War Between Israel And Hizbollah "Imminent" Syria Warns US

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The middle east powder keg is on the verge of exploding. After repeated warnings of possible escalation between Iran and Israel, we get the first official confirmation that the conflict may not be tidy and contained. The Telegraph is reporting that King Abdullah of Jordan has just warned the US that a war between Israel and Hizbollah is imminent and that is could spread across the Middle East. Just like the Great Depression ended in a Great War, so this ongoing Great Depression v2.0 (because -10% GDP when one takes away the government stimulus is precisely that) is likely about to result in another one.

From the Telegraph:

The king, in Washington for President Barack Obama's nuclear summit, gave his warning after Israel claimed that Syria had handed over Scud missiles in its armoury to the Lebanon-based Hizbollah.

His comments, which were made to private meeting of the US Congressional Friends of Jordan caucus were said to be "sobering".

Syria yesterday denied the allegation that it has provided Hizbollah with long-range Scud missiles, which would allowing them to target Israel's cities. The country's foreign ministry said the claims would be used as a pretext by Israel to raise tension prior to a possible attack on Hizbollah.

"For some time now, Israel has been running a campaign claiming that Syria has been supplying Hizbollah with Scud missiles in Lebanon ," a foreign ministry statement released yesterday said.

" Syria strongly denies these allegations which are an attempt by Israel to raise tensions in the region."

However, the statement did not appear to rule out an alternative possibility being raised by defence sources, that Damascus has allowed Hizbollah control of or access to Scud missiles still currently in Syria .

Similar sources say that Syria has trained Hizbollah operatives on advanced anti-aircraft batteries, possibly a more useful tool since Hizbollah – and the Lebanese army - fears the overwhelming air superiority enjoyed by Israeli jets.

The official US position:

"We are obviously increasingly concerned about the sophisticated weaponry that is allegedly being transferred," said Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman. "We have expressed our concerns to those governments and believe that steps should be taken to reduce any risk and any danger."

And that of Israel:

Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, said that the alleged transfer would alter the strategic balance of power between Hizbollah and Israel, which fought a short but bloody war in 2006.

An aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that the pace of Hizbollah's re-armament and Syria's role in it was causing growing alarm in the Jewish state.

"We are very conscious of the build-up of Hizbollah's military machine," the aide said. "We have unfortunately seen new types and greater quality of missiles. The Syrian role in passing those weapons to Hizbollah is ongoing and is dangerous."

Al-Rai, the Kuwaiti newspaper which first raised the allegations, said a Hizbollah source had confirmed it had access to Scuds but that they were old and unusable. The source said the issue was being blown out of proportion by Israel in order to create a media frenzy.

The newspaper did, however, link the claims to Hizbollah's threat that if Lebanese infrastructure, such as Beirut Airport , came under attack in the event of conflict, Israel would be hit in turn, including towns at the edge of the range of Hizbollah's known missile arsenal.

What is undisputed is that all sides are raising the stakes in the absence of negotiations between Israel and either Palestinian factions or Syria.

Look for oil to go to $150 if these escalations finally materialize into something real.

Update: Haaretz on the same issue: Israel's Scud accusation may be pretense for attack

Israel might be preparing a military strike against
Syria by accusing Damascus of supplying Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon
with long-range Scud missiles, the Syrian government said on Thursday.

President Shimon Peres on Tuesday accused Syria of sending
Hezbollah long-range Scuds. The United States said on Wednesday it was
"increasingly concerned" about the transfer of more sophisticated
weaponry to the Syrian and Iranian-backed Islamist group that fought a
war with Israel in 2006.

"Israel aims from this to raise tension further in the region and
to create an atmosphere for probable Israeli aggression," the Syrian
Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The Syrian Arab Republic denies these fabrications."

Hezbollah hit Israel with shorter range rockets during the 2006 war
as at that time it lacked a longer-ranger missile capability.

An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Scuds were smuggled to Hezbollah in the past two months.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted earlier this week that Israel does not have aggressive intentions in the area.

