I will die that way.


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And hey! Angry youth will always help tell the story:



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Huggie Buds? I've never smoked those before.....

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It's a classic marketing trick.  Although I've never actually seen it being employed myself.  It's probably more for 24 hour stores.

They put the beers close to, or in line of sight of the nappies, because the man generally goes out to buy the nappies, certainly at night and he gets tempted to buy the beers while he's there.

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I was at ZH this morning and this white dude (not being a racist) found it necessary to include the race of a guy who jacked some diapers and beer from a store in his colorful comment. 

I was unable to see the relevance of the white dude's color . . . but was thrilled to hear that he was not a racist. 

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it's my B day on friday, as well†

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Are you trying to one-up Michelle Caruso-Cabrera's pokies?

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Happy Birthday,kathy. I will think of you on friday - in that yellow top.  I always liked that yellow top. Enjoy your birthday.

kathy.chamberlin@gmail.com's picture

wish you were here, cause im so damn lonely†

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From The Mossad to all of our European ZHers: Be careful out there!


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Paycheck to Paycheck economy....


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More like government payout to government payout economy.

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How's the newborn baby doing Michelle? And how are you doing for that matter? Getting any sleep? Is hubby helping out? If not, smack him across the head and remind him that his 30 seconds of pleasure is now due and payable. :>)

-Michelle-'s picture

She's a doll, so far.  I've always heard girls are easier than boys and she's proving it.  My husband is definitely pulling his weight, mainly by playing hard with our little guys so they get to sleep early at night and stay asleep.  He's also entirely wrapped around Little Miss's tiny finger already, but that's to be expected I suppose!

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My husband is definitely pulling his weight, mainly by playing hard with our little guys so they get to sleep early at night and stay asleep.  He's also entirely wrapped around Little Miss's tiny finger...

I’m reminded by this of a cartoon that goes something like this:

Little boy, who looks like he’s about six, goes to his father and says: Dad, a great program’s just coming on TV.  Can we say up and watch it?

His dad says: No! You have to go to bed.

The little boy goes back to his little sister, who’s about four, and says: Maybe you could ask Daddy..

Little sister goes in, doesn’t say anything, but looks tragically sad with the potential of great tears starting to well in her eyes…

Daddy acquiesces, gathers her up his lap and says: Kid, you have potential.

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Easier until they hit about 13, then hold on.  Enjoy it until then. (the voice of experience)

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Of course, this is the problem...  I realize there is a sizable %age of the public that are seriously struggling and in need of assistance.  However, there is also a sizable %age of recipients of government aid that are simply lazy, ignorant, and content to subsist off the government dole.  Until incentives change for these people, i.e. they're incentivized to turn off their TVs and get their fat-asses to work, nothing will change.


America is the only country in the world with fat poor people...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

America is the only country in the world with fat poor people...

I followed your logic right up to your last sentence. Since 60% of Americans are "fat", it stands to reason 60% of poor people are fat. Maybe even more, since poor people can't afford a well balanced diet when fatty packaged food is cheaper than fresh food. And many poor people lack the education, training and upbringing as well as incentive to know how to eat well/better on less money.

So do you have a chart or link or a doctor's scale that would back up your supposition that poor Americans are fatter than poor Britains or Germans at a greater percentage than the general population? Your last sentence definitely feeds into stereotypes and popular public myths. But is it really true?

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How do all the midnight shoppers get to their local Walmarts?  I'm willing to wager the majority drive their own car.  I'm also willing to wager the majority have cable TV, internet, and cell phones.  Point being, it is far too easy to obtain government hand-outs today and until incentives change, this type of behavior will not change.  Maybe if the 'poor' were to forgo luxuries such as those I list above, they could afford a healthier diet.  Also, Americans have the right to get as fat as they wish, as long as they're not using my tax dollars to balloon-up.  And as for the 'it's not their fault - it's societies fault' line of logic, I don't buy it for a minute.  The opportunities are there - though maybe a bit more difficult to procure today.  The onus is on the individual to seek them out and exploit them to the fullest extent.

CD - I've read many of your posts here on ZH and greatly respect your input and opinion.  I'm unable to provide specific reference for my claims as I don't have the time to find applicable research - but your misconstruing my point to some extent.  It's sort-of OT, but I was merely expressing my anger and frustration at the amount of government waste that is reasoned to be social welfare [see Ripped Chunk's comment below].  Just another example of our broken system...

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That $13.5T wasn't run up due to welfare.   You think the huge deficits in the Reagan years were welfare payments?   Clinton actually cut welfare, and then came Dubya.   You can't explain $13.5T by blaming welfare (unless you want to count Dubya's Medicare Part D...that's a bit of it).  Put down your political preconceptions and look at where the money is actually being spent.   These people in line at WalMart are a drop in the bucket.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Personal welfare is for creating helpless dependents.  CORPORATE welfare is for wasting the REALLY BIG BUCKS.

I supposed one could view Medicare Part D as being composed of both types of welfare.

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A lot of money goes to people who don't need it or deserve it, but it would cost us MORE to support the bureauocracy necessary to sort that out.   It's cheaper just to throw money at the problem and then bitch about those who suckle at the government teat.

I'd favor a meritocracy where the weak and useless would be mercilessly weeded out, but most Amercans would consider that sort of government intrusion into social life unacceptable. 



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"A lot of money goes to people who don't need it or deserve it,..."

Yep, including any number of illegals.  We're having great fun (better to laugh than to cry) with Our Dear President's aunt, slurping on the public teat for all the last decade. e.g. (and Howie is pee-your-pants funny).


You're proposing the government do the weeding?

"I'd favor a meritocracy where the weak and useless would be mercilessly weeded out,..."

You and Wilson and TR are quite simpatico.

- Ned