"We expect and recommend that everyone keep the current calm but as
we've said, the introduction of systems that disturb the balance
endanger the stability and the calm, he said.

The United States said the move would have a possible
"destabilizing effect" on the region. The presence of more advanced
missiles in Lebanon could raise the prospects of a pre-emptive strike
by Israel.

Hezbollah is on the U.S. terrorism blacklist, but is part of Lebanon's unity government.

The Lebanese government has had no comment on the U.S. allegations.
But Hezbollah lawmaker Hassan Fadlallah said the comments made by the
White House were interference.

"This American interference that has completely adopted the Israeli
position, is condemned and rejected by Lebanon. This U.S. position
presents a threat to Lebanon," Fadlallah said.

"These American pressures and Israeli intimidation will not affect
our choices and our commitment to defend our country by all means,"
Fadlallah told Reuters.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in February that if Israel
struck Beirut's airport, the group would hit Israel's Ben-Gurion

While tension between Syria and Israel has increased this year,
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said last month he remained committed
to seeking peace with Israwl.

Syrian and Israeli forces last fought each other in Lebanon in the
1980s. A 1974 ceasefire has kept the front between the two quiet on the
Golan Heights, which Israeli captured in the 1967 Siz-Day War.

The two sides held four rounds of indirect peace talks in 2008,
only eight months after Israeli plains bombed a target in eastern Syria
the United States, Israel's chief ally, said was an illegal nuclear

Syria said the target was a non-nuclear military installation, and
"reserved the right to respond in the appropriate time and place."

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Alienated Serf's picture

its true, the jews control EVERYTHING.  /s

cougar_w's picture

You forgot to say ... GoLD BICTHES!1!

Ned Zeppelin's picture

It's no doubt time for Israel to go kick some Mideast ass.  There's not much we can do about it.

chumbawamba's picture

Except to re-supply them when they get low on cluster bombs.  I hope you are including a check with your tax return today, they'll need all the funding they can get.

I am Chumbawamba.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I better stop payment on my check.

merehuman's picture

taxes? Oh i forgot. No , actually its pointless. I dont have the money and they no longer have the authority or legitimacy (they once .er never had)

What are they gonna do? Shoot me or lock me up! Like i care where i get my square. Hell the whole world is a prison in so many ways.

Seniors now a days rob banks in the hopes of getting arrested. A newlywed laid himself on the tracks, yes he is dead now.My neighbors son in law. Folks are dying left and right from the economic nonrecovery. Those of us with computers are unlikely to see the suffering all around us.

I never saw any pregnant gals till mine got that way, nor do we see the elderly so much until we age.  Point is , its worse out  there than most of you are  aware of.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

Bomb the shit out of Israel once already and there will be peace.

I do not understand [ok i do, but for the sake of the thread and the bet] why does the US supports the genocidal Israel and its advancement towards a nuclear war.

Now let me quote the great King Abdul Aziz al-Saud the first king of the Third Saudi State:" What Hitler had done to the Jews in Europe is beyond condemnation, but why should we give our land to them. If you want to give them their own land, give them a part of Germany."

Unfortunately FDRs successor Truman was a unilateral motherfucker who disregarded the advice given to FDR and pushed forward the creation of Israel which finally was legitimized on November 29th 1947 by the United Nation General Assembly Resolution 181. 

The unilateral proclamation was forever remembered by the Faisal ibn Saud al-Saud, Third King of the Third Saudi State and was THE MAIN reason for Saudi oil embargo in the 1970s.

Not to prolong this into a rant i say; bomb them back into the stone age or disallow the Zionist monster and form another lawful multi-lateral state of Israel which would behave nothing like this present, monstrous creation of the 19th century european banking families.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

And Arabs  (all humans in general) are very peaceful. They have never started any wars, have never conquered the middle east and north Africa and had never prosecuted the local populous - you can easily be a follower of Zoroastrianism in Iran, no prosecution for the last 500 years whatsoever. 

CB, you are a bright fellow, and you could do much better than being a hypocrite. 


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Paleolithic societies were peaceful.  You want to talk about human nature?  Make my day.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

forgot to mention:


And yeah, Palestine was governed by Palestinians who had a very prosperous and industrialized state and not Ottomans & British for the last 500 years, prior to 1949.

ExistentialSkeptic's picture

The use of /sarc tags on some of these posts would make the whole process of following the debate a little easier for simple people like me.

History is long, wide, and deep on the Great Continent (Afri-euro-asia) and if each person living there keeps a chip on his/her shoulder about what was/is/might have been in the racial/ethinic/cultral conflicts that have passed through since civilization first arose there, then there is no question that that the entire planet is DOOMED.

There is only one time to act - the eternal present.  There is only one time to offer mercy, compassion, understanding, and build a responsible society.  THE PRESENT! 

It doesn't matter who "made" the current nation-states; that process is in the PAST.  People in the PRESENT can choose to behave responsibly, and put the past to rest, and then deal with ACTUAL criminality & antisocial behavior by living people in the PRESENT.  A society that deals with what IS has half a chance; anything else is a recipe for disaster.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

Can't agree more, any rational decision could be based only on the PRESENT. 

Cheeky Bastard's picture

I don't see how introducing past events makes your response to me valid or on topic.

The discussion here is not the Muslim Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, nor Persian Conquest of the Middle East, nor the Saudi Wars of the early 20th century, nor the Later Mongolian Expansion, but Israeli blood lust masked as a preemptive action against a phantom enemy, an action which could easily lead to the use of nuclear weapons of unknown scale and eventually engulf most of the globe in another futile and useless conflict. While to an untrained eye your introduction of examples of Muslim warfare [which is centuries old and/or local in nature] may seem as a fair attempt at presenting an argument contrary to mine it is a non-sequitur and a lame attempt in deconstruction of present events and potential ramifications.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

If you were in their shoes, would you be any different?


All you do is gloriously vilify one of the sides without saying anything meaningful or objective. And all I did, was to highlight that your position is hypocritical and one sided. Moreover, it will lead only to dead end by aggregating the other side and destroying any possibility of meaningful and rational compromise, some call such a situation - the prisoner's dilemma. 

It makes everyone to lose & whoever has a dominated position, (Palestinians) lose the most. If it makes you feel any better, losses on all sides will be unaceptably high.

chumbawamba's picture

Being anti-Israel is being objective.  You can't polish a turd.

I am Chumbawamba.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

An argument of a small child. Nothing more in this world smells of a victory as much as such a statement. Thank you. 


chumbawamba's picture

Well, when what you've been peddling is shit all your life, anything smells like victory to you.

I am Chumbawamba.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

A rebellion without a cause, just because you don't want to confirm, is conformism as well because you are doing exactly what is convenient for the herd and the political elite. They don't want you do be rational and objective hence dangerous and capable of shaking the convenience and society. They want you to act on your emotions and rage, so you could easily be dismissed by the most. 

And you play well into such a plan, a perfect pawn of some sort, congrats !

chumbawamba's picture

You go on believing that if it means keeping your sanity.  I don't want you taking out a pre-school with some fertilizer and diesel, so yeah.

I am Chumbawamba.

jackiboa's picture

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Instant Karma's picture

Your identity is now in the hands of the Mossad, and various intelligence agencies. 


Howard Bork's picture

Where is your equal or greater concern for nuclear war between India and Pakistan?  Read up on the history of Kashmir and then explain to us why you are obsessed with Israel  as the only relevant current event.

Cheeky Bastard's picture


             a) i am not concerned at all

             b) this is nothing more than intelectual masturbation session for me

             c) India and Pakistan do not have a "Samson option"

             d) India and Pakistan dont have lobbyist or USA VPs on their paylist

             e) will maybe be concerned once when Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar

                 fall under Taliban governance

             f) because that area has been relatively stable in the past few years

             g) are not funded by foreign aid 

             h) India is more concerned with economy that religious differentiation 

                 which became irrelevant when both Pakistan and Bangladesh became

                 independent nations

              i) Obamas cabinet members do not have dual Indian or Pakistani citizenship


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The Rothschildes funded Is-Ra-El.  They built the whole parliament.  This is discussed in Nigel Ferguson's epic and authorized biography, "The House of Rothschilde".

Comrade de Chaos's picture

Actually, mostly Russian Socialist Jews built/founded the Israel. And while Rothschilders did give some funds, those were mostly to get the credit and not to achieve any significant results. 

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

They built the parliment, and other prominant structures. 

You started your post off with "actually", 'just' wanted to point that out.

chumbawamba's picture

And do you know WHY they didn't want to relocate the Jews either somewhere in the US or Europe or, GOD FORBID, repatriate them to their stolen homes in Germany, Poland, etc.?  Because of hatred and bigotry towards Jews.  Truman was a Jew hater (he apparently hated Arabs even more) and didn't really care what happened to those kikes.  He figured it was better to foist them off onto the Arabs.

People blame the Arabs all the time for the Jewish plight and Israel, when all along it was the STUPID MOTHER FUCKING WHITE MAN who caused this.  The White Man started World War I, the White Man created Mandate Palestine, the White Man took land away from indigenous Arabs who had lived and worked it for generations going back before Christ and it was the White Man who approved the creation of the "state" of Israel.

So either learn your history (I'm not talking to you, Cheeky, this is a generalized rant to the ignorant) or SHUT THE FUCK UP, WHITE MAN.

I am Chumbawamba.

Alienated Serf's picture

Selfhating whiteman here; FWIW Truman was partners in a Haberdasher shop with a Jew who was his lifelong friend.  Now is it possible Harry could have been operating under the "he is one of the good one" theory, yes, but I don't know if he was a dyed in the wool anti-semite.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

Extreme anything, position or decision will never work. Was the WHITE mane involved, you betcha. Can you focus on the past to solve the present issue? NO, it just doesn't f. work & history or decent analysis is the best illustration. 

Alienated Serf's picture

the reign of the white man is ending

trav7777's picture

Yeah, as soon as the nonwhites can invent anything useful.  Till then, STFU

Alienated Serf's picture

trav, my bad for not using a sarcasm tag. (s/)  but in all seriousness, i would say the relative strength of europeanish people is on the wane.  asia is on the upswing and our birthrates are LOW. 

fyi- i love everybody in this life

trav7777's picture

Oh, fuck off.

Most of the land that comprises Israel was PURCHASED.

Just like we bought Manhattan from the goddamned Injuns.

The rest Israel won in a war of INDEPENDENCE against the combined Arab powers.

You act as if the Partition was reacted to by the Ayrabs with sighs and resignation.  Bullshit.

They IMMEDIATELY attacked, claiming annexation of Palestine for Jordan.  Fucking learn your history, idiot.

Then, there were subsequent wars in 1967 and 73 (and in 56) where Israel won again and again.  That is how these supposed "occupied territories" came to be occupied by the Jooz instead of by the Jordanians.  Wanna talk about what the King did to the Palestinians?

Fuck your stupid BS about the damned white man. 

You may or may not like Jooz or Israel, but they fought a war and that's that.

trav7777's picture

Were I President I would pursue a policy of strategic disengagement from the Middle East.  The interests of Israel and the USA are not coextensive.  The way AIPAC and the moneyjooz manhandle our foreign policy is repugnant.

That said, LET THEM SETTLE THEIR BEEFS.  If the Arabs want to attack, fine.  When they lose, STFU AND TAKE IT.

Fucking Russia just annexed Ossetia in a war...are we bitching?  Jordan annexed Palestine in the West Bank, nobody said SHIT.  Then the jooz took it and now it's history's biggest crime (2nd of course to the Holocaust and anything any white person ever did).

WTFEver.  We need to GTFO and let them settle it.  If the jooz get pushed into the ocean, that's their problem.  If the Ayrabs do, likewise.  Fuckin WHATEVER.  If they're hellbent to go to war and kill each other, hey, have the fuck at it.

Let the Trial by Combat commence; both parties want it.

WaterWings's picture

Israel is not going to take it. They are going to "give" it - as usual. They've dragged US into this - are they going to start playing by the rules suddenly?

Hey, sounds like you need to read some Solzhenitsyn. How's 60 million dead for you? The Gulag Archipelago is a lot more explicit and verifiable - how 'bout all them dead Christians, aka "insects". Same story, just decades longer.

chumbawamba's picture

What a whiny, ignorant bitch you are.

This reminds me of an early memory.  It was the last day of Kindergarten, might've been 1st grade.  The principal of my school was going around the classrooms saying bye to the kids until next school year.  He came to me and picked up my arm and playfully started batting my face with it.  "Little Chumba, why are you hitting yourself in the face?  Stop it!"

All the kids around laughed, a good time was had by all.

What you're saying here is the same damn thing: "Oh, Arabs, why do you keep killing each other over land and religion?"  Meanwhile, YOU cause the conflicts and YOU send in the tanks and bombs.

And not many people are laughing.  Well, maybe except for you.

I am Chumbawamba.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

But it was the WHITE British mandate men. During the Ottoman times both Jews and Palestinians lived relatively peaceful. And it made sense for a foreign occupation power to divide, because that way, it was easier to conquer. 

Dude, if you know the history you would know that prior to 19 century, Jews had full rights and number of liberties in the "middle east" which could not be said about Europe. 

chumbawamba's picture

Where did you get your "facts", Zionist U?

How can you win a war of "INDEPENDENCE" when you're a fucking colonizing invader?  You act like they were there forever and ethnic strife drove them to separate from their former ethnic rivals.


It's just another crusade, and that you're too stupid or too dishonest to acknowledge it matters not.  Facts are facts (unless you have a degree from Zionist U).

And you admonish me to learn MY history?  Mother fucker, learn YOUR history, the one that includes the rape, pillage and murder of nearly every third world nation that has a flag today.

Fuck you and your ilk.  You ain't shit.  If it wasn't for the Arabs you'd still be wandering around in the forests of Europe trying to find the eye of a newt to cure your rickets with a pagan incantation.

I am Chumbawamba.

trav7777's picture

Yeah, bitch, YOU learn YOUR fucking history.

The fuckin joos moved into the land and BOUGHT IT.

That's a goddamned FACT.

The war was one of independence and they WON.

So get the fuck over it you whiny brat.

Another crusade?  GTFO of here with your moral relativist shit...so what the fuck were the Moor invasions?  WTF did Charles Martel do? 

Your sorry ass do-over revisionist history is so much postmodern TRIPE.  The fuckin Arabs?  Those who carried science were hated by the orthodoxy.  Everything you think you know is a joke.  Greece and Rome ring any bells, bum?

Your facts are not facts, they're a fucking joke fed to you by a bunch of socialist revisionist morons.

If you read a SINGLE THING I write on here, you will see that I am the one who POINTS OUT the monoethnicity of Hollywood studio executives AND banksters...but then because I don't buy into your anti-Israeli shit, I have a Zionist U degree.  FOAD, seriously.

The joos won the wars.  PERIOD.  And that's the mfin END OF IT.  Just like we beat the freaking Aztecs. 

chumbawamba's picture


This is pointless.  You're pointless.  Get over yourself.

What percentage of modern day "Israel" was "purchased"?  What percentage was stolen?

You did not even attempt to address the forced immigration of the German Jews, which is really the root of the whole problem (as the crucial element of the Zionist plan, "facts on the ground").  You talk about Middle East history like a high schooler.  I'm not interested in debating a high schooler.

Get a real education, then come back and talk.


I am Chumbawamba.

Comrade de Chaos's picture

Now you are a way wrong. Arabs wanted to colonize the holly land as well as everyone else (no exemptions) , that's why grabbing for none existent historical reality just doesn't f. work. Few Jews and slightly more Arabs lived there in relative peace prior to English Colonization. 

And if it would be someone else but the WHITE man who had power, hell the situation would repeat itself but in reverse. The past is past. If you want to live in meaningful future, you ve got to move on and look at the present facts and situation. 

JW n FL's picture

Double posted.. my bad.


I am JW.... Got Ammo Bitches?

JW n FL's picture


                         Are you serious with the whole racist thing? Chumb, don't get caught up in the shit that is spun around to keep the broke people in da hood... fighting with the broke people in the trailer park.


                         Iran is screwed and stabilizing oil production going forward at any... ANY! Cost will happen. Don't let the Government Cloud Management sweep you away in the swill they offer freely.


                         The white man did it... no, no it's the black man and his welfare monies... More white's on welfare than black, FACT! and that shit is for, once again the ignorant masses... Hitler said it was the Jew's fault... Bullshit is Bullshit... spun, spinned and / or manipulated to create a topic of discussion while the Tax Payers (who are white and black) get robbed in the grandest of fashion.


                         Here... I offer this for you Chumb... http://vodpod.com/watch/1820590-snl-eddie-murphy-kill-the-white-people 


                         As for any who say fuck Israel... Fuck You! Jesus was a Jew. All you evangelical freaks should be rounded up and shot for treason... spreading the word to bring about the end, rapture... whatever, it is praying for the end of America which is Treason... and as a Catholic, the times of all the liberal fucking Popes.. it’s getting towards the end... soon the Church will be able to round up the one offs and kill them off... the Catholic Church killed more Christians than Muslims in the Crusades... know your history.


                       Got ammo? Gold ain’t going to cut it if the shit hits the fan… and for the other post and strafing compounds? Which compound? will the Fed’s hit first? There are 5 – 6 guns per person in the U.S. so which house / compound will be first?


                      To be clear… public sentiment has been managed well enough to keep people out of the streets this far. I will assume when I wake up tomorrow everyone or most everyone will still be stupid or at best ignorant and that the lie will continue. Which is a softer landing that self correcting markets for almost all involved. No one argues the point of what takes into consideration the quality of life of the many verse the Austrian view of the few… which way is the more gentle way for the broad majority? Now I agree at some point unless action is taken that we will as a Country play Russian Roulette one too many times with our Fiat Print just to Print attitude but right now its holding. Which I FEAR will inspire yet more of the same, Printing in the future and eventually one too many times.


                   So, racism is something to keep the broke people arguing among themselves and the other side of our gated communities, blaming other broke people for being broke…


                   The Jew’s are not the devil and are in fact surrounded on all sides by people who broadly (the ignorant masses outnumber the educated few) want to see them all dead. The Jew’s have been at worst great lap dogs and at best a good friend to the United States.


                   The Evangelical freaks will get what’s coming, sooner than later if the World does melt down. I will personally see to that.


                   Gold and or other… Diamonds whatever is only good if… you have physical possession and you can defend it in a worst case scenario.


                  So, everyone who wants America to fall flat on its face better realize that the other side of America… the not so polite side that does love the Country the side that would line up Treasonous Fucks by the dozen and gun them down before dinner… well, the only reason we haven’t gotten you yet… is because of the polite, full of shit lobby driven politicians… so you better fucking hope that shit stays the same way it is now.


                Got Ammo? I do! And I hate most of you ignorant fucks and I think life here in my Country would be a LOT! Better minus YOU! (not directed at you Chumb or even most here really but it had to be said.)


Be well Chumb and don’t perpetuate the rasism bullshit, don’t be a lap dog for the propaganda machine man, please… you are smarter than that, fuck man you are better than that.



keep the bastards honest's picture

to JW nFL

Check the Talmud,  'Israel will be heaven on earth when

                            all the gentiles are dead.'